How to Celebrate and Support National Dog Day 2019

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National Dog Day sounds like the equivalent of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day… But for dogs. However, National Dog Day isn’t only a day for puppies to be pampered. No, dogs will have to settle for getting pampered and fed their favorite food for the other 364 days of the year! National Dog Day is a day on which the country is called upon to honor man’s best friend.

National Dog Day 2019!

Soon, the country will come together to celebrate the existence of our favorite four-legged floppy-eared furry and fluffy friends! All breeds, all mixes, all dogs… From stay-at-home pets, and working dogs or service dogs, these guys deserve praise!

When is National Dog Day?

Regardless of breed, all dogs deserve to have a loving home. That’s why we commemorate the National Dog Day on August 26th.

The National Dog Day Day 2018 vs 2019

Every year on August 26th, we celebrate National Dog Day. This year, it’ll be a Monday. What a great way for you and Fido to start your week! Last year, National Dog Day 2018 was on a Sunday.

National Dog Days Meaning: Why We Need to Celebrate Doggo Day

National Dog Day is not just about celebrating that Fido can catch a Frisbee in the park. It’s also about paying our respects to the under-appreciated heroes in any big crisis. In critical moments like fires and search-and-rescue missions, that work tirelessly and selflessly to complete their mission.

We Need to Celebrate Our Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) Too

Where would we be without emotional support animals? ESAs also deserve a special thanks, and a moment of recognition followed by a lifetime supply of cuddles and belly rubbing!

5 Ways to Celebrate Today’s National Day and Make a Difference

The best way for you to celebrate National Dog Day is by contributing to the betterment of your dog’s life. Sure, you can hug your pet and prepare an extra delicious breakfast for them, but you can also go the extra mile.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Adopt a partner-pup at the local shelter.
  2. Rescue a stray.
  3. Volunteer at a shelter.
  4. Donate doggy toys, blankets, food, and other goods.
  5. Treat every pup you see with the same unconditional love they give you!

Have a Look on Dog Websites for Ideas!

Not sure how to celebrate or give praise and appreciation to man’s best friend? Look online on some doggy websites for inspiration!

A Few Highlights of National Dog Day 2017 & 2018

On 2017 and 2018, dog owners (or just plain old dog lovers) celebrated August 26th in style. There were events commemorating our furry friends that we’re sure both owners and puppies alike immensely benefited from! Events like dog food tasting, happy hours, and a meet-and-greet for dogs with a “day at the park” event were just a few of them. Good times!

Today is National What Day?

Yup, you read it right, folks: National DOG Day! However, you don’t necessarily have to wait until August 26th to celebrate with your golden-retriever pup. Every day presents you with great reasons to do something good for the dogs of the world.

Other Dog Days 2018 – 2019

There are other days of the year that are dedicated to recognizing the immense value that these loving and lovable animals have for us. Here’s a list:

  • January 29: Seeing-Eye Guide Dog Anniversary
  • March 13: K-9 Veteran’s Day
  • April 10: National Hug Your Dog Day
  • June 21: Take Your Dog to Work Day
  • July 21: No Pet Store Puppies Day

And those are just a few! Next, we’ll list some more fun dog holidays.

National Hot Dog Day

There’s also a National Hot Dog Day on July 17th. Nothing to do with dogs, per se, but rather with those delicious franks we all love to enjoy.

National Rescue Dog Day

National Rescue Dog Day is a day commemorating the brave souls who rescue dogs in need of love. It is also a stern reminder to those that can do something to help to rescue a pup and help them find a forever home. National Rescue Dog Day is on May 20th.

National Puppy Day 2018

This is a day to mark in your calendar! National Puppy Day was founded with the idea not only to celebrate puppies but also to create awareness on the abuses that puppies face in places like puppy mills. There, they are neglected, malnourished, and abandoned to the elements. These places must be shut down! Say no to animal abuse!

International Dog Day

Since 2004, July 21st has been the day that dogs are given the praise and the respect they deserve on a global scale.

National Pet Day

National Pet Day is on April 11th every year. It’s an all-inclusive celebration of all pets; not just dogs.  Cats and dogs are among the most popular domesticated pets to have. However, there are many other animals that are kept and loved as pets.

Pet parents who own hamsters, ferrets or bunnies get to celebrate National Pet Day alongside their feline and canine pets.

National Pet Day is also a good day to spread the word that people need to rethink supporting the exotic pets industry. Iguanas, macaws, and sloths may be cute, but they are wild animals that are at their happiest when they’re in their natural environment!

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is aimed at reminding potential pet owners that they should adopt a pet at a shelter rather than prolonging the existence of a business that profits from animal abuse. For National Dog Day this year, if you want a pup… Go to your local shelter and adopt! National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is on April 30th.

We hope you found this informative and inspiring. Next time you look into your dog’s intelligent eyes, we hope you’ll feel more appreciation, respect, and love for them.

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