Our Pick of the Most Loyal Dog Breeds for ESAs

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What are the most loyal dog breeds for ESAs (emotional support animals)? There are so many dog breeds out there. Not to mention all the fantastic mixed breeds too! How do you decide which dog is the best for you? Read on for the truth!


How the Most Loyal Dog Breeds Make Great Emotional Support Animals

An emotional support animal (ESA) is one that provides comfort and support to someone who is mentally or emotionally challenged. In theory, any pet can be an ESA. However, some types of pets, and more specifically, some dog breeds, will be better suited to a role as a companion animal than others.

Making Your Pet an ESA: The Best Dogs to Own is Your OWN!

You can pet your friend’s Fido or visit animals at the shelter every so often. In some cities, you might even find pet cafés where you can hang out and get your dose of serotonin from a kitty cuddle session. However, nothing beats having your very own four-legged friend sharing your day-to-day life with you.

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Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

The words “dog” and “loyalty” are virtually synonyms. One of the primary reasons why we love our dogs so much is because of their extraordinary loyalty. But why are they so loyal? Some argue that it is because they are dependent on us for their food and shelter. This could be part of the reason, but it is not the full answer.

Dogs are pack animals. It is written into their genetic code to be part of a group. They are at their happiest when interacting with their family. This family can be other dogs, their human family, or even other animals.

A third theory is that dogs love their owners. In a study in which dogs were presented with three different scents, dogs responded most positively to the scent of their owner. Researchers even went as far as taking brain scans. These showed that the areas of the dog’s brain associated with enjoyment and positive feelings were triggered when the canine sniffed the item with their owner’s scent!

Friendly Dog Breeds that Make Loyal Dogs for People Suffering from Social Anxiety

woman and her emotional support animal, one of the most popular dog breeds in america

Do you find social situations extremely stressful? It might be a great idea to get a four-legged friend to help you navigate through these experiences. Some of the most loyal dog breeds for ESAs are great at helping socially anxious people cope better with interacting with new people and places.

Amongst the benefits of having an outgoing doggo to take on walks and outings is that they make for super ice-breakers! Also, having a pet to take responsibility for will force potential recluses to go out for walks more often.

Some friendly dog breeds that make loyal dogs for people suffering from social anxiety are the personality princess Poodle, the smiley Golden Retriever, and the adorable Yorkshire Terrier!

The Most Loyal Dogs Come in All Different Shapes & Sizes

Loyal dogs really do come in all shapes and sizes! From the gentle giant Saint Bernard to the pint-size Pug. If you need a big dog to fill a big void in your life. Or if you need a petite pooch to carry with you everywhere you go. There is a loyal dog breed that is right for you!

Micro Dogs aka the Dog that will Stay by Your Side!

· The dependable Dachshund has the stamina to go with you wherever you go. Their endearing looks and sweet personalities make them irresistible! Despite their small size, sausage dogs are very protective of their families.

· Another perfect handbag hound is the Yorkie. Full of spunk and personality. This doglet will get you feeling super relaxed in social situations in no time at all!

· The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very sensitive and endearing companion. This loyal dog breed is an ideal ESA for apartment dwellers as they don’t have very high exercise requirements. They love to cuddle with you on the couch while you binge watch your fave new series!

Our List of the Most Loyal Dog Breeds that Make Great Emotional Support Animals!

For the ideal loyal dog breed that makes a great ESA, you want a dog that is kind, sensitive, intelligent, and eager to please. This might sound like a tall order. In fact, there are so many dogs that fit this bill perfectly.

woman with her common dog breeds esa pup

The Great German Shepherds aka the Best Companion Dogs!

The diverse and extensive list of tasks that people train these dogs for is a testament to their incredible intelligence and ease of training. German shepherds are wonderfully loyal. They make for great ESAs in the family context because they are very protective of their whole pack.

Doberman Pinschers aka Velcro Dog Breeds that are Faithful Companions

A super-intelligent dog that is extremely loyal and trustworthy. The Dobies are playful and fun-loving dogs. They are also wonderful protectors.

Golden Retrievers the Friendliest Pooch in Town!

Golden retrievers are one of the best loyal dog breeds for ESAs. They get along with almost anything and anyone. They are intelligent and easy to train. Their sunny dispositions will endear them to even the hardest of hearts.

Sometimes the Most Loyal Dog Breeds for ESAs are Mutts in Shelters!

Mixed breed dogs make for great loyal emotional support dogs. They are generally very patient and kind. They are less likely to be saddled with the genetic health issues that some purebred dogs have. A bonus: there is nothing more rewarding than giving a loving and deserving doggo a second chance at an awesome love-filled life.

Adopt Don’t Shop for Your Emotional Support Animal!

Looking for a pure-bred pooch or a mixed breed mutt? There are so many wonderful dogs at animal shelters or rescue groups that are very well suited to be a loving and loyal ESA dog!

ESA dog in Nebraska clings to the leg of a teenager

A Friend for Life! Loyal Dogs Make Healing from Our Mental Illnesses Easier!

Dogs have an innate ability to sense when and how we need them most. Any dog, purebred or mixed, makes for a loyal ESA. No matter what issues you have to deal with or heal from. Having a canine companion will definitely make the road to recovery shorter and more enjoyable!

3 Common Questions About Loyal Dog Breeds for ESAs

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