JetBlue ESA Travel Letter Fact Sheet

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JetBlue has followed in the footsteps of many airlines who have recently adjusted their policy allowing people to fly with their emotional support animals. The Air Carrier Access Act was meant to protect people with disabilities. However, after too many incidents of people either abusing the law to get a free ticket for their pet or trying to bring misbehaved, dangerous or exotic animals on planes, stricter rules were well in order.

We have put together a fact sheet which outlines JetBlue’s ESA Policy’s new rules and regulations about flying with an emotional support animal. If you are planning a trip with this airline, be sure to double check each point twice. Read the fine print because airlines are done with people abusing the system.

CertaPet’s JetBlue ESA Travel Letter Fact Sheet Has You Covered!

The fact sheet clearly states which documentation you will need to present (which includes your real ESA letter), which breed or species they allow on their flights, and how your animal is expected to behave during the flight.

The fact sheet also has useful information about the rules and regulations at specific destinations to which the airlines travel. You don’t want to arrive in Puerto Rico without your ESAs vaccination record!

jetblue esa travel letter fact sheet

Airlines are simply trying to make flights safer and more pleasant for all of their passengers. The disruptive, aggressive and at times stinky animals which people have been trying to get onto planes have not exactly created the safest space for people who have mental illnesses and need to travel with their ESAs. Even with Jetblue’s Pet Policy, there are big no-no’s when flying with an animal no matter what.

If you have an emotional support cat or dog, you have every right to travel by plane with your animal. Just make sure you observe JetBlue’s new ESA policy to the T!

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