31 Animals Who Totally Think They’re Human

30: Get To The Choppah!

This gorilla may have seen one too many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. He may not have access to actual cigars, but he’s surely glad to substitute a stick. Its possible that he has seen on-lookers puffing a stogie along the way, or maybe this is his war-time face and he’s actually plotting his escape from the zoo. Whatever the case may be, this gorilla definitely looks like he’s ready for a battle. Image Source

29: Just Watching The Game

Lounging around with TV remote in hand is something that many men are all too familiar with, but this pup may not realize that TV is meant for people, not dogs. But does he care? He sure doesn’t. Just don’t try to take the remote away from him, or you mgiht end up on the wrong side of this little pup’s teeth. Actually, lets face it, he probably wouldn’t budge unless you have some food in hand or maybe a ball to throw around. Image Source

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