The Most Popular Dog Breeds That Make Great ESAs!

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most popular dog breeds guide, woman sitting with emotional support dogAmerica loves its dogs, so much so in fact that they are second (or first!) children to many of us. With so many wonderful types of canine companion available, it’s hard to choose the best dog breeds suits your lifestyle and personality. The AKC also happens to keep tabs on the most popular dog breeds in America. But which breeds make the best ESAs?

The American Kennel Club or AKC is a leader in all things dogs, and advocates country-wide for dog ownership. While we know life isn’t a popularity contest, there’s a good reason why we love these popular dog breeds! Many of these dogs are great all-rounders too, making them an excellent choice for an emotional support animal (ESA).

If you’re searching for your new best friend or a perfect ESA, check out the country’s favorite dog breeds!

How Many Dogs are There in the World? As Many as There are ESAs!

Dog lovers don’t discriminate – they know that each dog is special in their own unique way! And with the two federal laws in place, you are able to fly and live with your ESA free of charge no matter if he/she is popular or not! With so many breeds in the world, the options for a suitable ESA are endless.

From Mixed to AKC Breeds: What the Best Emotional Support Dogs Have in Common! 

While we’re giving you their popularity rankings, the best emotional support animal for you is the one that fits your needs and lifestyle. Whether that is a purebred dog certified by the AKC, or a mixed-breed from the local shelter is completely up to you.

The best emotional support dogs are those that you form a connection with, and who help you in times of need.

From Rare to Common Dog Breeds: Any Pup Could Become an ESA! 

From Labradors to Bulldogs, all the way to Chinese Shar Pei’s, any breed of dog can provide emotional support!

Dogs are not bred specifically to be ESAs, so a dog that fits your personality and lifestyle is the best choice.

Have Popular Pup of Your Own? Learn How to Get Your ESA Letter!

Once you have your new puppy or dog, getting it certified is a simple process. Simply:

  1. Take a free, 5 minute pre-screening
  2. If you qualify, you will get connected with a Licensed Mental Health Professional
  3. After they determine if you would benefit from an emotional support animal, you will receive your ESA letter in than 48 business hours!

Most Popular Dog Breeds in America! The Big Doggos Edition

Big dog owners know what everyone else is missing out on – big, beautiful pets with even bigger personalities and hearts! Some of the favorite breeds of America, according to the American Kennel Club, are big breeds.

most loyal dog breeds, doberman and other sitting on grass

If you have room in your heart (and your home!) for a big dog you will have a faithful companion for life. Some of the most popular dog breeds that are larger than life are:

1. Labrador Retrievers 

The Labrador is a smart, yet chilled-out breed of the Retriever type. Clever enough they get trained as guide dogs around the world, these dogs are friendly, gentle pets. Labradors are also excellent with children and strangers. This makes them excellent emotional support dogs, an awesome bonus.

No wonder they’re number one on the list of the most popular dog breeds!

2. German Shepherds 

The German Shepherd is a stately and graceful dog that is incredibly kind, patient and loving. German shepherd owners reap the rewards of owning a big dog with fierce loyalty to their owners. German Shepherds have a long history as police dogs making them ultra protective of their humans. This is a fantastic trait for those seeking an ESA that can help support them through tough times.

3. Golden Retrievers

The loveable Golden Retriever has been a family favorite for years but also makes a great ESA. This breed is gentle and easygoing. You cannot help but feel happy when they’re around!

woman playing with her top dog breeds esa

4. Rottweilers

Often depicted as scary and threatening, this breed is anything but. A softy at heart, this big dog has the sweet personality of a baby lamb. Rottweilers can make for good ESAs as they are stable and strong animals.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans have a reputation as great guard dogs, but these gentle giants are so much more than that. Their affectionate yet alert nature earns them a place on the list of most popular dog breeds. The Doberman can make a good ESA due to its drive to protect and calm its owner.

6. Siberian Huskies

Huskies have a unique appearance that has made them an enduringly popular dog year after year. Their supernatural good looks backed up with an outgoing and friendly temperament, make them a wonderful pet choice. This also makes them suited to being ESAs.

