Are You Ready to Celebrate National Cat Day 2019?

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cats celebrating National Cat Day

Cats deserve to be celebrated! And I’m certain that your feline friend would agree that one day dedicated to them is not enough! With over 50 million domesticated kitties in the world, this whiskery wonder is a favorite in many homes. So why not take the time to celebrate the cats in your home or your local animal shelter this National Cat Day?

Why This Day Should Be on Your Cat Calendar

If your purr-fect pal has kneaded you (claws and all) then they see you as their territory. Feel honored! This year, take some time to celebrate your furry friend. Pencil them into your schedule and praise them with a special day of their very own. This is also a great time to raise awareness for the homeless furbabies in your area.

When is National Cat Day 2019? October 29!

Pet lover Colleen Paige is considered one of America’s leading Pet and Family Lifestyle Experts. She is the philanthropist and animal welfare advocate behind many holidays that celebrate and support wild and domestic critters. Colleen’s passion is to promote animal adoption when it comes to finding your best friend. She is also the mastermind behind other holidays such as National Dog DayNational Wildlife DayNational Horse Protection Day and more. She founded National Cat Day in 2005.

Highlights From National Cat Day 2018

If you follow National Cat Day‘s social media accounts then you can be a part of their numerous photo competitions that surround the holiday. Last year they partnered with Blue Buffalo (a pet food company), that awarded the owner and their cats with an assortment of goodies.

In 2018 the ISPCA also prompted the adoption of overlooked cats in shelters, especially black cats.

Generally, you’ll notice a buzz online and plenty of cute images to encourage the adoption of cats. Become part of the movement with a #Nationalcatday hashtag.

Got a Weird Cat That Eases Your Anxiety? Consider Getting an Emotional Support Cat!

owner petting emotional support cat on National Cat Day

There are many benefits to owning a cat. Stroking and snuggling your sweet Tom releases oxytocin, the hormone known to induce feelings of love, trust, and contentment. Feline friends are low-maintenance and yet they fulfill our need for companionship. If you struggle with your mental health and cannot imagine life without your furry feline, consider applying for an ESA letter.

What is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is a pet that eases the pressure, stress and emotional symptoms of mental health illnesses. Dogs or cats are usually the preferred pet for ESAs, but people have been known to have hedgehogs, peacocks, pigs, ducks and more.

With CertaPet’s help, you can register your cat as an Emotional Support Animal. To start the process and see if you qualify, take our 5-minute screening today!

Do You Own a Group of Cats aka a Clowder? Here are 5 Ways You Can Celebrate with Your Kitties!

There are many ways to honor your cute companion this National Cat Day. Here are our top five suggestions:

  • Subscribe for a KitNipBox, which is filled with treats, toys, and goodies to spoil your furbabies every month.
  • If your sweet clowder is stuck in your apartment all day, consider downloading some playful videos to stimulate them.
  • Give your loyal cat a kick of euphoria by planting some catnip. Meowijuana products will also be a relaxing treat for your royal feline.
  • Make a music playlist for your grumpy cat. Stream calming cat tunes for your queen while you’re at work and you might get home to some zen-like cat poses.
  • The more the merrier right? There is no better way to celebrate National Cat Day than to adopt a new little kitten from your local animal shelter. If you cannot home another furball, then consider donating to the shelter instead.

Today is National What Day? Other Kitty Holidays to Remember!

Dogs might have the title of “man’s best friend’, but cats outrank their pet rival with a balance of aloof independence and selective affection. Early Egyptians would prepare their beloved cats for the next world by mummifying them after death. They worshipped the feline goddess. Today we give them many holidays to honor and celebrate the domestic darlings in our lives.

World Cat Day: When Was International Cat Day 2019?

International Cat Day 2019 took place on the 8th of August. Take to social media to see the attention that builds up for #InternationalCatDay and scroll through the delightful (and sometimes crazy) cats and their adoring owners.

Cute as a Button: National Kitten Day

National Kitten Day has been celebrated for the past seven years on the 10th of July. Its purpose is to encourage the adoption of kittens from local shelters and rescue groups. Make sure you get your little squeaker neutered/spayed when they’re old enough.

National Black Cat Day: Why They Get Their Day

Black cat

With Halloween around the corner, this is the black cat’s time to shine! Many black kittens are overlooked in animal shelters due to their bad reputation. On the 27th of October, black cats get to work their magic. Give Salem some love and rescue a black cat this National Black Cat Day.

Show Your Kitty Some Love on National Hug Your Cat Day!

Who needs an excuse to show their cat some love? On the 4th of June, you’re invited to hug your kitty companion. If your cat loves a good cuddle then this is an easy assignment, but any aloof queen will have to tolerate a little squeeze. No cat of your own? Visit a local cat shelter. You can spread the love and make some lonely kitties very happy.

Make Sure Mittens is Always the Cat of the Day!

When scheduling your next luncheon with a friend, why not visit a local Cat Cafe? Give those kitties some love over a cuppa coffee. Make some noise on social media to encourage others to adopt a furball of their very own. When your purr-fect kitty is the priority of your life, you’ll reap the reward. For around 10 000 years, cats have been lowering our blood pressure and purring our stress away. Let’s give them the honor (and the homes) that they deserve this National Cat Day!

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