Frontline Plus for Cats: Killing Cat Fleas One at a Time

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tick and flea treatment for cats medicineFrontline Plus for cats…could this be your next favorite flea treatment?

No-one welcomes the thought of their fur-friend having fleas, and yet it’s part and parcel of being a cat. That is until you discover the benefits of Frontline Plus for cats.

This easy to use spot on product spells death not only to fleas, but flea larvae, eggs, plus ticks and biting lice. With pack sizes for cats and kittens, there’s no reason for you to have these itchy critters in your life or home.

Oh no…Your Cat has Fleas!

In life, there’s no avoiding some things, such as taxes..and if you’re a cat, fleas.

One reason fleas are such successful parasites is the flea life cycle. This means you aren’t fighting just the adult fleas feeding on the pet but the eggs and larvae that lurk in soft furnishings.

For truly effective flea control you need a product that kills adult fleas on the cat, and the eggs and larvae in the environment.

Frontline for Cats Vs Frontline Plus for Cats

So what’s the difference between Frontline for cats and Frontline Plus for cats. It’s all to do with the flea life cycle.

Way back when, Frontline was the first, ground-breaking, spot-on flea product, which also kills ticks. The active ingredient, fipronil, is effective at killing adults fleas and ticks. Great! Except the adult fleas only hop on the pet to feed, then jump off again.

This means that a flea needs direct contact with a cat in order to die. But remember, a single flea can lay thousands of eggs each day. Have a few fleas breed before they come into contact with Frontline, and this quickly makes a population explosion.

Frontline Plus for cats, however, has an additional ingredient and consists of fipronil and s-methoprene. The latter sterilizes the flea eggs and larvae and inhibits them from growing into adults. This helps stop the next generation hatching out and one flea from founding a dynasty.

In practical terms, regular use of original Frontline is ideal for an indoor cat. These fur friends are at low risk of contracting fleas, and Frontline will nip in the bud any population explosion.

However, an indoor: outdoor cat will benefit from the additional power of Frontline Plus. With two active ingredients, fipronil and s-methoprene, Frontline Plus kills the next generation of critters lurking in the carpet.

Frontline Gold for Cats

OK, so you got to grips with the difference between Frontline and Frontline Plus…and now there’s Frontline Gold. What’s going on here?

Frontline Gold has beefed up the ability to kill more flea eggs and larvae. It is a triple action product, meaning it has three active ingredients: Fipronil and s-methoprene and pyriproxyfen. This turns it from a hero product into a superhero, hitting the enemy harder and faster than before.

Buy This Flea Treatment for Cats Right Meow on Amazon!

The great news is that Frontline Plus is easy to apply, waterproof, and works for one month. But even better news is that it’s easy to buy. Simply click Frontline Plus to source this product on Amazon.

A Million or So Fleas on Cats: Here Are the Main Reasons Why Fleas are Bad for Kitties!

Cat asking what's the best flea treatment for fleas on cats and cat fleas shadow looming overhead

Yewh! There are many reasons to kill fleas on cats and dogs. But let’s not forget ticks either. From flea allergic dermatitis to tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, there are important reasons pet parents should show these pesky parasites the door.

  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis: This common condition, a form of allergic dermatitis,  affects cats and kittens. The symptoms include excessive itching and scratching, hair loss, and lots of tiny scabs peppering the skin. This is the results of flea saliva (injected when the flea bites) causing an allergic reaction.
  • Flea Allergy in People: Are you one of those people that fleas just love to bite? If you break out in angry red lumps then you may well have a flea allergy. If for no other reason the control of fleas is vital for a comfortable life.
  • Tick-borne Diseases: Certain diseases are passed between animals by the bite of an infected tick. Perhaps the most well-known example is Lyme disease, but there are plenty of others including Babesiosis and Tick-borne fever.
  • Lice Infestations: Another parasite that Frontline kills is biting lice. A heavy lice burden is especially dangerous in kittens. These blood-sucking critters can cause severe anemia, which in some cases can be fatal.
  • Tapeworm Infestations: Flea infestations can cause problems by carrying an unwanted passenger in tapeworm eggs. When the cat grooms she swallows the fleas and unwittingly infects herself. Effective flea control means preventing not one parasite but two from thriving.

So How Does Frontline Cats Work?

Fipronil kills adult fleas, ticks, and lice. It does this by paralyzing the insects’ nervous system. This causes them to drop off and die.

Once applied to the cat, the active ingredient is taken up by oil glands and hair follicles in the cat’s skin. The fipronil is then slowly released over the next 30 days. Thus one application is effective for around one month. Alternatively, Frontline spray can be used, which works for around two months at a time.

The added ingredient s-methoprene is an insect growth regulator. This disrupts the hormone signals which directs eggs to develop into larvae, and larvae to develop into adults. This reduces the flea burden by preventing the next generation from hatching out.

Flea Medicine for Cats Doesn’t Stop at Just Fleas!

Frontline is revolutionary for many reasons, not least is the ability to kill other unwelcome external parasites. The same mechanism by which fipronil kills fleas will also kill ticks and biting lice.

This makes Frontline Plus for cats an important way of keeping your cat healthy overall, and not just about addressing the ‘Yeah!’ factor.

Top 3 Best Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs & Cats

There are several excellent options for flea and tick control. If a spot on doesn’t suit your cat, then you could consider these other products.

