Cat Lovers 101: A Pet Parent’s Guide to Music for Cats!

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Do you wish your kitten Mittens would just be calm for a little while? Are you tired of telling Mittens to get off the counter and stop knocking everything onto the floor? Do you wish your cat would just sit still for a little bit? We may have a pretty simple solution: music for cats!

Music for cats is a relatively new concept but believe us: Mittens will be purring in delight when she hears the tones that were specially designed for her ears.

First Things First: Do Cats Like Music?

Cats like music, but not all kinds of music. Heavy metal? No. Techno? No. How about some soft jazz or classical? No and no. In fact, cats don’t really enjoy human music. So, what’s the solution? The solution is a relatively new concept known as music for cats.

It was started when a cello soloist for the National Symphony Orchestra named David Teie from the University of Wisconsin teamed up with animal scientists. Together, they developed the perfect combination of sounds that will lull even the most hyperactive of cats into a subdued, more manageable state. The ultimate peacemaker, music for cats is there to help both you and your feline friend to have a more relaxed lifestyle.

The Science Behind Soothing Music for Cats

There is a lot of scientific research that has gone into the subject of finding the appropriate kind of music for cats.

Cats don’t react to the sounds in human music… So, what do they respond to? They respond very well to the sounds that are most closely associated with their world and what they’re familiar with. These sounds include purring, meowing, and the tempo of their own heartbeats.

Interesting fact: cats use a lot of sliding frequencies to communicate with each other, so music for cats also includes sliding tones and frequencies that your feline friend will find familiar.

How Calming Music for Cats Affects Our Feline Friends

You can listen to music for cats and find it to be interesting (some of you may find it to be a bit annoying), but when you play it for your friend Mittens, you’ll find that she reacts differently.

You can get all sorts of reactions from Mittens. Some cats might rub their scent glands against the speaker, an instinctive response cats have when marking their territory. It’s as if they’re trying to claim the sound for themselves!

sleepy kitten with headphones listening to relaxing music for cats

The Benefits of Playing Relaxing Music for Cats

The benefits of playing music for cats are many and of a lot of help to cat owners. Aside from being an excellent tool to use for a hyperactive cat, it can be used to keep your cat company while you work. Some cats are prone to getting stressed out quickly, so music for cats is an excellent way to keep the adrenaline and cortisol levels low.

It’s a Great Babysitter!

Need someone to keep Mittens company? Never fear, music for cats is here! If you throw that on for the time that Mittens will be alone, your cat should have no trouble at all just kicking back and relaxing to that groovy sound coming out of the speakers. Believe us, Mittens will love it!

Is Mittens on Edge? Music Can Help!

Have you noticed your kitty has been a little stressed out lately? Coughing up a lot of furballs? Scratching up the furniture indiscriminately? Yup, your cat’s tense. Play music for cats through the speakers of your home sound system every day, and you will be floored by the change in your cat’s behavior! It is feline medicine!

Cat Noises and Songs About Cats is Not Necessarily Cat Music!

Although cats do like listening to music with tempos that mimic the noises they are used to hearing in the wild with their other kitty buddies, blasting some recording of a screeching cat or Tommy the Cat by Primus is probably not wise – especially not the screeching cat! Neither of these will elicit a single purr. What they hear may cause them to feel anxious rather than relaxed!

yawning kitten listening to calming music

Where to Find Music For Cats

We imagine you’re eager to find out wherever such music can be found. Well, look no further! You can:

  • Find music for cats in stores that cater to the feline audience.
  • Stream music for cats on YouTube, where you are likely to find a lot of calming, relaxing music for cats.

Cat Sounds YouTube

Some cats may enjoy the sounds of other cats as well as music for cats. These sounds you can very easily find on YouTube as well. Look up “Cat noises” on YouTube and play it for your kitty… let us know how Mittens reacts to the sounds other cats make!

You Can Stream It!

As you can see, there are multiple options for Mittens to enjoy some much-deserved rest after a long day of stretching and self-grooming. The best thing about these tunes and videos for cats is that you can stream most of them for free!

TV for Cats: Entertain Mittens with Some Videos for Cats!

Aside from music for cats, there’s also TV for cats. There are multiple channels on YouTube dedicated to the entertainment of your furry, feline friends. We’ll list some of them here:

  • Paul Dinning
  • Cat Trumpet
  • Relax My Cat

cat looking for soothing music on laptop

Cat Music May Seem Strange, But It Works!

We know you may be a bit skeptical, and we don’t blame you! Give it a shot! Mittens will be purring their “Thank you” as she weaves in and out between your ankles!

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