5 Ways to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day 2020

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National Love Your Pet Day is the perfect time to show your pet you love them! In this article, we will cover all you need to know about National Love Your Pet Day and the many ways you can celebrate this wonderful day.

When is National Love Your Pet Day 2020? 

When it comes to owning a pet, there’s no doubt, that it is a very special relationship. Our furry friends not only give us the companionship we need but they also teach us about patience and love. So, every February the 20th we celebrate our appreciation for our fur babies by celebrating National Love Your Pet Day!

A Look at Fun Facts of National Love Your Pet Day 2019 

  • Last year, in the USA alone, we found out that 67% of households owned a pet.
  • In 2019, the most owned pets include freshwater fish, cats, dogs, and birds.
  • The most popular pet in the USA as of 2019 were freshwater fish! Cats only ranked second!
  • Pet birds were the 4th most popular pets in the USA.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Furkids

National Love Your Pet Day is all about celebrating and appreciating the special relationship you have with your furry friend. Here are 5 ways you can celebrate love!
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Pamper Your Pooch

National Love Your Pet Day is not just about pet owners treating their pets! It’s also about self-care and pampering them! What better way to show your furry friend you love them by taking them for a nice dog or cat grooming session. 
Here’s what we say! Take your dog for a lovely long hike in the morning. Let them get all dirty in the mud, after that, head to the groomers, let them clean up your pup! And to finish the day, stop by a local pet shop and let your dog grab a special treat!

Splurge on Some Toys and Treats

Pets come in all shapes, sizes, and species. Today pet owners don’t just own dogs and cats. In fact, many people own pet birds like cockatiels, rabbits, guinea pigs, you name it!
That being said, there is one universal gift idea pet owners can all share! Buying their little companion their favorite treat! Every fur or feather friend has a favorite treat! So, here are our recommendations.
For your feathered friend: Got a cockatiel? why not get them a forage-based treat from the store. You can add nuts, corn, or even dried (sugar-free) fruits.
Got a little rabbit? Yogurt drops, a bunch of fresh veggies and fruits will make any rabbits day!
For your feisty feline try incorporating a variety of treats. We recommend freeze-dried meats, the finest wet food, and some moist treats.
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Spend Some Quality Time with Your Pet

National Love Your Pet Day is not just about pet owners spoiling their dog or cat. It’s also about spending quality time! If you have a dog then take them hiking, head to the beach, or take a trip to the dog park! Make it a family trip and do these bonding events with your furry friends and children alike.
If you have a cat, then the best way to spend time with them is to groom them. Brush, pets, and plenty of play-time is a great way to give your kitty the attention they need.
Finally, for the bird lovers out there! We all know that birds are quite social creatures in general. Bond with your bird by talking to them, scratching their little heads, and letting them fly free within the house

Social Media Bragging Rights!

If there is one day you can brag about how adorable your pet is then it is National Love Your Pet Day! Whether you do it through Facebook or Instagram, share some photos of your companions enjoying their day. Now, don’t feel like you’re bragging about your pet! Instead, you can think of it as sharing your pet’s love with those who don’t have a dog or cat to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day with.

Pay it Forward: Show Shelter Animals Some Love

National Love Your Pet Day isn’t all about spoiling the pets you own. There are many dogs and cats in shelters who would appreciate some love and care. So, on this special day take a visit to your local shelter! Buy a bunch of dog treats, dog toys, and dog food. Make these donations to all the furry friends you see in the shelter.
Now, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to help shelter animals. You can celebrate the love by volunteering at an animal rescue, give some cuddles, or make some homemade dog treats for these furry friends.
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6 Other National Days in February You Should Know About

National Love Your Pet Day isn’t the only national day in February. Here are some more days to keep in mind.

  1. February 11–12: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
  2. February 22: National Walk Your Dog Day
  3. 23rd of February: National Dog Biscuit Day
  4. February 25: Spay Day USA / World Spay Day
  5. Between February 7th and the 14th, we have to acknowledge Have a Heart for  Chained Dogs Week
  6. February 27th: National Polar Bear Day! Alright, this isn’t pet-related, but we need to show our appreciation for our polar bear friends.

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When is National Love Your Pet Day 2020?

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What is National Love Your Pet Day?

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