  1. Seresto Collar: The Seresto collar works for around 7 – 8 months. It both repels fleas and ticks, and kills them. This makes it a great option for the cat that spends a lot of time roaming outdoors.
  2. Advantage: Advantage for cats can control adult fleas and biting lice…but not ticks.
  3. Program: Program is a once-every-six-months injection which prevents fleas from breeding. This is great for the indoor cat at low risk of picking up fleas. Whilst it won’t kill the visiting flea, it does keep it at one flea by preventing a population explosion.

Cat sitting with flea medicine for cats getting bath

Look Out! Side Effects to Frontline for Cats

Happily, Frontline products are very safe and problems are rare.

One thing to watch out for is that the product doesn’t get into the cat’s eye. This will cause stinging and discomfort, and should, therefore, be avoided.

Likewise, licking the product will cause heavy salivation. This means if another cat in the house licks some freshly applied Frontline, they may well start to drool.

Very rarely, hair falls out where the Frontline was applied to the skin. This can result in angry looking skin with some scaling. It’s thought this may be an allergic reaction to the carry the fipronil is suspended in, rather than the active ingredient itself. If this reaction occurs, seek the advice of your vet as to how to proceed.

Even more unusual is sickness or diarrhea after application. This is rare and usually is more of an inconvenience than serious, but speak to your vet for advice.

If your cat has an unusual reaction to any product, consider contacting the Poison Control center for guidance.

Furry Cats and Kittens: Which Animals Cannot Use Frontline Plus Cats?

Although Frontline is very safe, there are certain pets who should not use it.

In common with many medications, don’t apply to cats and dogs that are sick for some reason.

Another caution is to ensure kittens are old enough: They need to be over eight weeks of age in order to use Frontline. In addition, the kitten must also be heavier than one kg body weight.

However, Frontline products can be used on pregnant or nursing mothers. By treating the mother cat, this reduces the fleas in the environment and helps to protect her kittens.

Frontline Flea and Tick Control: Pros and Cons!

It’s hard to remember the days before Frontline products were available. Back then, the best product the market has to offer was an aerosol spray which had to be applied weekly. Cats hated it! From the hiss of the aerosol to the chemical smell on their coat, cats would put up a fight when the can appear.

Enter Frontline, a real hero product in its day. Now, with the updated generations of Frontline Plus and Frontline Gold, the good news continues. However, every product has its pros and cons, so let’s consider this for Frontline.


  • Spot On: Although Frontline Spray is available, by far the more popular product is the spot-on formulation. A special application means it’s easy to apply to the skin on the back of the neck.
  • Waterproof: If your cat sits out in the rain, the Frontline won’t wash off (after it’s been applied for 48 hours)
  • Monthly Application: Once monthly application is easy to remember and not a great hassle.
  • Superior Safety: Frontline products are extremely safe, especially when used as directed on the packaging.
  • Rapid Kill: Fleas die with 12 – 24 hours of contact with fipronil.
  • A Global Approach: Frontline Plus for cats and Frontline Gold both address the wider issue of the flea life cycle. By killing the next generation of fleas, this prevents a larger problem developing.


  • Spot on: Unfortunately, some cats just detest the feeling of something wet on their skin. These cats cat kick up quite a fuss which makes application difficult.
  • Hair Loss: Occasionally, hair can fall out where the Frontline was applied to the skin. The hair will regrow, but it’s not the best look when it happens.
  • Wet Patch: Once applied, Frontline must dry completely before you stroke or handle the cat. This means no night time snuggles if you apply the product in the evening.
  •  Keep Dry for 48 Hours: Frontline isn’t waterproof immediately. Avoid water immersion or letting the cat out in a rainstorm, for a couple of days after application

Frontline Cats: Dosage and Application!

kitten avoiding topical flea and tick pill for cats

The dosage of Frontline depends on the cat’s size. Cats and kittens fall into different weight brackets and should use the appropriate pack size for their weight.

Kittens should only use Frontline once they weigh more than 1kg body weight and are older than eight weeks old.

The spot on preparation is easiest to use on cats. Each pipette is one treatment. Simply pierce the top of the pipette with the applicator, part your cat’s fur, and spot the liquid onto the skin.

Apply the Frontline to the skin between the shoulder blades, so that the cat can’t lick it off. Also, prevent other cats from licking the area.

The spot on pipettes should be applied once a month, for continuous protection against fleas.

More of a Bark, Less of a Meow? Flea Pills for Dogs: Frontline Plus for Dogs

When eliminating fleas, it’s important to use a treatment on all the pets in the house. Not doing so risks the untreated pet being a reservoir of infection and you’ll never truly get on top of the problem.

Happily, Frontline Plus is also available for dogs. Just be sure to weigh the dog and then select the correct sized pack for their body weight. Treat all the in contact animals on the same day, once a month, every month.

Where Can I Buy this Awesome Flea Control for Cats

Frontline products are widely available. Many pharmacies retail Frontline, along with big box pet stores and online.

Frontline Plus Walmart

And yes, Walmart stock Frontline Plus for cats…so there’s really no need to put up with fleas and ticks.

Frontline Plus for Cats Reviews!

“My newly acquired 11-year old cat had fleas…Within two days of application, I found no evidence of fleas.”

“We live in the country where my cats hunt in the fields. Frontline Plus works perfectly. I’ve never seen fleas or ticks on the cats.”

“Frontline For Cats is worth it — in the long run you pay MUCH less than you would have to pay if you had to take your cat to the vet for a life-threatening reaction to an OTC flea product”

The Best Flea Killer for Cats Is…

Frontline Plus works against fleas, ticks, and lice. It’s easy to apply and works for a month.

For an effective flea killer that does what it says on the label, you can’t do better than Frontline Plus for Cats.

Common Questions on Frontline Plus for Cats

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