31 Cats Who Completely Forgot How To Exist

Funny Cat Pictures of Felines Who Forgot How to Cat

(Plus exciting feline fun facts that everyone should know!)

Wide-eyed wet cat

Whether they’re sleeping in weird positions, or just engaged in silly activities, cats often appear to be detached from reality as we know it, or maybe they just don’t give a hoot. Either way; they sure do look adorably hilarious! From getting stuck in toilets to pretending to be airplanes, Let’s take a look at some funny pictures of cats who seem to just be doing their own thing, unaware of reality. (Plus bonus cat fun-facts that everyone should know!) Image Source

31. “Help! I’m stuck in the toilet!”

Fat cat stuck in a toilet

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Despite all the dumb and funny cat photos that we see online, one cat has achieved the status of Mayor of an entire town! That’s right, the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska, is governed by a furry feline named Stubbs. He was elected as a stand-in candidate, and has maintained the position as an on-going joke, but he really is the mayor. Of course, he has no actual decission making power, as that would be taking it a bit farther than humor. Image Source

30. “Please, please give me some food!”

Fluffy cat begging for food

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: In 2013, a cat named Morris ran for mayor of Mexico City. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you see it), he didn’t win. Maybe they should take a few notes from Talkeetna, Alaska, on how to properly campaign a kitty.Image Source


29. “Yeah, I’m just gonna chill right here for a while.”

Cat chilling in a sink

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: There are some odd names for groups of animals, such as a “murder of crows”, or a “gaggle of geese”, but what do you call a group of cats? The answer is a word that few have ever used in their life: its called a “clowder of cats”. Image Source

28. “Hear ye, hear ye! The end is near!”

Cat panicking

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Cats will use their ears for all sorts of things; from showing emotion, to keeping track of their surroundings. They control each ear using a complex arrangement of over 20 muscles, and can rotate their ears a full 180 degrees completely independent of one another. Not surprisingly, they also have much better hearing than humans, with the ability to hear sound frequencies of up to 64 kHz compared to a human’s measly 20 kHz range. When we see cats who forgot how to cat, they might just be listening to sounds that we humans cannot hear! Image Source


27. “I don’t have bad eyesight, I just wear these to look smart.”

Hipster cat wearing glasses

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: We all know cats are lazy. We’ve even gone so far as to name one of the laziest activities after them: the “cat nap”. But did you know that they actually sleep for over 70% of their entire lives? Now that’s taking laziness to a whole new level! Image Source

26. “They can’t see me in here…”

Liquid cat in a glass bowl

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Of all the pets in the United States, cats are the most popular, with nearly 90 million pet cats slinking around about 44% of all households. Compare that to the second best, which is dogs at about 74 million, and its clear who the American favorite is. Image Source


25. “Is this planking? This is planking, right?”

Sleepy cat lying on its back

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: One of the most well known facts about cats is that they have a naturally excellent ability to land on their feet, but a not-so-well-known fact is that there have been documented cases of cats surviving a fall onto concrete from over 32 stories high! Image Source

24. “I can see my nose…”

Funny cat cross-eyed

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: If you’ve ever been licked by a cat before, you may have noticed how rough their tongues are. As it turns out, the middle of their tongue is riddled with spines that point up into the mouth. The spines are helpful for gripping both water and meat when meal time comes, and are also useful for cleaning and de-tangling the cat’s fur. Image Source

23. “Nothing like a relaxing day at the spa”

Cat relaxing in a spa

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: If you’ve ever seen a cat just looking around with his mouth hanging open, you may have wondered what the heck might be wrong with him. Well, this act is called a “grimace”, and is used for “taste smelling” the air around them in order to detect food, prey, or predators that may be nearby. Image Source

22. “Yeah, I’m done with life for today”

Fat white cat on a sofa

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Another way that cartoons have lied to us about the dietary needs of cats is that eating raw fish is a good thing, when in fact, there is an enzime in raw fish that can destroy thiamine, an aessential B vitamin for cats. In addition; raw fish may contain harmful parasites and bacteria. Image Source

21. “Oh… my… gosh..”

