Get Ready for Cuteness Overload on National Puppy Day 2020

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cute puppy with balloons celebrating national puppy day

Unleash a litter of puppies on someone, and you’re guaranteed to get a smile from them—possibly a squeal of delight. Even people who claim not to be dog lovers will admit that these adorable critters, with their fluffy faces and gyrating tails, are an icon of uninhibited joy. National Puppy Day gives you a chance to focus your attention on the cutest members of your family. It’s a time to promote adoption and shine a light on puppy mills and its abandoned dogs and puppies.

When is National Puppy Day 2020?

National Puppy Day takes place on March 23rd every year. This wondrous holiday was started in 2006 by Colleen Paige, an animal behaviorist, author, and pet and family lifestyle expert. With an admirable goal to promote the rescue of millions of pets, Colleen has pioneered other philanthropic holidays that focus on this cause. National Cat Day, National Dog Day, National Mutt Day, and more, trend on social media every year and improve the lives of animals and their owners – one adoption at a time.

6 Ways to Celebrate and Spoil Your Puppy on This Special Day

Three years ago, Bryce Jurgy filled his home with orphaned puppies to surprise his wife in the middle of her workday. The video went viral, with many praising Bryce for his top skills at being a husband. The purpose was to bring some joy into her day, and boy did it work. Over eight and a half million people have watched the video! 

Hands up if you want some puppy love in your life! These little canine companions, with their mouthiness, their clumsy feet, and their puppy breath, deserve a day of their own. So roll up your sleeves and start planning an epic puppy party this National Puppy Day 2020. 

adorable golden retriever puppy smiling

Give Them Some Puptastic Homemade Treats

If the sun is shining this National Puppy Day, why not spoil your adorable pet with a frozen homemade ice lolly? If Springtime is taking its time or you live in a colder climate, then bake some healthy dog treats that are good for any pooch. Throwing a party requires some exceptional spoils, so you could also invite your friends with their furbabies around and make each critter a sugar-free cupcake.

Treat Them to a New Toy and Extra Play Time

Choosing a toy for your puppy can be pretty overwhelming, as there are so many options out there. From dog puzzles, ropes, balls, and squeaky plush toys, your dog will be overjoyed with some new gifts and quality time with you. Can’t choose? Subscribe for a BarkBox, a monthly hamper full of new surprises, including healthy treats, innovative toys, and chews.

Dish Out Tons of TLC

Life gets busy, and we often need to be reminded to carve out time for our loved ones, pups included. For National Puppy Day, schedule your dog into your calendar to take them for a walk, frolic on the beach, or a run on your favorite trail. Afterward, let them curl up with you as you treat them with some extra cuddles and ear scratches.

If you’ve decided to adopt a pup, try to commit a good chunk of time to bond with them for the first few days in their new home.

Twinning: Dress Up in Matching Outfits

Shop for some Dog Threads and up the cuteness levels for National Puppy Day. Then go for a walk in the park to strut your new matching outfits.

tiny beagle puppy howling

Photobomb Social Media with Cute Puppy Pictures

Now that you’ve got your matching outfits for the whole family, you can plan a little photoshoot. Hire a professional, or simply grab your selfie stick and get snapping. Photobomb your social media pages with some adorable images and show some love and likes to the #instapuppy celebrities.

Have a Fun Training Session

Your puppy loves treats, but they may not be very good at listening to instructions. Plan a fun training session with your dog on National Puppy Day to get them to realize that training can be fun. The one-on-one time with you and the treat that follows will hopefully create some positive behavior. Find out about any fun agility training classes in your neighborhood. It will be a helpful way too meet some other furry families and plan some playdates.

Spoiling the pooch in your life is fun, but what’s admirable is doting on the dogs that have no one to love them. Take the opportunity to donate to your local animal shelter. There are many ways that you can give of your time, money, or skill. By sponsoring a spay or neuter, you are helping to prevent pet overpopulation, and you’re keeping diseases at bay.

Why Not Volunteer and Show Other Pups Some Love?

Depressed, alone, and bored in their cages, shelter animals love having visitors. It gets their tails wagging, and those puppy dog eyes start working their magic. Invite some friends along and use this holiday as an encouragement to sign up as a volunteer. You will love it so much you’ll want to do it every week!

five cute puppies sitting down

Adopt, Don’t Shop: Adopt a Furbaby From an Animal Shelter or Rescue Group

Adopting a puppy is a lifechanging moment. If you would like to add a furry friend to your life, then adoption should be your first choice. If you want a purebred pup, then find out what registered rescue groups are in your area and go from there. Puppy mills that breed inhumanely and irresponsibly, stock pet stores. Discouraging this business will hopefully bring an end to the abusive operation of these places.

There are many abandoned and homeless animals that are just waiting to shower you in their unconditional love. If you have space for a new fluffy family member, why not adopt one this National Puppy Day? 

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