Funny Cat Pictures Alert: The Best Cat Memes of the Year!

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funny cat meme of squint cat

Cat memes! The internet is full of them. You can hardly open a social media site without seeing one. These quirky, cute and witty cat pictures can cheer up even the coldest heart of stone and cause some serious “lols” for more than just cat people!

So Many Cats, So Many Hilarious Cat Memes! Prepare Yourselves Cat People! 

As of four years ago, an estimated 2 million cat videos CATapulted onto YouTube alone. But that’s not all! CNN projected about 6.5 billion cat pictures at that time.

The popularity and viral sensation of cat memes are largely thanks to sites such as I Can Haz Cheezburger. On 11th January 2007, Eric Nakagawa posted the smiling pic of Happycat, a British Shorthair kitty.

The caption has Happycat asking “I can has cheezburger?” A flood of CATchy memes followed, and the rest is history. We now have all of the laugh out loud photos and pictures, the likes of Invisible Bike Cat and Basement Cat, which have been making us LOL since 2006.

funny cat memes i can has cheezburger?

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What began as hilarious cat images and videos on social media that evoked emotional responses have become somewhat of a means to cash in using your kitty pics.

Popular memes include even animated cats. Nyan Cat, for example, comprises videos on YouTube of a cartoon cat set to a Japanese pop song, first uploaded in April 2011. Nyan Cat even developed its own cryptocurrency!

funny cats image of nyan cat

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From Fat Cat Memes to Funny Grumpy Cat Memes: There’s a Cat Meme Out There for You! 

Cat memes go viral because cat images make us laugh out loud. The funniest pictures with hilarious captions shared among friends get posted and reposted. The evolution of image captioning websites such as Meme Generator has made it easy to roll out advice animal memes using user-submitted image macros. Advice Animals such as Grumpy Cat, Business Cat, Chemistry Cat, Sad Cat, and Fat Cat are prime meme material.

Grumpy Cat: The cat who loves to hate, is the cat we love to love. In reality, this feline phenomenon gets her characteristic grumpy look au-natural, from an underbite and feline dwarfism mutation.

grumpy cat memes grumpy cat wearing a hat

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Business Cat wears a tie and offers a feline twist to what an office boss or employee might do or advise. Is it ironic that this cat can tweet? What started as a one-off gag in January 2011 with Emilio the cat has launched two books and a string of hilarious memes and comic strips.

Fat Cat memes share content that is relatable and funny. What’s not to love about a cute cat that knows how to joke about its love of food?

If you’re more into Big Bang Theory humor, Chemistry Cat has you covered!

funny cat pictures of science cat

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Let’s Get to It! Funny Cat Memes: Clean Fun for Everyone!  

Whether or not you believe the urban legend that cats account for 15% of internet traffic, the avalanche that is cat memes just keeps on rolling. It’s definitely not CATastrophic, though; it’s a culture all its own.

Why else would there be a mainstream museum installation entirely dedicated to cats? Yes, it’s true! The Museum of the Moving Image in 2018 presented How Cats Took Over the Internet, which timelines the revolt all the way back to 1995.

Haven’t Seen Dank Cat Memes Yet? You’re Welcome! 

Dank memes are odd or exceptionally unique memes. They could also be viral to the extent that everyone has probably seen them. If you somehow managed to miss the Dank Meme boat (or do we say catamaran?) we suggest you get on that!

Fabulous and Feisty Warrior Cat Memes!

Warrior Cats is a book series first released in 2003. But also a collection of memes that are regularly added to. This one is more for the fans of the series because not everyone will understand the references!

Serious and Sad Cat Memes That Aren’t Sad at All. For Us At Least! 

How can you not fall in love with those sad kitty eyes? The anonymous meme generator that gave us the first photoshopped version of Serious Cat back in June 2014 generated over 925 images over the next 3 years. These teary, glass-eyed kitties got the name Schmuserkadser – the epitome of Sad Cat.

serious cat memes funny

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Our Favorite Cute Cat Memes 

Cuteness Overload Warning! Kittens are CATegorically cute, but somehow the captions just nail it (or do we say ‘claw it’?)

adorable kitten meme

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Have Your Tried Creating Your Own Funny Cat Meme? It’s Easier Than You Think! 

All you need is that one CATchy creature photo to CATapult you into funny cat meme stardom.

Funny Cats Are Everywhere! Take Those Funny Cat Pictures and Make Them Funnier! 

Funny Cat Meme generators are all you need to turn your cute cat pics into viral memes. Simply use the online format to upload your funny, cute or hilarious cat photo, add the content and you’re kitted for potential fame and fortune.

Simply find a free online image maker that suits you. The meme generator lets you add custom text to established memes, which makes it more like a meme “captioner”. There’s no reason you should not upload your own images as templates, though. Customizing is limited only by your own imagination, depending on the meme generator you choose.

Maybe Your Kitty Humor Will Make the Best Cat Memes of the Year List! 

Yes, there’s an award! Good cat, crazy cat, pet and funny animal pictures earned these viral sensations popularity from obscurity, and you could be among them. Is your cat the next Keyboard Cat, Kitlers, Hipster Kitty, Happy Cat, Breading Cats, Long Cat or Anxiety Cat?

It may be as simple as a cat in a cardboard box!

best memes ever kitten in a box

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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, cat memes are here to stay.

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