The Irish Terrier: A Red Daredevil and Furry Confidant!

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Happy brown Irish Terrier dog Looking at OwnerNothing best describes the Irish Terrier as a loveable, fierce, and protective dog breed! These scruffy dogs have become well- known for their family-oriented behavior and upbeat personality. So, it’s no wonder why people go crazy about this dog! To learn more about this rambunctious breed, read on!

A Scruffy and Bold Pup! Who is the Irish Terrier

The Irish Terrier is the prince of mischief. This breed is both fearless and reckless – always getting into trouble. But before you get the wrong idea about these playful pooches, you must know that there is a different side to them that will surely win you over. A

lthough they can be a real scalawag at times, Irish Terriers are the most affectionate pets. They can be scrappy, but that it is just part of their charm!

History of these Terrier Dogs

The exact origin of Irish Terriers has not been established. However, records show that the Irish Terrier is the first and oldest terrier breed. They go way back in the 18th century when dogs were customarily used for hunting and sports. These madcaps have a keen sense of smell and vigor that was originally developed for the purpose of vermin hunting.

Some sources state that the first Irish Terriers were born in Cork, Ireland in the 1870s which is where and when the breed club was established. Others say that Irish Terriers descended from the line of Black-and-Tan Terriers, the Kerry Blue Terriers, and the Soft-Haired Wheaten Terriers.

Irish Terriers also have a lot of physical similarities with the Irish Wolfhound so there is a possibility that both came from the same ancestry.

Even though they were meant to fulfill the duties of a farm dog, Irish Terriers played a big role in World War I as part of the auxiliary.

In fact, they were recognized as four-legged heroes after serving the military as messengers and guards. Their remarkable talent when it comes to tracking blood and human scent is what made them suited for the job.

They even received commendations for locating wounded soldiers during the war. Respect!

Appearance and Personality of this Quirky Terrier Dog

Irish Terriers can easily be distinguished from other breeds because of their long, rectangular face covered in fuzz. They have flappy button ears that fold over towards the front. Their fur has a characteristic growth pattern that favors the brows and muzzle area.

Irish Terrier Breed going hiking

Their bodies are covered with voluminous hair in various lengths and texture but most of them have dense and wiry locks. The Irish blood runs deep with this doggo as it can totally rock an all-red fur coat. In the past, this dog breed came in muted colors like gray, cream, or tan and black. Later on, its breeders have decided to breed them only as redheads.

This medium-sized breed can weigh up to 27 pounds. They grow up to about 18 to 20 inches at the shoulder. It has an elongated body, a deep chest, long legs, and muscular thighs which make his body aerodynamic and fitting for physical activities like running.

These qualities make them a dynamic companion so if you need a jogging buddy, the Irish Terrier is your guy!

Long-haired Terrier

Some terrier varieties flaunt long, wavy fur like that of their cousin, the Welsh Terrier. The envy of other dogs, these beautiful assets came with the cost of high maintenance. Long-haired Irish Terriers may require hair trimming every few months. Their coats have to be brushed every week to reduce shedding.

When it comes to their temperament, we cannot say that all Irish Terriers are the same. But as what we have mentioned before, Irish Terriers are by and large known to have a strong personality.

They like to bark and chase which is a typical terrier trait. However, it should be said that this particular breed has a strong tendency to grow into a real mischief-maker.

They can be feisty and antagonistic towards other dogs especially to those who are unfamiliar to them. It is in their nature to be aggressive, but with early socialization and proper training, you can raise a loving, wonderful pup.

Irish Terriers get along well with children and other animals. Jolly and playful, the Irish Terrier has remained to be a family favorite. They are very talented as well. These furballs are often spotted as participants in dog shows and sporting events.

6 Fun Facts About Irish Terriers

  1. An Irish Terrier played the role of Rexxx, the canine celebrity on the movie Firehouse Dog which was released in 2007. Four Irish Terriers named Frodo, Rohan, Arwen, and Stryder played Rexxx alongside Josh Hutcherson!
  2. King Edward VII, the former King of the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland from 1901 until his death in 1910, remarked that his Irish Terrier named “Jack” was the best dog he ever had.
  3. The founding pair of Irish Terriers were named “Erin” and “Killney Boy”.
  4. The University of Notre Dame used an Irish Terrier as its mascot until the 1960s when it was replaced by the Notre Dame Leprechaun.
  5. The Irish Terrier is said to be one of the very few hypoallergenic dogs. So, if you know someone who wants to have a furry friend but is unfortunately allergic to one, you might want to tell them about looking into this terrier breed.

Two Irish Terriers sitting on beach

Terrier Types You Know And Love!

As a dog-lover, you may already be familiar with other terrier breeds. The Yorkshire Terrier and Boston Terrier are among the most popular. A Yorkie has a petite frame and long, silky hair, while the Boston Terrier is known for his tuxedo coat and big, round eyes.

Not in Love with the Irish Terrier? Check out these Terrier Dog Breeds!

Irish Terriers make awesome pets, but they are not for everyone. Perhaps you’re looking for something smaller, hairier, or a more laidback. The good news is that there is a wide variety of terrier breeds choose from.

If you live in an apartment with very limited space, you might want to read more about the Australian Terrier.