Cat saying "OMG!"

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Cat videos of funny felines and cats who forgot how to cat date back to a time much younger than YouTube. The very first cat video was filmed in 1894, when motion picture technology was first developing, and features two cats boxing each other! Image Source

20. “I’m proud of my flight suit. Don’t judge me.”

Cat wearing a cardboard suit

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: There is a technical term for a cat’s “hairballs”, but it’s an unfamiliar term that is usually not used by, well, anyone but vets and scientists. The term is “bezoar”, which is defined as a small concretion that forms in the stomach of certain animals such as cats. Some cats that forgot how to cat may simply be struggling to spit out a hairball stuck in its throat! Image Source

19. “Its just my built-in pacifier”

Cute kitten "blep" with its tongue out

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: In the 1960’s, the CIA attempted to use a cat as a bonafide spy by surgically implanting a transmitter into the skull and a radio transmitter in its ear. The cat survived the surgery, but was ironically hit by a car before completing the first mission. Image Source

18. “They said not to stick my tongue out, it will get stuck that way… I didn’t listen.”

White cat sticking its tongue out

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Some say that “cats rule and dogs drool”, and that may not be true in all cases, but when it comes to vocalization skills, cats definitely rule. A cat can make over 100 different sounds as opposed to a dog’s measly 10 sounds. Image Source

17. “I may look like a ball of fur, but… but… well, I am!”

Big, fat, and furry cat laying on its back

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: You may or may not have considered cats to be similar to humans in some ways, but in fact, a cat’s brain is approximately 90% similar to the human brain, which is far more similar than a dog’s brain. The most similar portion of the brain is the part that controls emotions, which is nearly identical to the same portion of a human’s brain. Image Source

16. “I was so comfortable.. until they turned on the shower”

Cat stretching in a bathtub

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Have you ever wondered if cats are actually smarter than dogs? Well, scientists have discovered that a cat’s cerebral cortex, which is the part of the brain that processes cognitive information, has nearly twice the number of neurons as a dog’s cerebral cortex. Image Source

15. “I don’t know what’s going on right now..”

Wide-eyed cat in a bathtub

SONY DSCFantastic Feline Fun Fact: Cats have generally been well renowned throughout history, but there have been some dark times for felines in human society. During the 15th century, Pope Innocent VIII ordered the on-sight killing of all cats, because for whatever reason, he was convinced that they were demonic creature. Image Source

14. “You lookin’ at me? Are you.. lookin’ at me?”

A fat winking cat on a sofa

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Kitty litter was originally composed of ordinary sand, which was unsurprisingly not very absorbant, but not only that, it was extremely messy, heavy, and generally inconvenient. In 1948, the more absorbant clay version of kitty litter was introduced, and it proved to be much more effective at keeping the litter box tidy. Image Source

13. “This is the most amazing TV show ever”

Fat cat watching TV on a sofa

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: We all know that cats seem to rather enjoy licking themselves, and it is commonly believed to be a way of simple self grooming, if not out of necessity, then out of vanity. However, if you notice your cat licking himself when he doesn’t appear to be dirty, it may actually be because he is trying to remove your scent from his fur. That’s right, cats are so vain that they can’t even stand to have their owner’s scent on them for a day! Image Source

12. “Find your own bench, this one is taken”

Fluffy cat stretching on a park bench

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: You may have noticed that cats are often very active at night, and there are a number of reasons for this, but one of them is their eyesight. Cats have relatively poor daytime vision when compared to humans or dogs, but their night vision is nearly unparalelled. They need only a very tiny amount of light to see; requiring up to 7 times less light than humans.Image Source

11. “Don’t turn off my show, it helps me sleep”

