5 Steps to Take When You Need to Find a Lost Dog

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There are few things in life scarier and more stressful than losing a beloved pet. Has this just happened to you? Take a deep breath. Then read through our steps on what to do to find your lost dog. Fingers crossed you will reunite with your furry friend in no time at all!

There are Steps You Can Take When Fido Goes Walkabout

Fortunately, there is a lot that you can do to help find your lost dog quickly. Certainly, in our digital age, social media goes a long way in helping pet owners reunite with their beloved four-legged friends.

Create a Lost Dog Poster

A traditional, yet very effective, way of finding your lost cat or dog is to put up posters in your neighborhood. Make sure that your lost dog poster is bright and visible so that as many people as possible will spot it and take note.

Further, remember when creating this lost dog poster: Most people will see and read this poster while driving in a car. Consequently, the writing should be big and clear. If you don’t have neat handwriting, consider typing something up on your PC.

Important Information to Include on the Lost Dog Flyer

Make a lost dog poster that includes the following information:

  • An up to date and clear image of the pet.
  • Add a brief description of what your pet looks like.
  • Your contact details. A mobile phone number is enough.
  • Do not include your address. If you know where last your dog, cat or rabbit was spotted, list the nearest crossroads.
  • If you want to offer a reward to be reunited with your canine companion, include this information on the poster.

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Distribute Your Lost Dog Poster Far and Wide

Once you have made your epic lost dog flyers it is time to distribute them. Paste posters up all around your neighborhood. Post flyers up at local pet stores, veterinary clinics, and the animal shelter. You can even stick posters up at the post office, nearby shops, and businesses.

Turn to Social Media

There are so many options available to you when it comes to social media. You can reach many people by posting about your missing dog or cat on Facebook. Here again, create a post with a clear image of your pet, a brief physical description, and your contact number.

Secondly, you can have a look at local community pages on Facebook. Someone might have posted about having found your beloved pet. Many neighborhoods and/or towns have designated Facebook pages for lost and found pets. Also, scan the Facebook page of your local animal welfare.

Similarly, you can post on Instagram, or any other social media platforms that you might belong to. You could even place an advert on Craigslist.

Post Pictures and Your Contact Details on Lost and Found Pet Pages

The more places and sites that you place your plea for help, the more likely you are to find your pet soon. There are a bunch of websites dedicated to helping animal lovers find their lost pet online. Post pictures, a description, and your contact number on all the appropriate sites that you can find. A few suggestions: Pawboost, PetFBI, Find Fido, The Center for Lost Pets, Home Again, and Nextdoor.

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Contact Lost Dog Rescue Groups and Animal Shelters

There are animal rescue groups for just about every breed of dog. There are also animal shelters in almost every town. Look up the contact details for these institutions and give them a call to see if your Fido is there.

Go Look for Your Dog at Animal Welfare Shelters in Person

Do you suspect that your walkabout pooch is impounded at the local animal welfare? You can call to check if they have a dog matching your pet’s description. However, it is always a good idea to visit and have a look in person. Some animal shelters home many animals. The person that you speak to over the phone might not yet have seen your pet. Similarly, descriptions of your pet could be subjective and not everybody knows the different dog breeds very well.

If your pooch is at the nearby animal rescue center, you might need to take your pet’s veterinary records with for proof of ownership. Also, you could be liable for a release fee. Don’t forget to bring your dog’s leash and a pocketful of treats!

Don’t Lose Hope

Pets that have been lost for months have been reunited with their owners. Don’t despair. Keep checking in with your local animal shelter. Keep looking through your neighborhood. You should be reunited with your beloved cat or dog in no time at all!

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Prevention is Better Than Cure

Studies show that pets with microchips have a greater chance of being reunited with their pet owners. Having your pet micro-chipped is a safe and easy way of making sure that your lost dog can be traced back to you with relative ease. Stray animals can be taken to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter. There someone will scan the scruff of their neck with a microchip reader. A unique number will appear on the reader’s screen. This number is entered into the database of the microchip company. Subsequently, the stray pet’s owner’s details will come up.

Just be sure to keep your contact details on your pet’s microchip up to date. A good idea is to ask your vet to check the microchip whenever you take Fido for their annual check-up.

Even if your pooch has a microchip, a collar with a pet ID tag will also help people to return your beloved pet to you quickly. If your canine is a seasoned escape artist (read: Husky or Beagle!), an embroidered collar or collar with pet tag is a must!

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