When is National Cat Day 2018? October 29th! Get Ready for Some Kitty Fun!

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graphic of a group of cats for world cat dayA cat is the second most popular pet in America and in many places around the world. Kittens just grab our hearts and melt it like butter! Who could resist their shenanigans and their purs? Because we love cats so much, October is National Cat Day, a day when we celebrate this furry friend of ours!

Get Ready for National Cat Day 2018: October 29th!

Are you ready to celebrate our feline friends? You should be — the time to celebrate is on October 29th! It’s a great opportunity to make your cat have an even better day. Why not give them their favorite treats? Or maybe visit a local animal shelter and show those up-for-adoption kitties some love.

World Cat Day: How Did International Cat Day 2018 Come to Be?

Both International and National Cat Day was created to raise awareness to animal welfare. Every year, thousands of cats are abandoned and left at rescue centers or, even worse, on the street. Some people (luckily not all) mistreat street cats all the time. International Cat Day also comes around once of year (of course) on August 8th!

There are all kinds of myths circulating about cats. Some say they have nine lives, so it’s fine if they get hurt a little. Others say that black cats mean you’ll have no good luck. There are even people who say cats don’t make good companions to their humans! All cat lovers and cat owners will tell you these rumors are simply not true!

House cats are more than just beautiful social media picture material. They’re loving animals that get attached to humans who treat them well.

Got a Weird Cat that Takes Away Your Anxiety? Consider Getting an Emotional Support Cat!

Cats make awesome emotional support animals. If you suffer from anxiety, you might be eligible to get an emotional support cat! To see if you qualify, take the free, 5-minute pre-screening today!

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional support animals are a crucial part of emotional therapy. People with mental illnesses benefit greatly from having a loving kitty by their side. Plus, they get privileges when flying internationally and domestically, and when renting apartments or houses.

4 Quirky Kitten Facts That You Must Know Right Meow!

Do you know all there is to know about cats? Here are five quirky facts you might not already know!

  1. Japan created the cat cafe concept. These coffee shops take in feral cats and give them a much better life. When you go, you can have a great cup of coffee and pet (and play with!) some lovely kitties!
  2. Shelter cats are some of the most loving to their new lovers. Adopting a cat from a shelter is a great way to give our furry friends a better life.
  3. Feral cat day is celebrated was celebrated on October 16th. The goal of the event is to educate people about the feral cat population and prevent animal abuse.
  4. Spaying and neutering cats is a painless and very useful process! Shelters will regularly fix stray cats so they don’t create a cat little that would live on the street.

a group of cats aka clowder snuggle up to one another

When is National Kitten Day?

Nation Kitty Day is July 10th!

The Most Memorable Pretty Cats of 2018

You’ve probably seen many, many cats making their rounds on your Instagram feed. You must know Grumpy Cat, but do you know who the most memorable cats of 2018 have been so far?

Bongo Cat was one of the most popular memes of October 2018. And who’s surprised? He looks adorable while playing his bongos! Even though he’s a virtual cat, he made his way into our hearts this year.

Another famous cat was Loop! Have you seen those pictures of a really fat cat standing on his hind legs begging to eat some Fruit Loops? We can’t resist the look on his face — but we’d never give him sugary cereals!

Lastly, Sad Cat (as he became known as) is one of the cutest cats on social media this year. His teary eyes and look of sadness on his face makes us want to hold and cuddle him forever.

Show Your Kitty Some Love on National Hug Your Cat Day! Even if They Hate It!

National Hug Your Cat Day, June 4th, is the best opportunity to hug our cats even if they don’t like it. We’re celebrating, after all! This is obviously not an official holiday, but that won’t stop us from showing our feline friends all the love in the world.

woman celebrating national hug your day with her furry friend

National Black Cat Day: Why Do They Get a Day Of Their Own?

Just a few days before National Cat Day we celebrate National Black Cat Day. Of all kittens, black cats are the ones that suffer the most discrimination.

There are a lot of misunderstandings about black cats. They’re associated with witches, with bad luck, and with the devil. But these are all completely false!

Black cats are just like any other cat. They’re loving, dedicated to their owners, and playful! A black cat would be a great addition to any cat-loving household.

3 Tips to Owning Your Very Own Furry Friend

If you love cats and are considering getting one, read these five tips to owning a furry buddy – doesn’t need to be National Cat Day for you to get one. We’re sure they’ll help all first-time pet parents!

  1. Consider adoption. Not only will it save you hundreds (and maybe even thousands!) of dollars, but you’ll also help a kitty in need.
  2. Keep their cat litter box clean at all times! Not keeping it spotless may make your cat want to use your carpet as their toilet. Choosing the best cat litter around also helps prevent this.
  3. Feed your kitty healthy cat food so they can have a well-balanced diet.

tabby kitten tired from international cat day party

Do You Own a Group of Cats aka a Clowder? Here are 5 Ways You Can Celebrate with your Kitties!

Are you looking for ways to celebrate National Cat Day (or even National Pet Day) with your furry friends? Here are some suggestions…

  1. Pamper them! Give them a good relaxing brush to make their hair look even better.
  2. Feed them their favorite treats. Come on, it’s a special occasion!
  3. Arrange a play date! If your cats like socializing with other cats, invite friends who own cats over to celebrate as a group!
  4. Get them a new toy! Cats are playful animals who like to be challenged by different toys and puzzles.
  5. Donate money to a local animal shelter! Don’t forget about all the cats that don’t have homes yet. Just a handful of dollars helps out shelters immensely.

It’s All About Cats Today! So, Enjoy these Cute Cat Pictures!

In honor of National Cat Day we share our love on for these adorable balls of fur, we’ve picked a few pictures of cats being cute! Enjoy!

woman celebrating national kitten day with her cat

beautiful cat of the day

cat looking up asking when is national cat day 2018

mysterious kitten waiting for national black day

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