7. Great Dane

These huge doggos are imposing yet lovely pets that pet owners choose to love time and time again. Their gentle personalities earn them a place on the list of most popular dog breeds. The traits that make Great Danes good pets also make them great emotional support dogs. It is worth noting though that their huge size can make it difficult to take them everywhere you may want to.

8. Border Collies

Border Collies, renowned for being whip-smart, are super popular for a reason. Great with kids, noble and intuitive, they make wonderful pets and ESAs too.

Top Dog Breeds Who are Not Too Big and Not Too Small

Surely there’s no better fit for man’s best friend than the medium-sized dog! While they don’t take up a whole lot of space, these dogs are no wimpy little Chihuahuas either (sorry Chihuahuas, we love you too!). Some of the most popular dog breeds that the American Kennel Club recognizes are part of this size group.

Not too big, not too small, just right!

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd has been growing in popularity in recent years. No doubt thanks to its lovely temperament, it also has stunning good looks. The Australian Shepherd is affectionate and protective, so it makes a great ESA.

woman with her common dog breeds esa pup

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has become one of the most popular dog breeds in the world in recent times. Featuring on Instagram and other social media, this breed has personality in spades that adds to its unique looks. Frenchies are cute and quirky and suitable for first-time owners. Their patient, loving and loyal personalities make them very suitable emotional support dogs.


Also known as an English or British Bulldog, this distinctive dog is ranked 4th of the most popular breeds according to the AKC. It’s a gregarious, wilful and friendly pup that demands attention and love at all times! These dogs know how to make their humans laugh which is an integral quality in an ESA.


The happy, reliable Beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds according to the AKC. While the little darlings can get a tad overexcited at times, they are gorgeous companions. Their even-tempered natures make them perfect in social and public situations.

Perfect ESA alert!

German Shorthaired Pointer

This active breed is perfect for those looking for a pup to share an active lifestyle with. While some may say they’re too boisterous, there’s no doubt that there is a ton of fun to be had with this breed. For those not looking to travel too much with an ESA, the German Shorthaired Pointer may be perfect.

Cocker Spaniel

This perennial favorite is sweet, loyal and quiet. Cocker Spaniels make lovely family pets and are great for those that are not home at all times. Their loving nature makes them a good fit as an ESA.

Top 10 Dog Breeds of the Toy and Teacup Size

Some of the most popular dog breeds of all time are no doubt found in the toy and teacup sized breeds. Small dogs are perfect for those that want a dog with fewer space needs and often (though not always!) fewer exercise needs.

Some of the most popular small breeds also make excellent ESAs not only due to their portability but their temperament too. Check out the most popular small dog breeds according to the American Kennel Club:


The Poodle is not only smart but has a raft of other excellent attributes, including a non-shedding coat. A faithful and alert companion, it’s not hard to see how the Poodle arrived at top of the most popular dog breeds!

Yorkshire Terriers

The undeniably gorgeous Yorkie is a bold and courageous terrier, despite its small stature. A well-trained Yorkie makes a cute companion or ESA.


Daschunds or Weiner dogs, as they are also known, are happy little woofers! Playful and courageous, they can definitely provide comfort as ESAs.

Miniature Schnauzers

These quintessential mini-doggos are popular with good reason – they’re fearless and spirited! They make great protective companions and are suitably-sized to be ESAs.

Shih Tzu

Tiny and fluffy, the Shih Tzu is a lap dog through and through. This comforting pup is a nice choice for an ESA. They will be happy to cuddle for hours!

Other Most Popular Dog Breeds – Small Breeds

  • Pomeranians
  • Pugs
  • Chihuahua
  • Maltese
  • Miniature Australian Shepherd

Bespoke and Custom Made: Most Popular Dogs of the Mixed Kind!

woman and her emotional support animal, one of the most popular dog breeds in america

Mixed-breed dogs have become in vogue of late, providing more doggy options than before. Some of the most popular dog breeds of the mixed kind are:

Your Furry Support System is Only a Letter Away

In the end, everyone with an emotional and/or mental disability deserves the love and comfort an emotional support animal can bring whether they are a popular dog breed or not.

See if you qualify today for your own furry support system.

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