Lambert Vet Supply: Coupons, Supplies, and More!

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lambertvetsupply store iconTrusted by vets in all states across America, Lambert Vet Supply is topping the charts in the supply and demand chain. Lambert Vet Supply has been supplying vets with professional products for over 20 years! With their continuing growth and upheld professionalism in the industry, its no wonder Lambert Vet Supply has won the trust of vets and their pet owners.

As the demand grows for reliable veterinary supplies, Lambert Vet Supplies has flourished as a result. Veterinarians are always looking for the highest quality products to run their business. This ensures their clients and animals are receiving the best possible treatment and support on the market.

The expert team at Lambert Vet Supply is what allows a majority of vets to use their supplies with such confidence. Each and every member of the Lambert team is a pet owner themselves! That’s right, they are all pet parents of some sort, so they all have a genuine care for our pets!

What is Lambert Vet Supply?

So what is it that Lambert Vet Supply does? Well, as the name suggests, they supply a massive range of products needed for veterinarians all across America. With a team of licensed pharmacists and pharmacy techs reviewing every prescription order, the accuracy and consistency of this company, simply cannot be met!

These standards are what earns the trust and respect of vets and pet owners themselves. The company mission is a recipe for success. With its priorities lying in providing quality pet supplies with competitive pricing, as well as providing quality customer care. From pet vaccines to collars, whatever it is you need, Lambert has it!

From Dogs to Horses! Services Offered

Cats, dogs, birds, fish and even horses! With a supply range to fit all, Lambert Vet Services has got you covered. With an online vet supply at your fingers, product specialists are available to help you make all the important decisions. From choosing the correct dog food to helping you treat fleas on your cat, Lambert’s services are forever improving.

Can Lambert Vet Services Benefit You and Your Pet?

You could ask any pet owner, and there would be unanimous agreement that all they want is the best for their animal. The staff at Lamberts Vet Supply know exactly what is at stake when pets are unwell! Being pet parents themselves they know the importance of quality products.

Lambert also brings the benefits of competitive prices to the table, along with the trusted recognition of thousands of veterinarians! With your pet in safe hands, and saving money at the same time, you really are reaping the benefits with Lamberts!

lambert vet pet pharamacy and lamberts healthcare physician

Does L.V.S. Services Have an Online Pet Pharmacy?

They sure do! Lambert Vet Supply has been providing verified prescription services to pet owners since 2010. Every pet prescription is fulfilled by a well-recognized Pets Choice Pharmacy, with an easy step-by-step guided process on the website, there’s no reason not to use it!

Leave the tricky business in the hands of the professionals at Lambert Vet Services, and before you know it, your pet medications will be on their way.

Lamberts Healthcare and Pet Insurance: Here’s What Vets Have to Say!

The question vets are forever being asked, is pet insurance really worth? In short, it depends. It depends on how much you value safety in finance and also what diseases your pet may already be pre-disposed to. Both of these factors influence the value of pet insurance.

Though it will save you a lot of stress and money if your pet is particularly expensive to keep! Brachiocephalic breeds such as pugs and bulldogs would definitely benefit from pet insurance. Most pet insurance in America will cover the cost of prescription medicines, specialty care, and even alternative treatment!

3 of Veterinarian Facts You Need to Know!

  1. Remember vets know best! Before you go spending money on pet medications, be sure to consult a veterinarian for pet advice first!
  2. Lambert supplies pet products and pet medicine. There are no limitations on pet products but you will often need a prescription before you can purchase some medicines.
  3. Don’t attempt to fill the boots a vet! Googling the symptoms of your pet isn’t the best way to go about diagnosing. The overwhelming amount of information available may cause a default judgment. There are reasons a vet will prescribe a particular drug (for example enrofloxacin- an antibiotic), be sure to finish the whole course. This is to prevent the likes of antibiotic resistance!

Where to Find a Suitable Veterinarian and Veterinarian Supply Store

Almost all veterinarian stores should hold pet healthcare products from Lambert Vet Supplies. Local stores will cover your annual need for kennel supplies, pet food even things in the health and wellbeing department for your little fluff ball!

To find a veterinarian of your own, make sure to do your homework! Your pet deserves the best!

dog on computer looking at lambert vet supply store for hydroxyzine hcl 25 mg

Pet Vet Clinic! What About Natural Alternatives?

Before you’re so quick to reach for the medications, you should consider some of the less aggressive alternate medicine. The best of its kind on the market today is Honest Paws CBD Oil!

CBD oil for dogs is growing in popularity! And, that’s to be expected because CBD oil has many awesome uses! From helping dogs with joint pain to acting as a calming aid. The endless uses of CBD oil for dogs continue to grow!

This is a natural, high-quality oil proven to help in almost every health aspect of your pets life! From anxiety to seizures, and even relief from allergies, this magic ingredient is the next wonder drug! Though it is only effective if it’s from a trusted source, check out honest paws for quality advice!

Ready to Make Your Pet’s Life Better?

Whats better than pet supplies from Lambert? Discount pet supplies! Check out the promo codes below!

Lambert Vet Supply Promo Code

Lambert Vet Supply offers a promo code for orders over $50! If you spend $50 or more on a prescription order, use this promo code to get $5 off AUGRX18


They also offer free shipping! For orders over $100, Lambert Vet Supply will provide free ground shipping across the US. This, of course, can not include perishable products, such as vaccines and some medications.

Lambert Vet Supply Pharmacy

As mentioned earlier, they have an online pharmacy available too! Let the experts deal with the medications!

Pawesome Pet Supply Stores Online!

There are thousands of vet supply stores online! With access to such a range of stores, it’s important to be able to choose the better ones to buy from. Not only are some not recommended, but many lack quality in their products. Going with trusted supply stores is your safest bet! As well as Lambert Vet Supply, Honest Paws, as mentioned earlier, is a reliable and safe online store.

It matches Lambert Vet Supply in quality products and professional customer service. There’s also Vets Preferred! Vets Preferred is another online store dedicated to improving and maintaining the health of our little fluff balls! So, as long as you shop with trusted brands like these, your online experience will benefit both you and your pet!

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