KONG Dog Toys: Cream of the Dog Toy Crop

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What pet parent doesn’t like spoiling their furry companion? If there’s one out there, we haven’t found them… The KONG dog toys make the perfect gift for dogs of all shapes and sizes. These durable toys for dogs are super versatile and a bunch of fun. There’s a wide variety of toys to give small, medium, and large dogs all the mental stimulation they need!

The KONG Company: Lovers of Animals and Makers of Indestructible Toys

All dog owners know how quickly a seemingly innocent pup can destroy a toy. No matter if it is a tennis ball, a ball dog toy, a stuffed animal, or even a dog bed. Give them enough time and they’ll wreck it. It’s easy for them! But after a while, it just seems pointless to buy more fun products for our canine buddies.

Fortunately, the KONG dog toys are basically indestructible. There’s no need to keep buying more and more products your dog will just chew through. Plus, they’re so much fun to play with! They offer any chewer a challenge and keep them entertained.

KONG Toys Come in All Shapes and Sizes for Pups of All Ages!

Small teething puppies love having a plush toy around to gnaw on. Large dogs who get heart eyes for chewing love playing with a rubber ball all day long. As you can see, there are chewers of all ages!

The KONG dog toys were made with this in mind. Now, all dogs, small and large, can enjoy a fun day full of chewing and full of tasty treats!

Safety First! Make Sure You Choose the Right KONG Dog Toy

Buying a toy for your best canine buddy is not as simple as it may seem. First, you need to make sure the toy you are getting is safe for them.

Every toy needs to be age and size appropriate. This means that if you have a puppy, you should pick toys designed for young puppies. If you have a large dog, then look for products specifically designed for large breeds.

Skipping this crucial step can lead to a lot of nasty consequences. For example, large dogs should never play with small toys, since they could choke on them. Likewise, puppies have tender teeth and shouldn’t play with products made for large, avid chewers. Safety first — always!

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Cheap Dog Toys Are Not Always Safe or Tough Dog Toys

Another thing to consider is the quality of the products you’re getting for your dog. Cheaper isn’t always the way to go, especially when a low price point could harm your doggo!

A lot of cheap toy products are filled with nasty chemicals. Think of it, do you want your pup chewing for hours on a toy infused with harmful chemicals toxic to dogs? Probably not.

On top of that, cheap toys are usually not high quality. This means they could easily break into little pieces. And what happens to those pieces afterward? Do you trust Fido not to eat them?

Remember the old saying: You get what you pay for.

A Toy of All Trades: The Benefits of the KONG Classic Dog Toy

The classic KONG Dog Toy is unbeatable. It’s recommended by both dog trainers and vets. This hollow rubber dog toy comes in a wide variety of sizes (from extra-small to extra-extra-large) and is a ton of fun. And the best part? It’s indestructible!

This toy offers a challenge to chewers of all ages. It’s one of the best cures for separation anxiety. Put a few small treats inside the toy (dry kibble, peanut butter, or even yogurt) and let your pup have fun!

As if this weren’t enough, the KONG classic toy helps with overeating. Since dogs won’t be bored out of their wits all day, they won’t feel the need to eat food (or furniture) just to pass the time. This is a great toy for puppies struggling with their weight!

Other All-Time Doggo Favorites: The Best KONG Dog Toys

Over the years, KONG has come up with a lot more dog “toy stuff.” You can now order all kinds of gadgets for your dog, from squeaky toys to durable chew-proof beds.

One of the Best Chew Toys for Dogs: KONG Extreme Dog Toy

For the most avid chewers out there, the KONG Extreme Dog Toy is a gift from the heavens. This black rubber toy is completely chew-proof and boredom-proof. It is just like the classic KONG dog toy, but even stronger.

You can fill it up with tasty treats and let your puppy play with it while you’re not home. Or you can also play a game of catch with it — you’ll be surprised at how it bounces!

Best Dog Chew Toys for Puppies

Cute puppies deserve awesome dog toys, and the KONG Puppy Toy makes a great gift! If your puppy is teething, you need to get this chew toy. It helps clean their teeth and soothe their gums — something all puppies need. Plus, it stimulates them mentally even when you’re not around.

Too Cute to Boot: KONG Cozies

KONG doesn’t just make products for chewers. A KONG Cozie is the perfect toy for dogs who don’t just play with their teeth. It squeaks to keep pups interested and looks absolutely adorable.

The Cozies extra protective layer makes it more durable than most plush toys. Even if your doggo can chew through it, the minimal filling inside ensures there’s little mess to clean up.

More Than Just Dog Stuff! What About Cat Chew Toys?

Pet owners who have had cats know that their curiosity and love for the hunt are larger than life. This is why KONG has created a full line of products just for our feline friends!

The Kitty KONG cat toy peaks every cat’s attention. Add a few small treats inside, maybe a touch of catnip, and watch kitty go crazy with this rubber ball.

Other Amazing KONG Products Worth Mentioning

KONG has other products for the good boys and good girls of the canine world. It’s not just indestructible toys with yummy snacks inside…

A KONG Dog Bed: Cozy and Durable

This is the ultimate dog bed for avid chewers. Meet the KONG Lounger Plush Dog Bed. The bed that not even dogs with the sharpest teeth and the strongest will can destroy. The double strength reinforced seams will make sure of that. But don’t be fooled.

Just because it is sturdy, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t comfy! The soft fabric and the plush cushioning will send Fido off to dreamland.

Keep Fido Controlled With a KONG Harness and KONG Leash

When going on your next walk, don’t forget the KONG Rope Leash. It is sturdy yet comfortable for you and your pup, and it shines in the dark. This makes it easier for drivers to spot you two after sundown and avoid accidents.

If you find it hard to keep your dog in check during your walks, then the KONG Comfort Harness will be a great purchase. It gives you back control, lets you set the pace of the walk and is super safe for your pup!

The Comfy KONG Crate Pad

The KONG Crate Pad makes any dog crate instantly more homely. The padding and soft fabric cover make it super comfortable even for fussy dogs. And since it is chew-proof, it will last you a very long time!

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Let the Reviews Do the Talking: What People Have to Say About KONGs

Enough of us raving about the KONG dog toys and products. What are the Amazon customers saying about the brand?

“The invention of the “KONG” is maybe one of my favorites (second to air conditioning) and I know my dog agrees. I have a greyhound who suffered a slight bout of separation anxiety after I adopted him from the track. I needed something to keep him busy and get him excited about my departure to work. The KONG is the answer.” — K. Kelly

“Kongs are to dogs what Candy Crush is to humans. No, seriously. You pull the Kong out and they get this crazed hyper-focused look on their faces and you know the fun is about to start!” — Berlee

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