How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog? CBD Dosage Benefits and More!

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By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: April 21, 2021

dog medicine dropper with cbd dosage for pain in dogsIs cannabis CBD oil for dogs the medical marijuana of the pet world? It’s a safe, calming medication that can work wonders for your pet. CBD oil, also known as hemp CBD oil, is derived from the cannabis plant but without the compounds that cause psychoactive effects. The important question you should ask yourself though, is “how much CBD oil should I give my dog?”.

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CBD for Dogs Helps with Pain and More

Cannabidiol oil is just one of many medical cannabis oils that are harvested from the industrial hemp plant – known scientifically as Cannabis sativa and more commonly as the cannabis or marijuana plant.

Another well-known and completely legal oil from the cannabis plant is hemp seed oil. As the name suggests, this cannabis oil is pressed out of the seeds, unlike CBD oil that’s pressed from the leaves and flowers of the plant.

pug figuring out the cbd oil dosage for dogs

Hemp seed oil is super healthy and contains essential fatty acids and vitamin E, but don’t get it mixed up with CBD oil! Hemp seed oil doesn’t contain any THC or CBD cannabinoids and won’t act as a painkiller or calming agent for your pooch.

Cannabis CBD oil helps dogs with pain without making them high. This is possible because CBD oil has very low levels of the THC cannabinoids which would otherwise bind to your (or your dog’s) endocannabinoid receptors giving you that buzz. The naturally high levels of CBD cannabidiol are what keeps your pet calm and pain-free.

The Amazing Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs!

CBD hemp oil is loved by pet parents for its ability to soothe pain and calm anxiety.

  • Anxiety, stress, and fearCBD oil will calm your dog down on rides to the V.E.T., during thunderstorms and the 4th July fireworks.
  • Seizures and epilepsy – not only will CBD oil keep your pet calm following the effects of a seizure, but it may even help to manage the condition. CBD oil has anticonvulsant properties and in theory, can prevent a seizure from happening! Give your dogs a regular dose every day.
  • Arthritis, joint pain and old age – hemp oil has anti-inflammatory effects that can ease the aching joints of your canine companion, allowing you to go for walks pain-free.
  • Injuries, bumps, bruises and post-surgery pain – your veterinarian will prescribe painkillers for your dogs, but sometimes these just aren’t enough and you don’t want to risk the side-effects of giving them too many meds. Pet CBD oil is a safe way to manage their pain until they’re back to normal.
  • Chronic pain, cancer, and other serious illnesses – as CBD hemp oil is completely non-toxic and safe, it’s ideal for giving to your pet on a daily basis when they’re struggling with chronic pain. Whether you want to ease their hip dysplasia without heavy drugs or just make their last days a bit comfier, CBD oil for pets is the way to go.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

The amount of hemp oil you should give your dog depends on their weight and the reason they need it.

For therapeutic benefit (dogs with anxiety or stress) usually, a drop or two of tincture when needed is appropriate for medium-sized dogs. For animals suffering from chronic pain or epilepsy, creating a regular schedule with just the right dosage is eating a cbd dog treat

To work out the appropriate dose for your pooch, start with this formula:

0.25mg x 1 pound of pet.

For a 15-pound Cavachon, you can give a 3.75mg dose of CBD oil.

Or, if your furry friend is a 9-pound exotic shorthair cat, a good dose to start with is 2.25mg.

Closely monitor how your pet reacts to the dose (it can take up to an hour to kick in) so you know whether it needs changing to manage their pain.

Tincture, Treats, Capsules, and CBD Oil Dosage: What’s the Difference?

Wondering how much CBD oil should I give my dog when it’s contained in treats? Different CBD products have different quantities of CBD oil in them. Treats, for example, may contain less CBD oil compared to tincture.

It’s so important that dog owners read the label! It will be clearly stated how much CBD oil is in every drop, capsule or crunch. If you want to give your fur-baby 2mg to soothe anxiety, it may be easier to use capsules that contain 2mg of oil, instead of measuring out tincture drop by drop.

Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats: Delicious Treats with CBD Goodness

A great place to start exploring safe CBD oil products is Honest Paws!

We’ve yet to find a pooch that didn’t enjoy munching on their peanut butter, turmeric or coconut soft CBD oil chews! There are also oil droppers and creams that you can use in healthy recipes to mask the flavor, like dog-friendly guacamole.

The Honest Paws CBD Dosage Chart and Dog Weight Chart

Honest Paws CBD oil comes in 3 different types, each bottle contains 30ml, but the strength of the CBD oil is different.

This brand is one of the best for calculating doses as it’s so simple! 1 full dropper (1ml) = 1 dose. They recommend regularly giving your pet 1 dose per day. As each bottle contains 30 doses, this will last you a month!

  • 1st Level – Pets up to 25 pounds. 1 dropper contains approximately 4.16mg of CBD oil.
  • 2nd Level – Pets that are 25 pounds to 50 pounds. 1 dropper contains approximately 8.3mg of CBD oil.
  • 3rd Level – Pets over 50 pounds. 1 dropper contains approximately 16.6mg of CBD oil.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog, dr with dosage

CBD Dosage for Pain

When you’re giving your pet a dose for pain, instead of a daily dose to manage their health, you may want to give them more or less.

If your pet regularly takes CBD oil and is still in pain, it’s safe to up the dose on days when the pain is too much.

If your pet doesn’t take CBD oil regularly and you are only planning to use it to manage their short-term pain until it’s gone, you can use the formula above to work out how much they need. Increase the amount until you’re managing your dog’s pain and they’re back to their usual waggy-tail self.

Maintaining a Dog’s Overall Health

CBD oil is amazing at soothing your pets’ pain and helping them recover… but wouldn’t it be better if your pets were healthy and happy all by themselves?

To maintain your dogs’ good health, it’s important to follow a good doggy diet! Just like for humans, plenty of exercise, fruits, veggies, healthy meats, and carbs are all essential.

Got the Dose Wrong? Know the Signs of a CBD Overdose in Dogs!

Accidently over calculated the hemp oil dosage while wondering “how much CBD oil should I give my dog?” Don’t worry!

CBD is non-toxic and is widely regarded as un-overdose-able. Even if you mistakenly misread a dose chart or your cheeky furry friend manages to down the whole bottle, there won’t be a serious reaction.

golden retriever got the cbd dosage wrong

The biggest sign that you’ve given your pet a bit too much CBD oil is their behavior. In the worst cases, they’ll get very docile and drowsy.

Unlike NSAIDs and other doggy over-the-counter painkillers that can cause kidney problems and stomach upset, your dog won’t have any nasty side effects from taking a bit too much hemp oil.

Honest Paws CBD Oil For Dogs
Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs features 100% Full Spectrum CBD Oil, straight from the sun-grown Colorado hemp farms. Available in 125, 250 and 500 mg potency solutions.
Rated 5.00/5.00 by Certapet
Buy on

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