Frontline Plus for Dogs in Need of Tick and Flea Management

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Frontline Plus for DogsImagine what it’s like for a dog to have fleas and ticks biting away at their skin. Have you, or any of your kids, ever had nits or head lice? Do you remember that feeling? Those little nasties buried in your hair creating an itch you have to scratch. Consider Frontline Plus for Dogs for tick and flea prevention and management if these hitchhikers jump into your pooch’s fur.

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What is Frontline Plus for Dogs?

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Frontline Plus for Dogs is a quick acting and effective flea and tick treatment that will kill those biting fleas and lice on your pooch and stop them from breeding.  Frontline Plus can be used on dogs and puppies over eight weeks old.

  • It’s long lasting – you only need to apply it once a month.
  • It’s method of flea control that attacks all four stages of lice development from the flea eggs and larvae, to the pupae, to the full-grown flea  – so it breaks the cycle of your pet becoming a breeding ground.
  • It’s water resistant – just wait 24 hours after applying and your dog can swim and be bathed as normal.

Fleas Ticks and Diseases

For dogs and cats, fleas, ticks, and chewing lice result not only in an itch to scratch. Flea infestations on dogs and cats can transmit diseases that will make your fur baby sick. Brown dog ticks love getting cozy indoors where it’s warm and your pet may bring them inside.

Tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease can affect pets and humans. Sarcoptic mange, an infectious skin disease, and flea allergy dermatitis can also develop from the scratching and the blood-sucking insects.

How Does Frontline Plus Flea Treatment for Dogs Work?

Frontline Plus works by killing parasites as they come in contact with the treatment.  It’s easy to apply. Simply part the hair between your dog’s shoulder blades and squeeze the liquid from the ampule onto your dog’s skin. This is the best location because they can’t lick this area and consume the product.

Your pet absorbs the treatment through their sebaceous glands. These glands then redistribute the treatment into your dog’s hair follicles and the skin surface. Fleas and chewing lice literally suck it up, get a little hyperactive, and then it’s lights out for them. As they die, you might notice more fleas as they fall out of your pet’s fur.

Frontline Plus Ingredients

There are two active ingredients in Frontline Plus that make sure any parasites are killed at any stage or the flea life cycle – fipronil and s-methoprene.

  • Fipronil – this is the ingredient that kills all the adult fleas.
  • (s)-methoprene ­– this ingredient kills flea eggs and flea larvae. It also prevents fleas from laying eggs and pupal development – so fleas don’t get a chance to breed.

Frontline Gold

Frontline Gold, the latest in the Frontline products for dogs and cats brings out the big guns to get rid of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. It combines three active ingredients – fipronil, (s)-methoprene and pyriproxyfen that get to work within 30 minutes and continue at every flea development stage for the next 30 days.

NexGard Chewables for Dogs: A Delectable Frontline Fleas and Ticks Killing Treat!

Frontline’s parent company, Merial, offer an oral alternative to the topical or spray products – NexGard Chewables. The active ingredient in these dog chews, afoxolaner, will take care of any fleas and ticks that dare to jump on your dog’s back. These can be given once a month to dogs over eight weeks of age weighing at least four pounds.

Frontline Spray For Dogs and Cats

The active ingredient in Frontline spray, fipronil, will kill all the existing adult fleas and ticks on your cat or dog. If you have a lot of pets and some serious infestations, the spray can be useful in attacking the problem and giving your pets some relief. The product comes with a chart for you to calculate how many sprays of the pump your pet will need depending on their weight and number of fleas. Wearing gloves, you spray the solution lightly over your pet’s body and gently rub it in.

Take Care When Using Frontline Spray for Dogs [licking may lead to poisoning]

If you opt to use the Frontline Spray to take care of the application and only apply strictly as directed. Avoid your pet’s eyes, nose, and mouth and don’t over apply the solution. Fipronil is toxic if they ingest it and lick any excess solution from their fur.

Is Frontline Safe for Dogs?

Frontline for dogs is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a safe and effective pesticide for animal use. The EPA works with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on monitoring risks of flea treatments, but as it is categorized as a pesticide, not a medication, it falls under the EPA.

As with all types of treatments, some animals may have side effects. Always use the correct product for your pet’s age, weight and species type.  Make sure you purchase genuine branded products and not counterfeits. Follow the instructions exactly in terms of how to use the product and check with your vet if you have any concerns.

Which Dogs Should Not Be Given Frontline

If your dog is, pregnant, nursing, weak, old, sick, or on other medication talk to your veterinarian about whether or not Frontline is okay to give them. Do not use Frontline Plus on puppies under eight weeks of age – use a flea comb while they are very young.

Not All Medications are Safe for All Dogs

The chemicals used in flea treatments are pesticides. Bear in mind that while most pets have no adverse reactions, your dog or cat may be sensitive to them. Flea treatments may also interact with other medications, so ask your vet if you are concerned whether a product is right for your pet.

There are a lot of different flea treatment products on the market, so do be careful of what you choose and use. Counterfeit versions of big brand flea control products also sometimes find their way online – often with unknown chemicals that can harm your pet.

