Gentle Giants! The Ultimate Maine Coon Cat Breed Guide

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big domestic cats, cute maine coon cat staring at the cameraThe Gentle Giants of the Feline World: The Maine Coon Cat Breed!

The Maine Coon is the lion of the domestic cat world! But this breed is affectionately known as the gentle giant for their kind and loving nature. Could the Maine Coon breed be the feline friend you’ve been looking for?

What’s in a Name: Mancoon? Maincoon? Main Coon? Mainecoon?

The name Maine Coon comes from Maine, the state where this cat first landed in America, and Coon comes from their ringed bushy tails that look very similar to raccoon tails!

Fear not, the Maine Coon cat is not at all related to raccoons, so your bins are safe. It’s genetically impossible!

The History of the Maine Coon Cat Breed

Even Maine Coon’s themselves are unsure where exactly they come from! Some people believe that the Vikings bought them over to America (explaining why they look so similar to the Norwegian Forest cat), while others believe they traveled as mousers on trading ships from Europe. There’s another crazy idea that Marie Antoinette sent them to the states as pet cats, hoping she could escape France and follow them.

However they arrived, they’ve been in America for quite a while and are the official cat of Maine. They’ve even been the grand champion of the CFA!

The Appearance of these Fluffy Cats

These long-haired cats are fluff balls from the moment they’re born! The George Coonie is a very attractive, large cat breed with thick yet silky fur. They have alert ears, large eyes and big bushy tails to help them balance and keep warm.

They have thick fur, chunky legs, and webbed-looking paws to help them survive outside in the snow throughout Maine’s harsh winters. You’ll also find plenty of polydactyl Maine Coons with extra toes to stop them sinking in snow drifts!

large house cats, beautiful maine coon cats talking

Average Maine Coon Size and Weight!

These are huge cats. The most popular American cat is the Exotic Shorthair breed, which is considered a large cat… but the Coon can weigh up to 3kg more!

Maine Coons vs Norwegian Forest Cat Size Comparison!

CatLengthWeightCuteness Scale
Maine Coon1 meter6 to 8kg (m), 3.5 to 5.5kg (f)10/10!
Norwegian Forest1.2 meters5.5kg to 7kg (m), 4 to 5.5kg (f)10/10!

While the Norwegian Forest cat may be longer from nose to tail, they actually are lighter cats! The Maine Coon has a more muscular build while the Norwegian Forest cat has a higher percentage of fur to body.

Coats and Colors Explained!

Most Maine Coons have the brown tabby, classic tabby or patched tabby coat color… but they can come in a huge range of single and mixed colors.

Black Maine Coon Cat

As dark as the night with light silvery whiskers! The black Maine Coon cat is adorable but is even more susceptible to overheating due to its dark and thick fur. Keep this kitty cool!

White Maine Coon Cat

Pure white or cream, this color coat is important to keep clean! They’re also the cat of choice for supervillains. Pet this kitty slowly while planning your evil master plans against dog!

Orange Maine Coon Cat

A beautiful mix of orange and white stripes makes the orange Maine Coon cat look like a long-furred Garfield!

Maine Coon Mix!

There are so many other mixes available, from tortoiseshell to calico. The only color combo you won’t find is the Siamese look!

black maine coon, white maine coon, and orange maine coon kittens

What Are The Grooming Requirements of These Fluffy Cats?

Brushing your cat is essential to ensure its coat stays fresh and healthy. Brushing removes dead fur that will otherwise be licked up into a hairball.

Like many domestic shorthairs, the Maine Coon breed only needs brushing once a week! If you love long-haired cats but don’t have the patience to brush their fur every day, this is the perfect cat for you.

Occasionally poop may get caught in their super long fur, so keep some baby wipes at the ready beside your brush!

Temperament and Personality: What to Expect!

If Tom and Jerry featured a Maine Coon cat, it would be a very different story! This is a cat bred for catching mice and small rodents.

Despite its excellent hunting capabilities, the Maine Coon is a playful, gentle cat that’s very friendly. They aren’t the most affectionate cats, but they do occasionally enjoy a cuddle. Most of the time they’re happy just following you around the house!

They aren’t fond of staying in a Maine Coon cattery by themselves, so you should arrange for them to travel with you or stay with a cat-loving friend if possible.

Oh, and they also enjoy bath time and can be walked on leashes if trained. Crazy, huh? It’s like they’re dogs in disguise!

A Look at the Maine Coon Lifespan!

The average lifespan is 9 to 15 years, which is about the same as most cats!

main coon cat eating kibble

List of the Breed’s Potential Health Issues!

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy HCM is an inherited heart disease which if left undetected could lead to heart failure.
  • Hip dysplasia, whereby their hips deteriorate and they have trouble moving and jumping.
  • FeLV and FIV are feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. Reduce exposure to these diseases by keeping the coon as a house cat.
  • Polycystic kidney disease – an inherited kidney disease that you can screen for.

Get your pet checked out to receive a veterinary health certificate. Once you receive the negative screen confirmation for your tabby’s genetic health, you’ll feel much more at ease!

Maine Coon Cats for Sale!


Maine Coon Kittens for Sale Near Me!

Maine Coon kittens may start small but boy do they grow! Make sure you have the space ready and don’t forget to take them for regular health checkups. Genetic conditions should be pre-screened before you buy them, and hip dysplasia can be checked for when they are 2 years of age.

Maine Coon Kitten Price

The average price is around $2500 for a cuddly kitten. Expect to pay more for a Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) or TICA recommended breeder – but that way you’ll know for sure that they’re a responsible breeder.

cute tabby maine coon kittens for sale

Adult Maine Coon Cat for Sale Near Me!

Adult cats are easier on your wallet and come with other perks such as being housetrained and more independent! If you’re looking for a mouser-first, pet-second kind of cat, you’re best off buying an adult Maine Coon.

Adult Maine Coon Price

Adult cats are not so pricey and you may find one near you for $1000.

What to Look for in Reputable Maine Coon Breeders!

Any health guarantees as part of the breeder’s sales contract should be a big warning sign.

Although your cat should be pre-screened (and the kitten’s parents too) it’s impossible to predict whether a cat will develop health problems. Even breeding cats with perfect health are no guarantee that their kittens will be perfect too.

Adopt, Don’t Shop! Find a Maine Coon Rescue Group!

Rescue Maine Coon kittens are hard to come by, even in Maine! Adult cats, however, are aplenty and looking for loving homes. These gentle giant cats and kittens often grow much larger than their pet parents can handle, so they end up at the rescue shelter, just waiting for you to pick them up.

Common Questions on the Maine Coon Cat Breed

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