The Best Hound Dog Breeds that Make Great ESAs!

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The Best Hound Dog Breeds beagle looks at the sunset

Originally bred as hunting dogs, hound dog breeds are becoming increasingly popular as pets and emotional support animals. This comes as no surprise, as hound dogs have some unique characteristics that make them extra lovable! To learn more about the best hound dog breeds for ESAs read on!

Meet the Hound Dog: The Dogs that Follow their Nose!

One of the special traits that hound dog breeds share is their incredible sense of smell.

Not only do they tend to have more scent receptors than other breeds, but their nostrils are also quite large and wide, meaning that they can absorb more particles from the environment around them.

The fact that many hound dog breeds have floppy ears helps too! Their long ears sweep along the ground and scoop up scent particles, bringing them towards the dog’s nose. The ears also reduce their sense of sound slightly, enabling their sense of smell to shine even stronger.

CertaPet Helps People Make their Hound Dogs into Emotional Support Animals!

In addition to having a fantastic sense of smell, hound dog breeds are also extremely in-tune with their owners.

This makes them a fantastic emotional support animal.

Do you already have a hound dog?

If so, to acquire ESA status for your pooch all you need is an emotional support animal letter, and this is something that CertaPet can help you to get.

But First, What is an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

An emotional support animal letter is a document signed by a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) that states you have an emotional/mental disability and would benefit from an ESA.

Can Anyone Get an Emotional Support Animal?

In order to qualify for an emotional support animal, you need to be diagnosed with some emotional disability. This could be anything from depression and anxiety to ADHD to PTSD.

If you feel that you may qualify, complete the online pre-screening. This takes just five minutes, and will then be evaluated by an LMHP. If you believe to benefit for an ESA (only by a licensed mental health professional), you could receive your ESA letter in just 48 hours.

Elvis Presley Hound Dog: Even the King of Rock Loved these Pups Personality

Basset Hound Dog Breeds, Emotional Support Dog on Grass

One of the most well-known songs in the history of rock and roll, Hound Dog by Elvis helped to bring hound dog breeds into the limelight.

The more people got to know the personality of hound dogs, the more they ended up loving these breeds.

Generally, hound dogs tend to be quite independent and determined. They are highly intelligent and are quick to learn. This means that you need to be extremely consistent when it comes to training, as you don’t want your hound dog developing any bad habits.

They are gentle, loyal and loving dogs. This not only makes them a fantastic family pet but also a trustworthy emotional support animal too.

One more thing to know about if you are considering adding a hound dog into your family…

These breeds are known for baying. While some love the sound, others can’t stand it, so make sure that you know what you are letting yourself in for!

Hound Dog Breeds that Make for Great Emotional Support Animals!

While hound dogs may share some of the same general characteristics, there are so many different breeds within this group.

Although just about all of the breeds would make a great ESA, there are certain hound dog breeds that are particularly adept.

Prefer Low Energy Dogs? Meet The Basset Hound and the Basset Hound Mix 

With their mournful eyes and droopy ears, Basset hounds are so endearing.

This is a breed that was built for endurance rather than speed, meaning that they are slower moving than other hound dog breeds, and also have slightly lower energy levels.

They are calm and gentle-natured at home, but still, love to run about and play when outside.

Basset hound mixes also share some of these traits, along with traits from the other parent breed. There are several different Basset mixes out there, from Cocker Spaniels to Golden Retrievers, each one creating a truly unique dog.

Do you Want the Best Apartment Dogs? Check out Beagles & the Beagle Terrier Mix

If you live in an apartment and want a hound dog, you would be best off looking at some of the smaller breeds.

Beagles are the perfect example of a great apartment hound dog, thanks to their small and compact size. They are also extremely friendly and affectionate while being intelligent and easy to train.

They have a calm disposition and aren’t known to be major barkers. Although this means they wouldn’t make a good guard dog, they do well when living in an apartment.

When it comes to beagle mixes, the Beagle-terrier is becoming quite popular. Of course, this mix varies greatly depending on the breed of terrier used to create the mix. However, many of the Beagle-terrier mixes out there combine the affectionate nature of the Beagle with the high energy of the terrier.

