Introducing the 9 Irish Dog Breeds That Make Great ESAs

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two irish wolfhounds celebrating st patricks day

Every country in the world is home to its own unique dog breeds. Ireland is no different. There are 9 native Irish dog breeds and they all have their very own puptastic temperaments and personalities. Anyone looking for an ESA is sure to find a perfect match in one of these breeds!

First Things First: What are Emotional Support Animals?

First things first: What is an emotional support animal (ESA)? An ESA is an assistance animal that acts as a companion to someone suffering from a mental illness or emotional condition. These canine (or feline) heroes provide their owners with calming comfort through their mere presence.

We know that pets have an incredibly therapeutic effect on people. Some people need that therapeutic effect more (and more constantly) than others. That is why they get ESAs!

Big Dog Breeds or Small Dog Breeds: Any Dog Can Be an ESA!

Unlike service dogs or psychiatric service dogs, ESAs are not legally required to undergo any specialized training. This means that pretty much any dog (or cat) can be an ESA, all you need is an ESA letter. But more on that later!

The Temperament and Personality of a Prime ESA Candidate

Any dog can be an ESA. What matters the most is that you find a pup that you feel a connection with, and one who complements your personality and lifestyle!

If you have a more active lifestyle, a more active and energetic breed is for you. If you live in an apartment, it’s probably not a good idea to get a Great Dane.

Apart from size and activity levels, the prime ESA candidate is one that loves you unconditionally. Luckily, dogs are prone to loving their humans by default, so this shouldn’t be an issue!

Irish Dogs Have a Lot Going for Them!

Living with an Irish dog can be like living with St Patrick himself! Expect lots of jolly, chipper, happy fun times! These breeds are gorgeous, spunky, fun-loving and happy-go-lucky! On top of that, they are loyal to a T!

There are 9 Puptastic Native Irish Dog Breeds!

Let’s get straight to it: There are 9 native Irish dog breeds, and they are as amazing as they come! We all know the iconic Irish Wolfhound, but it is not the only representative of the Irish canine world!

Let’s see what other breeds this beautiful country has to offer, and more importantly, how each breed has the potential to make the best canine companion anyone could ever hope for!

illustration of irish dog breeds

Love Large Dog Breeds? The Irish Wolfhound

There is a little competition (or confusion) about whether Great Danes or Irish Wolfhounds are the largest dog breed in the world. Zeus the Great Dane, has the record of being the world’s tallest dog. However, even though Irish Wolfhounds are not necessarily the tallest or bulkiest of breeds, they are still pretty big!

This is a whole lot of dog with a whole lot of love to give! They are very tall and weigh a lot. But they are the epitome of gentle giants.

irish dogs black and brown irish wolfhound standing in field

Water Pups for Water Lovers: The Irish Water Spaniel

These water babies have webbed feet that prove that they were bred to be master swimmers! This is an active breed that will play catch for days and shower you with smiles of pure joy! Irish Water Spaniels are a great match for anyone who enjoys the outdoors!

irish water spaniel lying in grass

Not Exactly Calm Dog Breeds: Irish Terrier Types!

The words “terrier” and “terror” are synonymous, as anyone who has ever met or owned a terrier breed knows! Irish terrier breeds, whether they are small or big, are FIRECRACKERS! If you suffer from a mental illness that makes it difficult for you to leave the house… get a terrier! They will force you out of your comfort zone and help you get out and about!

irish terrier climbing a tree

Looking for Small Dog Breeds? The Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier

Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers. Are. Adorable. They are small spunky fluffy balls of gumption filled energy! These pups are naturals at cheering people up. No level of manic depression or PTSD stands a chance against those goofy puppy eyes and smiles!

image of glen of imaal terrier standing in road

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten Terriers are hardcore, feisty pups who are loyal to a T. It’s probably important to mention that as crazy as terriers are, from the Irish Terrier to Jack Russells, they are also the world’s best cuddlers!

fluffy soft coated wheaten terrier running in field

The Most Loyal Dog Breeds Out There: Setters!

Setter breeds are hunting dogs. This is a hound that loves to stalk and is always ready to pounce. The temperament of this breed of dog is sweet and gentle. Let’s look at Irelands 2 setter breeds that are stealing hearts everywhere!

Chipper and Cheerful Irish Red Setter

Introducing the Irish Red Setter! This is a quintessential setter! They are chipper and cheerful, and you’ll never have a dull moment with this hound in your life!

irish red setter lying in forest

An Active Breed for an Active Person: The Irish Red and White Setter

These setters are very similar to their Red Setter brethren! The main difference? Their beautiful red and white color patterns!

happy irish red and white setter in field

Kerry Dogs: Possibly the Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Kerry is a county in Ireland, and it has 2 Irish dog breeds that call that county home! Namely: the Kerry Blue and the Kerry Beagle!

If You Love Blue Dog Breeds: The Kerry Blue is for You!

Kerry Blues are beautiful dogs! Don’t let the word “blue” mislead you. The only thing blue about these dogs is the color of their coat. There is nothing blue in their mood, temperament or personality!

kerry blue standing on grass

Last But Not Least: The Adorable Kerry Beagle

Yup! That’s right. Kerry is home to its own Beagle breed! Fun Kerry Beagle fact: This is one of the oldest Irish hound breeds.

kerry beagle in countryside road

Time to Look at Some Irish Dog Names!

If you’ve chosen your pup from the list of Irish dog breeds, the next step is finding the appropriate Irish dog name to accompany them! Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Paddy
  • Conan
  • Connor
  • Flynn
  • Seamus

Once You’ve Found Your Canine Companion: Time to Get an ESA Letter!

What separates an ESA from a pet is an ESA letter. This is the legally binding document that a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) issues. It is proof that you have a diagnosed mental illness or emotional condition. It also proves that you need to have your ESA with you to mitigate the symptoms of your illness!

woman hugging emotional support animal on couch

How CertaPet Helps People Get Their Emotional Support Animal Letter

CertaPet makes the process of getting a (legitimate) ESA letter easy. All you need to do to start the process is take our free online 5-minute pre-screening. If your answers indicate that you may qualify for an ESA, we will connect you with a LMHP in your state!

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