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Mental Health Awareness Day has come and gone, but there’s another date you should mark down on your calendar. National Stress Awareness Day is also important. This year, it will happen on November 6th. Take the time to reflect on how stress impacts your day-to-day life. Around 40% of American workers are overwhelmingly stressed. Yet, not all of them are managing stress levels every day—often because they don’t know how to! Keep reading to learn how you can make the most of this special date.

Why National Stress Awareness Day Is So Important

Our cave-dwelling ancestors felt stressed. It was a normal body reaction that helped them survive. When they saw a lion, their bodies would go into “stress mode” and make them run for their lives.

Today, we know lions aren’t out to get us. But we still have that primal stress feeling in us. Feeling stressed isn’t necessarily a problem. It’s chronic stress and stress you can’t shake that’s bad for our health. It causes high blood sugar, wears us down, and tenses up our muscles. This is where stress management skills come in handy.

Knowing how to fight stress is crucial to a healthy and happy life. It all starts by recognizing the symptoms of stress. Then, you need to tackle them. On National Stress Awareness Day, the goal is to share these techniques.

Stress Awareness Month Is Just as Important

April is Stress Awareness Month. It’s a time dedicated to thinking about where our stress comes from. More often than not, it’s workplace stress that is wearing us down. Companies and employers need to start a discussion about this topic—and not just in April!

Overwhelming stress can cause mental health problems or make health issues worse. Depression and anxiety are often triggered by everyday stressors. There has to be a way of breaking this stressful cycle.

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7 Ways to Beat the Burnout

There are ways of fighting this problem. National Stress Awareness Day always sparks crucial conversations. These tips will help you manage stressful situations. That cold feeling and the knot in your stomach doesn’t have to be there forever.

Take Regular Breaks

If your workplace permits it, take breaks often. Before feeling sick with stress, pause what you’re doing. Practice deep breathing, eat a small snack, and take your mind off things for a few minutes. It will help you de-stress before you get to a no-turning-back point where you’re sick to your stomach.

Break the Work-Day Routine

You should always avoid feeling like you live in the workplace. Don’t take work home with you, if you can help it. Think of other things when you’re not on the clock. Relaxation and your personal wellbeing are just as important as clocking in on time.

Switch things up once every other day. For instance, you could pack a special lunch on Monday. On Tuesday, you could park your car a bit further away and walk the rest of the way to work. On Wednesday, buy yourself a little treat and enjoy it on your lunch break. You get the gist.

Get Out Into Nature

There’s nothing quite like the outdoors. We live in our cars and offices so much we forget how beautiful the world is. Going for a walk is not only good to keep heart disease at bay, but it also helps mitigate stress factors. Even a short walk through a public park will do you wonders. It’s the perfect way of supporting National Stress Awareness Day. Bonus points if you take a friend.

Happy Hormones: Exercise Does Wonders!

Exercise is tiring, but that’s a good thing for people struggling with stress and anxiety. Your body will release endorphins when you start moving. Those “feel-good” hormones help uplift your spirits. That’s why being active is so good for your mental wellbeing.

You don’t have to go all out and workout for two hours. A brisk walk, for example, is a lovely way of producing endorphins. Just make sure to get your heart racing!

Give Yoga and Meditation a Try

Did you know yoga and meditation reduce stress levels? People who practice these relaxation activities are more aware of their bodies and minds. Thus, they have better control over how they react to primal feelings (such as stress). That’s one of the reasons why they sleep so much better, too. Try it out! There are tons of YouTube videos helping newbies online.

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Carve Some Time for Yourself

A great stress relief method is making time for yourself. Find ten or fifteen minutes in your busy schedule to just do nothing. Spend time with yourself. Ask yourself questions. Do what you love most—even if that’s only putting on a hydrating face mask. Just keep stressors out of your mind. It will certainly help you decompress and manage stress.

Write Down Your Feelings

This National Stress Awareness Day, write down your feelings. What made you stressed? How does your body react to being stressed? Do you get an upset stomach? Do you get short of breath?

Being aware of your reactions to stress is important. When you’re not overwhelmed, you can go back and think of how you could have handled the situation better. This is called mindfulness and everyone should do it.

Stress and Mental Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Stress, mental health, and physical wellbeing are best buddies. They influence each other and can’t be separated. There’s a reason why you feel muscular tension when you’re stressed and why stress can trigger mental health problems. Anxiety and depression don’t just pop out of nowhere for many people.

Don’t Underestimate the Human-Animal Bond

Everyone can deal with stress in their own ways. But studies have shown that the human-animal bond can help reducing stress quickly and effectively. That’s why many therapists prescribe animal-assisted therapy.

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An ESA Can Help Reduce Stress Levels

Emotional support animals help alleviate the symptoms of stress. Their presence is heartwarming and takes their owners’ minds off of things. It’s an amazing way of improving their stress response. And they stick around all year long, not just during National Stress Awareness Day or Stress Awareness Month!

How CertaPet Can Help You Get Your ESA Letter

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of emotional support animals. That’s why we work hard to connect people suffering from mental health problems with licensed mental health professionals. Our therapists meet with them and prescribe them a support buddy if they see fit. That could be you, too. Take our thorough 5-minute pre-screening test to kickstart the process. We’ll handle everything from there!

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