Amazing German Dog Breeds That Make Great ESAs

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picture of various german dog breeds that make great esas

The German nation love their dogs like they love their pretzels! Carl Zuckmayer, a German writer and playwright once said: “A life without a dog is a mistake”. Germany offers the most diverse dog breeds out there, from the tallest dogs, the Great Danes, to the tiniest sausage dog, monkey dogs, and police dogs. German dog breeds suit many sectors of society and home life. Read on to find out which German dog breed will be the perfect ESA for you.

Let’s Start Here: What are Emotional Support Animals?

Society is on a mission to destigmatize the guilt, shame, and secrecy for those who struggle with mental illnesses. These problems are universal; they are complex, and they need attention. As a result, Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are part of the treatment.

By providing companionship, a calming or cheerful presence and affection for daily life, they lighten the load for their owners.

French, Italian or German Dog Breeds: Any Dog Can Be An ESA

When you find a dog that you love, their cultural roots are of no concern. So whether they love bratwurst, baguettes or have an affinity towards pizza (or all the above), if they bring you joy and emotional relief, then they can be your ESA.

Dog Breeds with Pictures! Here Are Our 8 Favorite Dogs From Germany!

There are plenty of dog breeds out there, but did you know that Germany has the third-highest amount of dog breeds? Following behind France and England, Germany boasts approximately 47 different breeds. Here are our favorites…

King of the Shaggy Dog Breeds: The Affenpinscher

Oh, what an interesting little dog! An Affenpinscher, translated from German to “monkey-like dog”, is a fluffy little breed with an energetic and affectionate nature. These confident dogs were hunting dogs, keeping grand homes free of rats and other vermin. Naturally, this made the ladies of the house very happy and they’ve made great lapdogs every since!

adorable black affenpinscher puppy

The Boxer is a Beautiful Dog!

They may look like they’re only built to fight off danger (which they will), but the Boxer is one of the most loyal and gentle German dog breeds out there. Obedience training will be an easy feat with this intelligent fast learner, but, you need to start when they’re young.

fully grown boxer dog standing in field

Cute Dog Breeds Alert: The Dachshund

Did you know that Germany has 1500 different varieties of sausages? Well, add another to the list with the teeny Dachshund, fondly known as the “sausage dog”. This small dog is the 9th most popular breed in the USA, thanks to its sweet, curious, playful and loyal temperament.

black and tan dachshund

White Fluffy Dog Breeds? JA! The German Spitz

Also known as the American Eskimo dog, the German Spitz is related to the smaller Pomeranian. This yapper is an excellent alert watchdog and family companion.

german spitz dog breed

For Working Dog Breeds: The German Shepherd

One of the smartest dog breeds out there, the German Shepherd is a jack-of-all-trades. In many parts of society, these beloved doggos are still used as working dogs.

Whether fighting crime as police dogs, serving the blind as guard dogs, rescuing people in perilous situations or tracking down illegal substances, this brave and obedient large breed can also make a great family pet if socialized at a young age. Unfortunately, they’re susceptible to hip dysplasia.

beautiful german shepherd dog standing in road

Doberman Pinschers: German Dogs Par Excellence

The pointed ears and fierce guise of the Doberman make people believe that they are dangerous dogs. They do make brilliant guard and security dogs, but Doberman Pinschers are loyal to their human family. If security is what you are after then this German Dog Breed is sure to ease your anxiety!

three doberman pinscher dog in autumn leaves

Wire Hair Dogs! You’ll Love the Wirehaired German Pointer

Historically used as a working dog, the scruffy Wirehaired German Pointer is a devoted and affectionate character. The Wirehaired Pointer is less popular than its cousin, the German Shorthaired Pointer, but just as playful with an extra ounce of cute.

wirehaired german pointer standing in snow

Silky, Sleek and Smooth: The Weimaraner

Previously used as hunting companions for royalty, the Weimaraner has incredible endurance and energy. If you have an active lifestyle, then this brave and friendly pet is for you.

two beautiful weimaraner puppies

Language Lesson: What is Dog in German?

Sitz! Platz!” Did your beloved furry sit and stay? Many will admit that they talk to their pets daily. It could be fun to teach your German puppy some phrases in its native tongue. Your linguistic skills will flabbergast your guests and you can praise your intelligent dog with a “braver Hund” (good dog)!

Found Your Ideal Dog? Time to Find German Dog Names

Naming your new puppy can be so much fun! Once you’ve convinced your child that Princess Poo Poo isn’t a name that the whole family wants to be calling out, you need to make some counter-offers. The following German names could be perfect for your canine.

Our Favorite German Names for Dogs!

Male Dog Names:

  • Bernard – meaning “brave like a bear”. This is perfect for any hunting breed, or even your adventurous little Affenpinscher
  • Max – a common dog name, but did you know it’s a German name, meaning “the greatest”; a good name for man’s best friend
  • Bruno – meaning “brown”
  • Pilsner – If you love beer, this is the perfect name for your pup

Female Dog Names:

  • Heidi – a lovable book character and means “noble from birth”
  • Thea – a great name for any pet that claims goddess status, as the name suggests
  • Vera – means “truth”
  • Zelda – a name for a warrior
  • Greta – meaning “pearl” for your treasured friend

two fully grown leonberger dogs

Temperament & Personality: What the Best ESAs Have in Common

The best ESAs are unique to their owners. Whether you need affection, loyalty, security or boundless energy to bring a smile to your face, if your animal brings relief to your mental state then they will be a perfect ESA for you!

Dog: Check! Name: Check! Next Step: Get Your ESA Letter!

If you struggle with a mental illness, you can get a prescription (an ESA Letter) which will afford you and your pet some great benefits on your road to recovery. Take our 5-minute screening to see if you qualify and CertaPet can help you get that letter from a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) in your state.

Large Dog Breeds, Small Dog Breeds, Energetic or Calm Dog Breeds!

German Dog Breeds come in many shapes and sizes; here are some other options for you:

Large Dog Breeds:

sleepy back and white great dane

Medium Dog Breeds:

  • Eurasier
  • Small Munsterlander – Requires regular grooming. Lovable and energetic!

Small Dog Breeds:

There’s a Dog Out There for Everyone!

Known for their incredible work ethic, Germans can also play hard, much like the dogs who originate from Deutschland. Once you’ve adopted or bought one of the German Dog Breeds, you have found a devoted and committed ESA. Find a canine companion whose tail wags at the sight of you! 

Common Questions About German Dog Breeds

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