Chinese Dog Breeds 101: The Kunming Wolfdog

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kunming wolfdog sitting in field of flowers

Dog owners will love this Chinese dog breed. The Kunming Wolfdog is a canine superhero, the wolf version of G.I. Joe and a brilliant all-round workaholic. For centuries, wolves and dogs have been closely related, with some interbreeding. This combination has resulted in the ultimate worker or domestic dog.

You know a dog breed must be brilliant if they generate a clone for it. Kunxun, a Kunming Wolfdog clone, qualified from its police training program in August of 2019. Her mother was in service in Yunnan at a Beijing-based biotechnology firm. Encapsulating the hardworking genes of the detective service dog was their goal. 

The History of the Kunming Wolfdog Breed

While the exact origin of this breed isn’t entirely known, they’ve been bred for use as police, fire, rescue, and search dogs in China for many years. It is believed that the animal was initially produced from a wolf crossed with a German Shepherd to create the perfect military hound.

In 1988, the Chinese Public Security Bureau officially acknowledged the Kunming Wolfdog breed, and it has since become a domestic dog too.

The Appearance of This Chinese Dog Breed

You’d be forgiven for mistaking the Chinese Wolfdog for the famous German Shepherd. Their fit physiques and pricked up ears give them their stately and militant stance. They look more like a German Shepherd than a wolf, unlike other wolf hybrids such as the Native American Indian Dog, Alaskan Malamute or the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, which looks like it stepped straight out of Game of Thrones.

two kunming wolfdogs sitting in tulip field

Average Kunming Dog Weight and Size

The Chinese Wolfdog is taller but lighter than the German Shepherd. Their height ranges from 25 – 27 inches (64 – 68 cm). With their weight being 66 – 84 pounds (30 – 38 kg).

Their Wild Dog Coats and Colors

Their coat is thick but shorter than their German cousins. During colder seasons, your pet will grow a double coat, which will shed with the arrival of summer heat. This does require some combing and home grooming, so that is doesn’t end up all over your house.

Their coat colors range from a light tan to a deep rust shade, with some having a gray wolf color. Black should be evident on its back, face, and nose.

Temperament and Personality: What to Expect

These brilliant Chinese dog breeds have an easy-going and confident temperament. They are quite laid back around people that they trust, but are also boundless in energy when they’re playing or exercising. Just like their German buddies, they’re highly intelligent and easily trained for work.

Do These Wolfdogs Make Good Family Dogs?

If you have children, then adopting a Chinese Wolfdog puppy is a good idea. Early socialization is essential so that your wolfy can get used to the family and any other pets. Leash training should also begin at puppyhood so that they behave when you go out with them.

With wolf genes, they are pack animals by nature and will need their human to achieve pack leader status through training. They are fiercely loyal and will be a great companion for your family. They also make excellent watchdogs.

Busy Kunmings are Happy Kunmings

Your Luna wolf pup has a curious and active nature. They are busy working dogs by nature, and, if they’re not stimulated, their wild roots can lead to misbehavior. Regular exercise is vital for this breed, and they require an active lifestyle. They’re the perfect companion if you enjoy going jogging or cycling. 

Mental stimulation is vital to prevent boredom. Invest in some good toys and dog puzzles for rainy days when you cannot take them for that run. Obedience and agility training is perfect for this breed; they’ll impress you with their skill! 

illustration of chinese shepherd

How Long Do They Live?

Your wolf hybrid can live for 12-14 years if they’re kept healthy. A regular wellness exam with your family vet is an integral part of any dog’s health. Preventative care and early diagnosis of possible illness can save you money and add years to your dog’s life.

You also want to give them nutritious food that’s suited for their size, age, and calorie needs for an active lifestyle. Your wolfie can gain weight if you neglect exercise or a healthy diet, which can result in unwanted health problems.

6 Potential Health Problems to Know About

Pet owners of the Kunming will be pleased to know that this is a very healthy dog and, as yet, is not linked to any hereditary diseases. Since they are related to the German Shepherd, they are possibly susceptible to similar issues.

Here is a list of health problems to look out for, especially if your wolf-dog hybrid isn’t getting the physical and mental stimulation that they need.

  • Degenerative Myelopathy – a spinal cord disease that can cause paralysis.
  • Bloat – avoid this by controlling portion sizes and making sure not to exercise before or after eating.
  • Elbow or Hip Dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand Disease – get their DNA tested for this.
  • Canine Diabetes Mellitus – just like Diabetes in humans, control this disease with diet, exercise, and insulin.
  • Canine Lupus – also known as “collie nose,” which affects the skin, usually around the nose and face.

Kunming Dog for Sale: How Much Does a Kunming Puppy Cost?

Finding a Kunming puppy requires an intense search. Or a trip to China. So if you consider flight costs to Asia, then you’re more likely to find a wolfdog pup to purchase. Other information sites have listed their puppy prices to between $800-$1200.

Always Find a Responsible Breeder

When on the lookout for a purebred canine, finding an ethical breeder is paramount. Reputable breeders are passionate about their dog breeds and love animals. A breeder should nurture the dogs they breed and make sure that they are at optimum health.

chinese kunming dog sitting in field of pink tulips

Adopt! Don’t Shop! Find a Kunming Wolfdog Rescue Group!

Talk about finding a needle in a haystack! These pups are very rare. After searching through dozens of rescue and adoption sites, we didn’t even find one. If you’d love a wolfdog puppy, then you can visit the following rescue groups. You might be lucky enough to find a Kunming.

  • Full Moon Wolfdog Sanctuary
  • Howling Woods Farm
  • Freedom Song Wolf Rescue
  • Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

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