They are tiny and good-tempered canines perfect for small spaces. If you are looking for a terrier breed that does not shed, the Bedlington Terrier may be the right fit for you. If you prefer an easy-going breed, check out the Cesky Terrier. Surely there is a perfect terrier breed for you out there!

Large Terrier Breeds vs Small Terrier Breeds

Terrier breeds vary in sizes that range from small to big. Some are categorized as lap dogs because of their compact built like the Australian Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Norfolk Terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and Glen of Imaal Terrier. Others come in size medium like the Welsh terrier and Wheaten Terrier.

This breed does not always come in a giant package but when it does, it is most likely a Black Russian Terrier.

Are these Types of Terrier Dogs Healthy?

The Irish Terrier is a healthy terrier breed but that does not mean they are immune to all diseases and disorders. One of the problems this particular breed can have is obesity.

Irish Terriers can only thrive if you give them the opportunity to do lots of exercises. Keeping them sedentary could lead to them becoming severely overweight.

This could further result in joint problems, back pain, and heart ailment. But worry not and remember that all these can be avoided through diet and exercise. Take him out for a walk or play a game of fetch. The Irish Terrier is a very active breed, so it is not going to be too hard for you to get them off their feet.

Among all the other Terrier breeds, Irish Terriers have a genetic predisposition for bladder or kidney stones. Other dog breeds are at risk as well, but Irish terriers are far more likely to develop them. Getting rid of these stones can be very painful. If your pup finds it difficult to pee, cannot pee at all, or has blood in his urine, you will know that it’s time to bring him to the veterinarian.

Do not wait until you see these symptoms, though. Watch out for other signs like lethargy, loss of appetite, and fever.

Irish Terriers can also inherit or develop certain eye conditions that can make it difficult for him to see. Cataracts, for one, are common among older Irish Terriers.

If left untreated, this may result in total blindness and nobody wants that to happen. If you have a senior doggo at home, find the time to have his eyes checked by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Do not wait for his lenses to turn opaque white. It might be too late by then.

This dog breed can also suffer from hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. The condition can be genetically inherited from a dog parent, but it can be influenced by environmental factors. Hip and elbow dysplasia is when bone sockets develop abnormally. It may cause stiffness in movement and later, arthritis.

This condition may worsen as the Irish Terrier grows old, so it must not be taken lightly.

Irish Terrier Puppies Sleeping

Irish Terrier Puppies: Trainability and Exercise!

Irish Terrier puppies make an excellent family dog if you train them right. Start them young and you will get a smart and well-behaved dog.

Training should begin as early as 8 weeks old to help your best friend reach his full wonder-dog potential. Early training can ensure that your Irish Terrier develops good manners around other people and animals. It will also make it easier for pet parents to manage their pup’s behavior around the house.

This is the time to introduce your method of discipline and to teach them stuff like where to go pee-pee and potty. If you wait until your pupper is more than 6 months old before you start training, you will have to deal with a more stubborn dog.

Socialization is quite important for an Irish Terrier puppy to make sure that he can easily adapt to new experiences, people, places, and situations at an early age. Introduce him to other humans and other dogs so he can socialize and gain friends.

Exposure to different situations and experiences will enable your puppy to grow into a well-adjusted adult dog!

How about exercise? Do Irish Terriers need them?

The answer is yes. Irish Terriers were bred to be hunting dogs and were built for a life of action. This means that exercise should always be a part of their day. You can make it a habit to walk your pet for one mile on the daily.

Play also counts as exercise so letting them run around the backyard for a few minutes is a great workout for them.

So, Where Can You Get a Cute Terrier Puppy?

If you’re looking for a sweet Irish Terrier, then you have 2 options. You can choose to search for private rescue or you can find a reputable Irish Terrier Breeder in your area.

Irish Terrier Rescue

Irish Terriers are popular dog breeds available for adoption. You can visit the Irish Terrier Rescue Network or Pet Finder to help a dog in need.

Find a Reputable Breeder!

  • The American Kennel Club has a list of reputable dog breeders.
  • You may ask permission to visit the breeder’s home. Observe how the dogs and puppies interact with the breeder as it reflects how they were reared.
  • A good breeder shows health clearances for both the pup and its parents. He or she should be able to tell you about the possible health problems and any potential diseases that may affect your little pooch.

Terrier Mix Breeds the irish dog playing

3 Tips for Pet Owners Who Love these Small Terrier Breeds

  1. Irish Terriers should not be left alone for a long period of time. They like to be around humans as they are people-pleasing dogs.
  2. When at a park or any public space, it is best to not leave them unchecked while playing as they may wander about independently. Irish Terriers have a tendency to scuffle with other dogs.
  3. It is also important to keep them in a fenced backyard. Remember that this breed likes to chase and can easily be distracted by a passing squirrel or butterfly! You may lose your pet if you let them run around an open yard unsupervised.

A Dog Anyone Will Love!

The Irish Terrier was bred to be a hunter, but they have also proven themselves to be a great soldier, guardian, and companion. These cute fur babies are fun, loving, and loyal. Treat them right and you will receive twice the love you give them! So, the next time you see one walking down the street, don’t forget to give him a good fur ruffle!

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