Small Dog Breeds that Anyone will Love: The Dachshund 

The Dachshund is another small and incredibly charming breed. With that being said, their size varies depending on the type of Dachshund you have, with Miniature Dachshunds being smaller than Standard Dachshunds.

Dachshunds are curious and brave and tend to become quickly attached to their owners.

They come in three different coat varieties, and each one has some distinct traits:

  •     Wire-Haired Dachshunds – more energetic and stubborn
  •     Long-Haired Dachshunds – quieter and very sweet-natured
  •     Smooth Dachshunds – extremely loyal to their owner and tend to be more wary of strangers

Loving Giant Dog Breeds: The Irish Wolfhound & Bloodhound Dog

Irish Wolfhounds, Two Hound Dog Breeds Watching Prey

Considered to be the largest of the hound breeds, the Irish wolfhound is often referred to as a gentle giant. They are very friendly, making them a fantastic family pet, although their giant size can sometimes cause an issue for young children.

Irish wolfhounds are such a kind and loyal breed, both of which are traits that make for a great ESA!

Another giant hound breed to consider is the Bloodhound.

These dogs are instantly recognizable thanks to their large droopy ears and wrinkled face, and you just can’t help but love them.

They are a gentle and patient breed and are known for being good around children. However, Bloodhounds are also fiercely determined, especially if they have detected a particularly tempting scent, and this can often result in quite the chase.

Coonhound Puppies aka Lazy Dog Breeds

Easygoing and well-natured, Coonhounds are so much fun to have around. They are generally quite calm and are becoming increasingly popular as a family pet.

Coonhounds are often thought of as quite a lazy breed because they love nothing more than spending hours napping on the sofa.

However, this only means that they have plenty of energy saved up for the next time they are out, and will need quite a bit of exercise in order to be happy.

Love Calm Dog Breeds? Meet the Afghan Hounds & Egyptian Pharaoh Hound

With its long, silky and shiny coat, there is no denying that Afghan hounds have such a sense of beauty to them.

They are independent and determined, and their quiet and refined nature appeals to many.

Of course, with such a long coat comes plenty of grooming. If you are considering an Afghan hound, keep in mind that grooming will take up a fair bit of your time and money.

Another calm hound breed to look into would be the Egyptian pharaoh hound.

This ancient breed is extremely affectionate and loyal, and doesn’t require the same amount of grooming as an Afghan hound.

Hound Breeds as Emotional Support Animals: You Can Even Find them at Pet Shelters!

As you can see from all the characteristics that have been mentioned so far about hound dogs, these breeds make amazing emotional support animals.

Even if you don’t want to purchase a hound breed puppy, you always have the option of adopting an adult from a local shelter.

Didn’t know that pet shelters have hound dog breeds?

They have plenty! You will likely find both purebred hound dogs and hound dog mixes available at shelters near you.

Can You Adopt an Emotional Support Dog?

Technically, no. You cannot adopt an already emotional support animal. However, you can go to the nearest shelter or rescue or wherever you think is best and adopt a dog to be your ESA. But you can’t buy/adopt an emotional support dog.

To begin with, shelter dogs tend to already have some level of basic training. This will save you so much time, and you also won’t have to deal with all of the stress a puppy can cause.

They are also incredibly grateful when they are given a new home. It doesn’t take long for them to form an intense bond with their new owner, and this works well when you are looking for an emotional support dog.

Calm & Sweet Natured, it’s No Wonder Hound Dog Breeds Make Great ESAs

Sausage Dog, Dachshund Dog Potrait

Hound dog breeds are so loving, calm and sweet-natured, and this is why more of them have been acquiring ESA status lately.

If you have a hound dog who you think would make a good emotional support dog, it doesn’t take long at all to apply for your ESA letter (a real one anyway).

All you need to do is complete the pre-screening on CertaPet, which won’t take more than five minutes. Your hound dog could then be enjoying ESA in just two days time!

Whether you are looking for a family pet or an emotional support animal, hound dogs are definitely worth considering. With their affectionate and friendly nature, as well as their intense loyalty, hound dogs really do have so much to offer.

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