ESA Weekly News June 27th: The Guardian Takes a Closer Look into the ESA Epidemic

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We make it a priority to bring you fresh emotional support animal news every week. Today we are reporting on a journalist from The Guardian who met up with a CertaPet LMHP. We also look at a sad story about a New York family who must say goodbye to their emotional support pig.

Journalist Goes Behind the CertaPet Scene and Learns About Their Process

A journalist for The Guardian recently reported on a story in which delved into the world of ESAs. He wanted to understand the need for ESAs from the perspective of their owners. He met up with the owner of an ESA Alligator, students living with their ESAs in dorms, and one of CertaPet’s licensed mental health professionals.

In the interview with the CertaPet Clinical manager, Prairie Conlan, he gave Conlan the opportunity to explain the company’s purpose, goals, and the process of helping people get their ESA letter.

When he mentioned how easy it would be for someone who doesn’t need an ESA to manipulate their pre-screening process, Conlan responded saying: “You’re going to have people trying to game the system, they try to game every system.”

He also asked her how many ESA letter requests CertaPet gets, Conlan informed him that of the 1.2 million users on the platform every month, less than half of the users are prescribed an ESA letter.

There is much anger from the general public due to the explosion of ESAs, with many people venting online. Conlan has been personally threatened and had internet trolls say terrible things to her. Despite all of the negativity aimed towards her, Conlan, a true advocate for people with mental disabilities added that “something as ‘silly’ as being able to sit with your dog, and taking your dog on a plane, I see it changes lives every day. That’s a pretty amazing feeling.”

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New York Family Told to Say Goodbye to Emotional Support Pig

The Kruss family of Amherst, New York, has been told to get rid of their 200-pound emotional support pig. The animal belongs to one of the members of the household and has their ESA papers up to date. However, the city still maintains its verdict: no pigs allowed.

The town is deemed a residential area. This means that no livestock is allowed. Even though the pot-bellied pig is house trained and kept inside the property, they are still categorized as livestock. Thus, they are infringing the town’s laws.

Dianna Kruss, the spokesperson for the family, tried getting the Amherst Zoning Board of Appeals to reconsider the eviction. Yet, her request was formally denied. The verdict came shortly thereafter: the ESA must leave Amherst by the end of June.

The family has already made arrangements to handle the pig’s departure. The town’s residents and board members are happy to get this case on the books. It will serve as a precedent for future emotional support animals who are considered livestock.

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CertaPet’s Thoughts About This Week’s News

The people at CertaPet are advocates for those with mental illnesses. Our licensed mental health professionals do not simply prescribe to every single person who asks for an ESA.

A brief form submitted online is not enough for a diagnosis. That’s why we promote real online therapist consultations. You can kick off the process with our thorough pre-screening, after that, you will see a LMHP and chat with them. After all, they need to verify if you have any (diagnosable) mental health problems.

At the same rate, we’re sad that the Kruss family has to say goodbye to their ESA. Pot-bellied pigs are incredibly smart and make awesome family companions. But, unfortunately, they’re not allowed to live just anywhere. The law is the law and it must be respected.

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