5 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day 2019

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What’s better than Bring Your Dog to Work Day? There can be no doubt about it: National Pet Day is the biggest event in a pet owner’s calendar! National Pet Day (NPD) is a day to celebrate the fur kids in our lives and show them appreciation in different ways. Read on to learn more about this day and what you can do to get involved.

Today is National What Day? National Pet Day 2019! 

National Pet Day. It’s the best day for celebrating your pet companion. This day is also about raising awareness and bring the plight of animals in shelters to the foreground. This year, there are a ton of fun events and activities you can take part in to celebrate pets.

A quick Google or Facebook search should reveal how your community plans on celebrating Pet Day. You can also go directly to the National Pet Day website and find out more about their events and promotions.

Different from National Love Your Pet Day 

National Love Your Pet Day happens in February while National Pet Day is in April was founded in 2006.

Yeah, we know, confusing.

Colleen Paige, an animal welfare advocate, wanted to make sure pets get a day on which they are front and center. It’s a day of joy and celebration, but also to remind everyone of how communities need to remember and support all those animals in shelters who need forever homes!

Why We Need to Celebrate Our Emotional Support Animals 

Emotional support animals (ESAs) improve the quality of life of people living with mental illnesses or conditions. They provide unconditional love and support every day of the year, so we need to make at least one day of the year all about them!

This day is about them, so whether you give them a special treat, take extra time to play with them or go walkies, you need to make sure they feel extra special.

cat with glasses celebrating national cat day

5 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day and Make a Difference 

There are so many ways to celebrate National Pet Day! We’ve put together some ideas of how to get involved in a way that not only benefits your dog or cat but pets in need as well!


You don’t need to sign up and commit to volunteering on a regular basis. You can set aside a couple of hours on NPD and spend time with or care for shelter animals. Who Knows, you might just make a furever friend.


When people hear “donate” they immediately think “money”. However, it’s not only about the $. You can donate blankets, food, toys or leashes to a local rescue group. There is of course also the option of donating towards vet bills that a lot of these groups have to deal with.

There are so many animal welfare groups that rope veterinarians in to take part in community outreaches to spay and neuter animals whose owner’s can’t necessarily afford it. The vets give their time and skills but the medical supplies are not free.

A great way to make a difference in your community on National Pet Day is to sponsor a snip (or two). Some people like to sponsor one snip for each pet that they own.

Buy Some Pet Swag for Your Pet

Has it been a while since Fido or Mittens have received a new toy? It won’t mess too much with your average household spending to splurge a little one day a year. Plus, if you are replacing something your dog no longer needs or wants, you can donate it!

Take Part in Dog Walks or Runs

Many organizations plan events on Pet Day which involve getting out and about with animals. These events encourage people to take their dogs on the walks or to take a rescue dog out for the day. All proceeds go to the shelter of course.

beagle wearing party hat celebrating national dog day

When is National Pet Day? April 11! This Best Be In Your National Day Calendar 

April 11 needs to be in every calendar you have. On your phone, on your fridge, and in your planner. As much as we’d love to, we can’t make every day Pet Day, so this is a day we should remember!

What About Doggos? When is National Dog Day? 

Of course, Doggos have a day dedicated to them alone! It’s on 26 August! We cannot imagine a life without our loyal canine companions, so this is an important day to remember. For one day our dogs come first. Luckily it doesn’t take much to treat our pups and make them happy. Yummy treats, a toy, a play or a walk will make them feel super special.

When is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day?

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is on 30 April! How incredibly convenient! If you spend 11 April at an animal shelter, hopefully, you fall in love with a little fur child. If so, there’s no better day to adopt a pet than on the 30th of April.

Let’s Look Back on a Few Highlights of National Pet Day 2017 

Countless companies and celebrities posted images and messages on social media in celebration of National Pet Day. Perhaps our favorite is former president Obama’s tweet with an image of him with his gorgeous doggo.

What About National Pet Day 2018 and National Dog Day 2018?    

A quick search on social media will show you the thousands of posts people shared to celebrate their pets and dogs on National Pet and Dog day in 2018. Hopefully, you’re prepared for 2019 and can add your voice to the online celebrations!

How Did You Handle the Cuteness of National Puppy Day 2018? 

Your puppy might be grown up now, but as most pet parents know, they are always our little ones. Puppy pictures melt our hearts on the best of days. How are we supposed to survive an entire day devoted to puppies?

Oh well, you may as well give in to the cuteness. If there is one day you get to be glued to your screen, it is National Puppy Day

Upcoming Awareness Months and National Days in April! 

The list of national days in April is long! April is a big pet month, so you’ll have to stay on your toes and keep up!

Regardless of whether you’re celebrating dogs, cats or pet birds, National Pet Day is a great day for showing your pets love and appreciation!

adorable puppies kitten bird and bunnies

Common Questions on National Pet Day

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