The Mini Equine Hero aka Miniature Horse Service Animal

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Over the years, more and more people have welcomed a miniature horse service animal into their lives. These gentle equines are great companions for people with disabilities. They’re like small horses with huge hearts and immense dedication to helping their owners. Despite them being so popular, you’d be surprised at how many misconceptions there are about these animals. Can they fly aboard commercial planes? May they live in rented apartments? Can you take them to a restaurant?

5 Reasons Why Miniature Horses Make Amazing Service Animals

Ask people with disabilities what they need the help with the most and you’ll get a long list of tasks. Luckily, service animals can help these people live a better life. This is where the miniature horse service animal comes in. They can quickly become any disabled American’s best friend. Be it because of the tasks they perform or the emotional comfort they offer, miniature horses rock!

Everyone Knows It’s a Service Animal

Have you ever noticed that some people pretend their pet dog is a service dog? They do this so they can get into public places with their furry friend. Not only is this unethical but it is also illegal in many states!

One of the consequences is that store owners are reluctant to even welcome trained service dogs into their businesses. As you can imagine, that’s a huge problem for those with serious disabilities. For instance, a blind person really needs their guide dog when in public. Or someone with severe chronic seizures needs their psychiatric service dog by their side.

Luckily, no one will question if your miniature horse really is a service animal. Who would keep a mini horse as a pet and then take them out in public if they don’t need to? This already gives you a leg-up. You won’t be put on the spot by suspicious store managers who think Peanut is a fake service animal.

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They Are Calm and Collected

Another awesome thing about a miniature horse service animal is their lovely temperament. These animals rarely lose their cool. They’re cooperative, calm, and willing to shower their caretakers in love and affection.

This is one of the reasons why the Department of Transportation (DOT) told airlines to welcome miniature service horses aboard. Since they are trained and well-behaved, they can fly in the cabin of the plane with their handler. You might even have recently seen pictures of a miniature horse service animal on a flight making its rounds online!

Alert and Trainable: They’re Incredibly Intelligent

Did you know you can train a miniature horse? The dog isn’t the only animal who can learn tricks! These ponies can be housebroken relatively easy, with the help of a professional.

During their training, they also learn how to perform specific tasks to help their owners. For example, a miniature horse service animal will learn to switch lights on and off. They can also learn how to open doors and get help for their owner if they suffer an accident.

Because of all this, it’s not impossible to find a mini horse in a public facility, such as the post office or the grocery store. They get to go wherever their handlers go. Since they’re well-behaved, this usually goes incredibly smoothly!

They’re Affordable

Sure, keeping a service dog is cheaper than keeping a miniature horse service animal. After all, mini horses need more food, special bedding, trips to more expensive vets, and lots of grooming.

Yet, when you consider how long you’ll have Peanuts by your side, they are a good, sound investment. On top of that, they’re nowhere near as expensive to keep as horses or even exotic animals!

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They Live for a Long Time

We have good news: your miniature horse service animal will be by your side for up to 30 years! That is a long time to share a beautiful friendship and forge unforgettable memories.

Most importantly, these animals can help disabled people for decades. That is a great thing, as it makes the investment in training and upkeep 100% worth it. It’s a long-time companion!

Are Mini Horses ADA Service Animals?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects miniature service horses. This law says that no matter where you go, your mini horse companion can tag along. Public places will have to provide reasonable accommodation for Peanuts. Even if they’re not pet-friendly!

Types of US Service Animals vs Emotional Support Animals

The reason why our mini horse friends get this huge benefit is that they’re a service animal. Since they help individuals with disabilities with day-to-day tasks, they get a special pass. Remember, they’re the ones with the most rights!

You will also find emotional support animals (ESAs) helping people with disabilities. For instance, someone with an anxiety attack disorder can benefit greatly from having an ESA companion. These are usually cats and dogs, but they don’t have to be limited to that. Their main job is to offer emotional comfort and affection to their owners. Thus, they make living with a mental health problem much more doable.

ESAs Are Also Assistance Animals and Have Legal Protection

Whereas service animals mostly go through training, ESAs do not. Therefore, the ADA does not apply to emotional support animals. However, they still have rights! After all, an ESA is considered an assistance animal and an invaluable part of mental disabilities therapy!

For starters, there is the Air Carrier Access Act (ACA). It gives your ESA the right to travel with you on a commercial flight. Airlines can’t even charge a pet fee for that. Then, there is the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Thanks to the law, you can live with your ESA in a rented house—even if it’s in a no-pets unit!

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To Get an ESA All You Need Is an ESA Letter

To reap all the benefits of having an ESA, you need an emotional support animal letter. This document tells other people that your companion is an assistance animal. Thus, it proves Fido and Mittens are not pets and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Only a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) in your state can issue your ESA letter. Don’t fall for any “ESA certificate” scams online: in the eyes of the law, it’s ESA letter or bust!

CertaPet Can Help You Get Your ESA Letter

We’re helping people who can’t find a licensed mental health therapist on their own. We will connect you to a therapist who can practice in your area. To get started, all you have to do is take our 5-minute pre-screening test for free. Then, you will meet with one of our therapists to discuss your mental illness. If you qualify, they will write your ESA letter and you could have it in only a few days!

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