Cat sleeping on the sofa while holding a TV remote

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: There are some interesting statistics when it comes to cat owners. For example: Cat owners are 11% more likely to be an introvert and 17% more likely to graduate college. These statistics are probably anecdotal, though, but they’re still a bit interesting. Image Source

10. “This is actually comfortable”

Kitten sleeping near a heater

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: In the Egyptian language, the word for “cat” is “mau”. There is also a specific breed of cat that is known as the Egyptian Mau, and it si the fastest pedigreed cat in the world. Image Source

9. “Too thirsty to stand”

Lazy cat eating with legs splayed out

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: The Guinness World Record for Longest Domestic Cat was awarded to Ludo, whom is 3 feet 10.59 inches long. He is owned by Kelsey Gill of the United Kingdom, and is of the largest breed of cats, called the Maine Coon. Image Source

8. “Yeah, this is my street.”

Fat cat relaxing on a street

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Have you ever wondered why cats aren’t often fond of sweet candies or fruits? It just so happens that they are incapable of tasting sweetness. What a bummer that must be. Oh, to have never had the pleasure of truly enjoying sugar.Image Source

7. “And 5 seconds later, I fell…”

Cat sleeping on a headboard

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: It has been proven that owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by up to one third. This is due, in part, to the calming effect that cats have on people. There are few things that can relieve the stress of the day as well as a petting-session with a cat (or a dog, for that matter). Image Source

6. “We’re gonna need a bigger chair”

Two cats sleeping on a chair

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: There are still many unsolved mysteries of why a cat purrs, but there are also many well established facts. One such fact is that a cat’s purr actually vibrates at a similar frequency to that which muscles and bones vibrate at while repairing themselves, although a cat’s purr is obviously much louder. Image Source

5. “After a long day of photo shoots, I need my beauty sleep”

Fluffy cat sleeping next to electronics

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: A cat’s meow is almost completely exclusive to the domestic breeds. This is because cats “invented” the meow as a method of communicating with humans, and it works quite well, as its very hard to ignore a cat when they’re oh-so-adorably meowing for meal or for some attention. They can even change their meow to manipulate humans, and have been known to imitate the sound that a human baby makes when they want food. Image Source

4. “I woke up with the worst neck ache that morning”

Cat sleeping in a small basket

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Despite the cartoon depiction of cats surviving solely on milk and mice, cats are most often lactose intollerant. Too much milk can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, and many more health complications. As much as your little furry buddy may want a sip of milk, it’s best to refrain from feeding it to him. Image Source

3. “I sleep where the food comes from”

Cat sleeping on a grill

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Sometimes a cat will cover his poop in the litterbox, and other times he will just leave it uncovered. When a cat decides to not cover his poop, this could actually be a sign of aggresion to display his lack of fear towards you. This isn’t always the case, though, sometimes leaving the poop uncovered can be a sign of illness, especially if it is left outside of the litter box. If your cat displays this behavior, its best to take him to get a check-up, at least just to make sure there’s nothing wrong, it could turn out that you just have a very dominant cat who’s not afraid to show it! Better safe than sorry, though. Image Source

2. “The view is great, but I don’t even care”

Cat sleeping on window grills

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: Its a fairly well known fact that dogs can’t sweat, and that they pant in order to expel internal heat. However, it is less commonly known that cats are capable of sweating, but only through their foot pads, and not necessarily to alleviate heat from the body. Keeping the foot pads slightly moist can aid in traction on smooth surfacing, making the foot pads just a bit sticky so they don’t freely slide around. Image Source

1. “I’m not dead, I just have really weird dreams…”

White cat with an ugly sleeping face

Fantastic Feline Fun Fact: If you’re thinking about getting a new kitty, consider this: Only approximately 24% of cats that find themselves in animal shelters ever wind up being adopted. Adopting a cat that has been abandoned is one of the best ways to acquire a new furry friend, so consider it over buying a cat from a store, your new fuzzy will love you for it! Image Source