A Look at the Best Interactive Cat Toys of 2019

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kitten playing with cat food puzzle

Indoor cats always find a way to have fun. Sometimes, a little too much fun. What cat owner hasn’t come home to a tipped-over Christmas tree or scratched couch? Fortunately, you can let Mittens play with interactive cat toys—and stop her from scratching your precious furniture. There are so many of these toys, and they’re all a lot of fun for kittens of all ages. From puzzles to interactive lasers, your feline friend will have a blast playing with them.

Here Is Our List of the Best Interactive Cat Toys of 2019!

Kittens have natural instincts when it comes to playing. They love chasing anything that’s fuzzy and flashy. They also love playing hide and seek (especially inside cardboard boxes) with other cats. It comes from their innate prey drive. Even if they’ve never even caught a mouse before!

You probably already have feather toys and scratching posts at home. But you may not have interactive cat toys yet. They’re powered by batteries in a lot of cases—and are a great investment since cats love playing with them so much. It’s practically impossible for them to get bored when they have one of these futuristic toys near them.

These are our favorite interactive cat toys. They’ve made thousands of indoor cats excited and happy. Not only that, but they’re also high-quality and hold up to the test of time.

The Petstages Tower Cat Toy

We love the Petstages Tower Tracks. It’s an amazing cat toy for kittens of all ages. Each level has a colorful ball that spins every time your furry friend paws at it. The non-slip bottom ensures their toy doesn’t move around or tip over. On top of that, the balls don’t fall out of the tower. They’ll stay in their place and won’t roll around the house (and eventually get lost!).

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy$7.61
With 3 levels for 3 times the fun, Tower of Tracks multi-tier kitty ball track features colorful moving balls which are irresistible to pets. A cool way to attract your cat’s paws and claws away from your furniture, the batting and chasing puzzle play toy provides endless active fun for cats and kittens as they move and control the spinning balls.

black kitten playing with best interactive cat toys

Cats Will Love the YOFUN Interactive Toys!

Another great option is the YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Ball. It appeals to your kitty’s prey and hunting senses. At the press of a button, this battery-operated electronic cat ball will start moving around the house. It does 360-degree turns to keep Mittens interested. On top of that, the red LED light on the ball will draw their attention.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy$13.98
The YOFUN smart interactive cat toy ball moves around by itself, the movement is random and unpredictable, helps to rise the hunting instinct inside your indoor cats, let them chase the ball around, having fun and exercise at the same time.

Tons of Fun with Upsky Cat Puzzle Toys

The UPSKY Colorful Interactive Roller is another fun tower toy for your furry friend. This time, each level has two colorful balls for Mittens to play with. It comes in three colors: blue, yellow, and red. Regardless of which one you choose, your four-legged partner will love playing with it for hours on end.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Upsky Cat Toy Roller Cat Toys$7.99
This track cat toy is made of ultra-strong, tear-resistant PP that stands up to crazy cat scratcher antics, detachable multi-layer for easy cleanup and with non-slip base pad to prevent slipperily. So it is perfect for one or more cats.

What About a Cat Food Puzzle? Try the Catit Cat Puzzle Feeder

Meet the Catit Senses 2.0 Digger. It’s one of the most interesting interactive cat toys out there. It has five green plastic cups into which you put treats or small pieces of food. Mittens will smell the delicious treats and paw at the cups to fish them out. It’ll take them a while to get them all out, but it’ll be worth the mental exercise. It’s a great puzzle feeder.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats$43.72
The Catit Senses 2.0 Digger encourages cats to work for their food in a fun manner. Its smart design plays on a cat’s instincts to paw out smaller portions of food, which stimulates activity and reduces binge eating.

The Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats? Electronic Motion Kitten Toys!

Have you ever played Blanket Monster with your feline friend? It’s when you move around your hand quickly to get Mittens to attack. The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Interactive Toy mimics that game—and cats love it. The robotic arm will move the feather around, under the blue cover tarp. Your pet will love it—so much so that playing with a cardboard toy box will seem boring in comparison!

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
SmartyKat Electronic Motion Cat Toys$16.99
Cats are creatures of habit with short attention spans—that's why brief, scheduled play sessions with your feline are best. Just two or more 10 to 15-minute sessions of interactive play a day is paw-fect and can also help preserve the battery life in your cat's favorite toy. The expected battery life in this toy is 1 hour, so remember to turn it off when it's not being used!

