Meowijuana Review: The Best Catnip for Cats?

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Although cannabis for cats is not really recommended—unless you choose CBD oil. One company has decided to make break down the stigma of marijuana in today’s world. Introducing, Meowijuana for cats! Yes, you heard it right! Meowijuana is essentially marijuana for cats, but minus the marijuana. Wanna find out more about Meowijuana for cats? Read on to learn more!

Can Cats Have Weed? No Way! But… They Can Have Meowijuana?

Meowijuana is pet company that produces organic catnip for felines across the United States. Based in Kansas, Meowijuana has gained a massive following because of their fun, easy-going, and humorous marketing strategies.

So, what makes Meowijuana unique?

Well, this cat company is not just known for its witty catnip products! Nope, they have some pretty awesome doggie products too.

What is Catnip aka Cat Weed?

The first thing we need to get out of the way is the difference between marijuana and catnip. Catnip is actually a type of perennial herb that contains a chemical compound called nepetalactone. It is this very compound—nepetalactone—which is responsible for producing the “high-like” effects seen when a cat sniffs or consumes catnip.

The Science Behind Meowijuana for Cats

Where to Buy Catnip, Meowijuana

Before we get into the science behind how catnip works, let us first cover the basics.

Catnip is primarily responsible for stimulating two parts of the brain. The first is the amygdala and the second is the hypothalamus.

The function of the amygdala is to produce fear-based responses. On the other hand, the hypothalamus is responsible for the production of various hormones.

So in it’s fundamental, the amygdala will produce emotional responses while the hypothalamus produces behavioral responses.

Now, the active chemical present in catnip is nepetalactone. This chemical compound is a volatile fatty acid which produces a distinctive scent only cats can smell.

So, when your kitty takes a whiff of some Meowijuana then the chemical—nepetalactone—will bind to proteins present in the nasal septum of the cat. As a result of this binding, the olfactory bulbs will begin to stimulate the amygdala and hypothalamus of the cat.

The combined effects of modifying the emotional and behavioral responses result in what is seen as a “cat high.”

Can Cats Get High of Cat Nip?

Companies often market catnip as a product that gets cats high! This is far from the truth.

Catnip is chemically dissimilar from marijuana—which is what pet owners think of when we talk about catnip.

Now the science and biochemistry behind catnip and cannabis is quite a difficult topic to discuss. But, in its very basics, marijuana contains a chemical compound called THC and other cannabinoids. THC is a psychoactive compound, and it is responsible for producing euphoric effects in people.

In contrast, the chemical found in catnip—nepetalactone—does not produce a euphoric high in cats. Instead, it is more like a synthetic pheromone that which attracts cats.

What Does Cat Nip Do for Cats?

If you’re still a bit confused about what exactly Meowijuana does to cats, then don’t worry because even scientists are!

While the exact science is still uncertain, veterinarians believe that Meowijuana—much like any form of catnip—mimics pheromones only detectable by cats. Cats who were sniff catnip will thus display behavioral changes often seen in mating queens. For example, they may rub themselves onto you, or they may get more active.  However, if consumed then your cat is likely to act more sleepy than usual.

So, in other words, catnip seems to produce behavioral and emotional changes that are similar to changes seen when a queen is in heat.

Honest Paws CBD Oil for Cats

Have you ever wondered if cats would get a high off weed? Well, it is crucial to remember that cannabis—in its raw state—is not something we should be giving our kitties.

However, this does not mean that cannabis can have positive benefits.  In the last decade, more and more researchers and veterinarians are beginning to incorporate cannabis oil for therapeutic needs.

Honest Paws is an American company who’s made it their goal to produce organic, safe, yet effective cannabis oil for pets (CBD oil). The company prides itself producing quality products which guarantee to help any pet.

Cannabis oil specifically for pets is free from THC. And as we mentioned before, THC is the compound responsible for producing the “high” effects seen when someone was to smoke marijuana.

Cannabis oil for cats can have a variety of benefits. This can include:

  • Improving pain and inflammation management in cats
  • Decreasing anxiety and stress in pets
  • Treating epilepsy and seizures, as well as
  • Controlling skin allergies

Fun Ways you Can Give your Kitty Some Meowijuana!

Meowijuana will not have any adverse effects on your cat. So, if you’re looking to purchase some humorous “cat weed” products, then definitely check out these Meowijuana products.

Is your Kitty Ruining your Carpet? Check out the Catnip Spray

The most infamous product produced by Meowijuana is their catnip sprays. Catnip sprays are a great way to introduce Meowijuana to your cat because it will cover a greater surface area.

Most cat owners will often spray the catnip spray on a scratching post or scratch pad surface for their cats. By doing so, cats are instantly attracted to the object and will begin to scratch and play on it. So, this is actually a really great way for cat owners to teach their cat to use scratch on their post rather than on your couch!

Let you Feline go Wild with Catnip Buds

The most popular product sold by Meowijuana is the Catnip Buds. There are two sizes cat lovers can choose from!  Catnip Buds can either be sold in a  small jar which contains 30 servings of catnip or a large jar, which contains 40 servings of catnip.

Don’t Worry it’s not Cannabis…it’s Catnibis!

Undeniably the most comical catnip product sold by Meowijuana is the Catnibis-King Meowy J’s. Marketed as “Joint for cats,” the Catnibis-King Meowy J’s consist of 6 catnip joints, each of which contains 7 grams of catnip.

Common Questions on Meowijuana

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