How to Keep Your Pet Safe During a Hurricane

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It’s been a dozen years since Hurricane Katrina shook many families and a reported tens of thousands of pets that died. Many heard the wake-up call for Animal Evacuation Laws. Emergency operations have since come a long way in making sure animals are no longer left behind. But do you know how to keep your pet safe during a hurricane? Read on to find out!

How to Keep Your Pet Safe During a Hurricane: Be Prepared for Anything!

Having an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) creates a bond between human and canine. Besides keeping your family safe, a priority is to keep your pet from harm’s way too. It is important to have a plan in place should you live in an area susceptible to hurricane strikes. If you’re prepared to face a crisis then it will ease the stress on all those who rely on you.

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4 Things to Have Ready in Case of Emergency

Choose one area in your home for the items that belong to your pet. That way, if the warning comes, you can find all these items and reduce any panic. Be prepared with a list of shelters or other animal-friendly accommodations. Here are four things to have ready in case of an emergency:

If You Have an ESA, Keep That ESA Letter at Hand

First, make sure you have your ESA letter! This letter is important to hold onto if you want to gain access to shelters or airplanes that welcome service animals or ESAs. If you suffer from a mental illness and your animal provides emotional support to you, do not delay getting it in writing. CertaPet can help you get an ESA letter. Start by taking our simple 5-minute screening.

Does Your Pet Have an ID Tag and a Microchip?

Make sure your pet has an ID tag with your phone number, or take it one step further and get your dog microchipped. This cost-effective method is more reliable if you’re separated from your slobbery companion. 

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Food, Water, Leashes, and Blankets

Teach your children how to keep your pet safe during a hurricane. If you’re in the throws of an evacuation, prepare your children for the things that they can help with. Pet food, water, leashes, and blankets are things that your kids can collect. Teaching them responsibility for the family pet will give them something to focus on instead of their fears.

Medication and More: Your Pet Needs a First Aid Kit

Here are a few important items that you can include in your pet’s First Aid Kit:

  • Any chronic medication
  • Calming supplements such as CBD Oil for Dogs
  • Vaccination card
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Self-adhesive Bandage Cover or Vet Wrap Rap Tape
  • Blood Clotting Powder

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Never Leave Your Pet Behind!

Tens of thousands of pets have died because, before, the right laws or shelters were not in place or prepared. Owners were forced to abandon their furry family members. Things have changed. Be prepared and make sure you know how to keep your pet safe during a hurricane!

Leave no family member behind and that includes every furry friend that is part of your family!

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