La Quinta Pet Policy: Holiyay with your Furry Friend!

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La Quinta pet policy allows pets to stay in most of the hotels within their chain

By now, you’re probably planning your next vacation. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could take your pet with you? The La Quinta hotel chain is a firm believer that the best vacation is with your furry friend by your side! What could be more fun than exploring a new city with your doggo? That’s why the La Quinta pet policy is one of the pet-friendliest in the country.

La Quinta Hotels: Hotels that Accept Pets

Unlike service animals, pets and emotional support animals (ESAs) can’t stay in just any hotel. They need to stay in pet-friendly accommodations. Finding one, however, is harder than you may think.

Many hotels refuse pets for a number of reasons. But not La Quinta. Their pet-friendly policy is a breath of fresh air for pet owners. Instead of having to leave their furry companions at home, they can bring them along on an adventure.

Some of the Most Popular La Quinta Pet-Friendly Hotels

You will find a La Quinta Inn in almost every state. With over one hundred hotels spread across the country, you’re bound to find one that you love. These are the most popular hotels in the chain, and a great place to start your search!

  1. La Quinta Inn Daytona Beach
  2. La Quinta Inn Long Beach/Cypress
  3. La Quinta Inn Austin Near The Domain

Thanks to La Quinta pet policy, this Golden retriever dog gets to go with on vacation

La Quinta Pet Policy: What You Should Know Before Making a Reservation

Despite being a part of the same chain, each La Quinta hotel has a different pet policy. This means that a hotel in California may be cat- and dog-friendly, but one in Nebraska may not.

Before booking your stay, we highly recommend reading the hotel’s pet policy. Look for information on pet fees, pet weight limits, and the number of pets allowed. As the saying goes, you’re better off safe than sorry!

Pet Fees: Which Hotels that Allow Pets Charge a Pet Fee?

The majority of La Quinta Inn Suites do not charge a pet fee. However, some do. That’s why it’s so important to check if the hotel you’re planning on checking into has one. For instance, the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Knoxville East, Tennessee, charges a pet fee. So does the one in Paducah, Tennessee, just to name two.

Despite their pet fee, the La Quinta pet policy is still better than that of most hotels. The fee is capped at $20 per night for one-night stays. If you’re staying for two or more nights, the pet fee is capped at $40 per week.

La Quinta pet policy allows both cats and dogs to stay at most of their propertiese

Pet-Friendly Hotels Near Me?

If there isn’t a La Quinta hotel near the place where you want to vacation, don’t fret. There are other chains out there who welcome dogs and cats.

Bring Fido is the best place to look for pet-friendly accommodation in virtually any city. Simply enter the name of the city or state you’re visiting and let the website do the work. It will come up with a list of animal-friendly hotels and motels. Then, you can visit the establishment’s page and book your stay.

Keep your eyes peeled for pet fees. After all, not every place to stay is as lenient as La Quinta Inn.

Hotels that Accept Dogs… and Love Them!

The Red Roof Inn has come to rival the La Quinta pet policy. They welcome all dogs, have no weight limit, and even give you a 10% discount on your booking when you bring your dog! It’s hard to beat that.

Motel 6 is also another animal-friendly place to stay. Their doors are open to all cats and dogs, but they do charge a pet fee. That fee is fixed at $10 per night and is capped at $75 for the entire duration of your stay.

Purrfectly Pampered — Cat-Friendly Hotels

More often than not, when you find “pet-friendly” hotels, you’re really finding “dog-friendly” hotels. But some hotels and resorts do welcome cats.

The Hilton hotels are a popular cat-friendly pick. They do charge a pet fee, which can range between $35 and $75 per night. However, they have some of the best amenities. Plus, they make up thousands of properties across North America.

Other Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains

If the La Quinta Inn doesn’t quite fulfill your travel itch, there are other pet-friendly hotel chains!

Although a fairly recent chain, most Virgin Hotels welcome all pets. Each property has its own pet policy. Some charge a pet fee while others don’t. Regardless, the amenities you’ll have access to are some of the best.

Even better than that is the Lowes Hotel chain. At their 25 properties, cats and dogs are welcomed with food and water bowls and even complimentary pet treats! Talk about a pet-friendly hotel, right?

Jack Russel dog enjoying breakfast in bed

Documentation: What Paperwork Should You Bring with You to Hotels that Allow Dogs?

When traveling with a pet, it’s important to be prepared. Contrary to popular belief, checking into a hotel with Fido isn’t as easy as walking in and demanding a room. There are some documents you need to take with you.

Having a pet health certificate is a good idea, especially when crossing state or international borders. Your veterinarian will be the one issuing it. It proves that your pet doesn’t have any diseases that could put other people or pets in danger.

A microchip is also something to consider getting before you leave. If your dog gets lost, this is your best chance of finding them.

Lastly, take a list with you of 24-hour emergency animal hospitals near the place you’re staying. If something bad happens, you’ll know where to take them.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling with Your Furry Friend

Before you start a vacation adventure with your furry friend, make sure to check these three things:

  1. Don’t force your pet to travel if they feel uncomfortable.
  2. Research local dog parks to let your pupper stretch their legs.
  3. Read up on your hotel’s pet policy before booking a room.

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