Cool Cat Stuff by Allstar

The Allstar Innovations Feather Teaser is also great for mental stimulation. This battery-operated toy moves a fuzzy feather to catch Mittens’ attention, and it works. Your furry friend won’t be able to stop playing with this fun toy. It appeals to their hunting senses!

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Allstar Innovations Pop N’ Play Interactive Motion Cat Toy$24.99
Pop N Play cat toy by PETS KNOW BEST is an interactive way for your kitty to be entertained, everyday! Pop N Play will help get your cat out of its lazy habits and develop the natural preying instincts with the sporadic ‘peek a boo’ play keeps kitty on her paws and not knowing where to look next! The toy has an interchangeable mouse toy or feather toy that pops in and out of the unit to entice kitty to play! When the cat finds something like a prey inside it, it will pounce and paw at it. The cat will try to get at the prey for hours together and this will keep it engaged and enthused. There’s even an automatic shut off when kitty’s ready for her cat nap. Great for all cats, young and old!

black kitty playing with interactive cat toy

Compulsory Cat Supplies: An Interactive Laser Toy

The Friends Forever Interactive Laser Pointer is another of those fun and unique interactive cat toys. It’s a tower that shoots a laser from the top. The light goes around in circles, and Mittens won’t resist chasing it around. Pet parents know just how much their furry friends love chasing lights and reflections. This is a toy they can play with even when you’re not around.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy$24.99
Concealed auto rotating laser pointer create unique & mystery experience for the challenging hunt. Keep this furry friends move and never get bored with 3 speed setting (slow, fast, random).

Let Mittens Catch Some Fish with BlackHole Electronic Fishies

The BlackHole Interactive Swimming Robot Fish is another of our favorite automatic cat toys. It will stimulate your pet to be more physically active. What kitten can resist fishing these shining fish? Fill up a bucket with water, turn on each of the fishies, and put them in. Then sit back and watch as Mittens splashes around trying to fish them.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
BlackHole Litter Mat Interactive Swimming Robot Fish$14.95
This set of cat toys comes with 4 uniquely colored swimming robot fish toys that your cat is sure to enjoy playing with and catching. The included colors may vary. 8 extra LR44 batteries and 1 installation tool also included.

Other Cat Products That Provide Hours of Fun!

Mittens doesn’t have to be limited to their cat scratcher, old plush toy, and yarn ball thanks to the interactive cat toys we’ve mentioned. And then there are new twists on classic cat toys Mittens can’t go without.

Good Ol’ Catnip Toys!

There’s nothing better than a good catnip cat toy. The SmartyKat Fish Friends is a great option for your kittens. The pack comes with three fish-shaped plush toys with crinkly, shiny linings. They’ll quickly get your feline friend’s attention.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
SmartyKat Fish Friends Crinkle and Catnip Cat Toys$3.79
Our CompleteNeeds System organizes the wide range of SmartyKat products, making it easy for pet parents to satisfy their pet's emotional, instinctual and physical needs.

Another cute toy is the SmartyKat Skitter Critters pack. Each plush toy is shaped like a mouse and has a healthy dose of catnip inside. Watch as Mittens comically plays with and rubs on it.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys$1.53
To a cat play is purely fun, but we know that play also encourages activity, bonding, and provides a safe outlet for natural behaviors. By providing toys from each of the five play categories, you can help satisfy a variety of your cat's needs.

green and purple cat puzzle feeder toy

A Few Cat Toy Safety Tips!

Most kitten toys are adorable-looking. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be safe for your cat’s health. Before picking out some interactive cat toys for Mittens, make sure of a few things:

  • There can’t be any tiny pieces: Mittens could accidentally swallow them and choke.
  • If there are batteries, make sure your kitten won’t play with them: Licking or biting AA batteries could land Mittens in the vet clinic.
  • They have to be durable: No matter how much scratching and damage Mittens does, the toys must not break up into small pieces.
  • Don’t go too heavy-handed on the treats: Remember that treats aren’t a substitute for cat food and can be quite fattening.
  • Make sure you choose an age- and size-appropriate cat toy: Large cats need toys with bigger parts so they don’t choke. Kittens will feel frustrated playing with too-complex puzzles.

Common Questions on Interactive Cat Toys

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