Possible Side Effects of Frontline Plus for Dogs

Keep an eye on your dog for any side effects after application, especially if you are using a new product for the first time. Side effects are not common, but symptoms of sensitivity to the pesticides used in flea treatments may include:

  • Seizures
  • Trembling
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Drooling or foaming at the mouth
  • Stumbling or lack of coordination
  • Depression
  • Lack of appetite

What to Do When Your Dog is Showing Frontline Plus Side Effects

If your dog does show any of the side effects from Frontline Plus after application:

  • Contact your vet or local animal emergency clinic to get them checked out immediately.
  • Wash your dog in soapy water and rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove the product from their coat.
  • Use the contact information on the packet to let the manufacturer know what type of reaction your pet has had.

Recommended Frontline Plus Dosage for Dogs

Frontline for Puppies

Do not apply Frontline Plus to puppies under eight weeks of age! After eight weeks, the recommended dosage for your puppy’s body weight should be followed as shown below.

Frontline Plus for Dogs Under 22lbs and Frontline Plus for 5-22lbs

0.023 fluid ounces (0.67ml) per month

Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44lbs

0.045 fluid ounces (1.34 ml) per month

Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88lbs

0.091 fluid ounces (2.68 ml) per month

Frontline Plus for Large Dogs over 88lbs

0.136 fluid ounces (4.02 ml) per month

Best Price on Frontline Plus for Dogs

What is the Cheapest Frontline for Dogs?

If you’re on a tight budget, your veterinarian, local pet store or online supplier may sell individual doses of Frontline that you can purchase monthly rather than the outlay for a larger pack. Alternatively, buying a larger pack can work out cheaper in the long run because you pay less per dose.

Walmart Frontline Plus for Dogs Price

Walmart’s retail price of Frontline Plus ranges from $40 for three monthly packs to $70 per six monthly pack.

Frontline Combo for Dogs Price

Frontline Combo is the European name for Frontline Plus and has the same two ingredient combination.

Frontline Gold for Dogs Price

Frontline Gold sells online for $40-$50 for three monthly doses. If you buy your flea products from your veterinarian, check out the coupons available on the Frontline website for buying combinations of Frontline Gold for both your dog and cat or Frontline Gold with other Frontline products.

Is there a Generic Frontline Plus for Dogs?

There are generic products on the market containing the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus.  If you opt to purchase a generic brand, always ensure that the that the volume and quantity are correct for your dog’s size.

Where to Buy Frontline Plus for Dogs

Frontline for Dogs Amazon

Amazon retailers offer the range of Frontline Plus for Dogs for different dog body weights in individual doses and larger multi-packs and Frontline Gold. Some retailers offer free shipping options.

Frontline for Dogs Walmart

Walmart’s selection of Frontline for Dogs in their online catalog includes Frontline Plus for Dogs for all sizes of dogs and the Frontline Spray. Products can be shipped or order online and picked up for free from your local store.

Your Veterinarian

As Frontline is a veterinary recommended product, most veterinarians stock the range and are the best source of advice on how it will suit your pet, especially if they are unwell or on other medications.

A Brief Product Comparison: Frontline vs … !

Frontlilne Plus Product Comparison

There are similar brands to Frontline – K9 Advantix II, Sentry Fiproguard, Advantage, and Petarmor.  You may have noticed from what you have read so far this article is pro Frontline! Here’s a short comparison of Merial Frontline with two other products to explain why:

Frontline vs Advantage for Dogs

Frontline and Advantage II are similar in the way their formulations control the flea lifecycle. However, Frontline has the advantage over Advantage (pardon the pun!) in its ability to control ticks and mosquitos as well as fleas.

Petarmor Plus vs Frontline Plus for Dogs

Petarmor Plus and Frontline Plus’s similarities are that they both kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitos.  But Frontline’s has it over Petarmour in the way it controls all stages of a flea’s lifecycle so nips them in the bud, so to speak.

If You are on the Fence About Using Frontline Plus for Dogs or Cats, Read the Reviews

There’s plenty of positive online reviews from pet parents about how they have found using Frontline Plus effective for eliminating and preventing fleas and ticks on their dogs or cats. Search online, or check out the reviews left by shoppers on the effectiveness of Frontline products to help make up your mind if you’re unsure, or speak with your vet.

FAQs for Frontline for Dogs

Can you use Frontline Plus for Dogs on Cats?

No, they’re not quite the same. Use specific Frontline Plus products developed for each species (and don’t use them on any other pets). Like this one for cats!

Frontline for small dogs? Is it really safe to use Frontline Plus for Small Dogs?

It sure is!  Just make sure you select the Frontline Plus for small dogs and apply as per the instructions for flea and tick control.

Why is Frontline Gold for Dogs so expensive?

Flea treatments for pets may seem expensive, but they will save you veterinary bills in the long run by keeping your pet healthy and preventing the risk of your dog getting diseases transmitted by fleas and ticks.

Developers of flea treatments must work through testing on the safety and efficacy of products before they are brought to market and all this costs big bucks. As with any quality products, the more ingredients, or the greater the volume, the more you will pay.

Frontline Flea and Tick, for dogs who have better things to do than itch and scratch all day!

Frontline products for controlling fleas and ticks really are effective in helping rid your pet of these nasty little critters and preventing infestations. Talk with your vet about the best type of product for your pooch and their lifestyle. Your dog will be much more comfortable without carrying those nasty little critters in their fur!

Common Questions on Frontline Plus for Dogs

Can my dog go swimming after I’ve applied Frontline Plus?

My dog is getting old and is a bit weak and wobbly, can I use Frontline Plus?

What’s the best thing to use for my four-week-old puppy?

What is one of the main concerns when choosing the right flea treatment?

Where do you apply Frontline Plus and why?

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