Nationwide Pet Insurance: Plans, Cost, Reviews and More!

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Remember Lassie? Of course, you do, who could forget that heroic collie? “Yeah, okay, but why are you bringing her up?” you might ask. Well, she was the very first client of Nationwide Pet Insurance! Her health coverage skyrocketed the popularity of Pet Insurance in California, and soon, Nationwide Pet Insurance sold a myriad of policies.

What is Nationwide Pet Insurance?

Nationwide Pet Insurance, was founded in 1980 (that’s almost 40 years ago!) as “Veterinary Pet Services, Inc.” It is a company that has the support of 750 renowned veterinary professionals. Nationwide Pet Insurance is the first company to create and provide pet health insurance plans for all of America’s domesticated furry, fuzzball felines and its cute, cuddly canines.

In 1985, Nationwide Pet Insurance went national. They sold their policies from coast to coast. Soon, it became the first company to introduce coverage for routine check-ups, annual vaccinations, and heartworm prevention, as well as more specialized treatments like dental care or dental cleanings. You can’t beat that!

What’s in a Name?

In 2015, Nationwide Pet Insurance retired the “Veterinary Pet Services” brand for their current title. This company has several “pet protection” and “pet care” plans according to any pet’s needs! From puppies and kittens to exotic pets like snakes… or even rats!

These pet insurance providers do not discriminate! Whatever kind of pet you have, Nationwide’s On Your Side!

What Do the Insurance Companies Have in Common?

Every insurance company has different policies. Depending on several variables, one plan may offer coverage for something another plan does not… and vice versa. You need to study each potential policy with care. Be sure to read the fine print! Always remember it’s necessary to consult with a licensed veterinarian so that you can be appropriately informed.

Some pet insurance plans are very limited. Others cover things like illness, chronic conditions, congenital conditions, and other vet bills your dog or cat may encounter. Some cover prescription medications, others don’t.

Again, many of the information about the insurance policy is in the fine print. Ask for details about the fees, payout, and the waiting period of a claim!

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Which Furkids Need Dog Insurance or Cat Insurance the Most?

This question is interesting. Most animal lovers would venture to say that EVERY domesticated animal needs health insurance! Veterinary care costs add up! There are diseases and conditions that all animals can suffer from, i.e. heartworms, ringworms, and a slew of parasitic worms that pester our lovable companions.

However, there are some puppy breeds and kitten breeds that have a tendency to suffer from specific debilitating conditions.

Certain Breeds with Certain Conditions!

A condition called “Hip Dysplasia” is most common in large dogs like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Labradors, to name a few. This condition makes vet bills skyrocket!

Other smaller breeds like bulldogs suffer from brachycephalic airway obstruction due to their short-nosed shape, which causes breathing difficulties. Imagine what Pit-Bulls must endure, being large enough to suffer from hip dysplasia, as well as brachycephalic airway obstruction! Poor puppies… However, with Nationwide Pet Insurance, the treatments for both these conditions are eligible for reimbursement when treated by a veterinarian.

Pet Insurance: Nationwide Coverage

With Nationwide Pet Insurance, you can be confident that the adorable member of your family will be covered… Nationwide AND abroad!

That’s right, from Los Angeles, California to Saigon, China to Sydney, Australia and back again! That’s right; Nationwide Pet Insurance’s plans give you, the owner, the piece of mind of knowing that Bandit, Baxter, Tiger, and Felix will be covered with any vet… as long as the vet in question is on planet Earth. Nevertheless, Nationwide Pet Insurance doesn’t cover vets with practices anywhere else in the Solar System… Yet!

Get a Nationwide Insurance Quote

Trying to find out how to get a quote for you Fido or Luna? Fear not! Nationwide Pet Insurance has made the process VERY easy.

Simply visit Nationwide Pet Insurance’s website, click on the “get a quote” option on the top of the page. Put in your information and the information of you cute cuddly critter, choose what type of coverage you want, and you’ll get your quote! Easy, isn’t it?

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Choose the Best Pet Plan for Fido or Mittens

Whatever type of care your furry, scaly, or feathery companion needs, Nationwide Pet Insurance has got a plan that matches it. Don’t forget: It’s important to know which reimbursement type to pick, too! Nationwide Pet Insurance provides three different plans:

  • Whole Pet Wellness
  • Major Medical
  • Pet Wellness

Each one of these Nationwide Pet Insurance plans provides different coverage for different ailments. For example, “Pet Wellness” plan covers over 50% of the annual wellness check-ups, whereas both of Nationwide Pet Insurance’s other plans will not reimburse for your buddy’s check-ups. Those plans focus on more complicated ailments, like hip dysplasia and cancer. Study all of Nationwide plans and choose wisely. Choose as if you were choosing for yourself.

Our Pick: The Best Nation Wide Dog Health Insurance Policy

When it comes to the safety and health of our loved ones, we always want what’s best. That is why we have evaluated all the different options available in the pet insurance market to give you all the information needed to make the right decision.

Choosing Nationwide Pet Insurance is the best health insurance policy for pets, and as you can see, enjoying their benefits is very easy. Next, we are going to detail step by step how to use their website to get the best results and have access to all the benefits offered by their policies.

Step by Step: How to Submit a Claim on

Filing a claim with Nationwide Pet Insurance is easy as pie, and you can get it done before Rocky runs up the stairs when you shout “Treat!”… Well, maybe not quite that fast, but it’s pretty easy!

Find the Nationwide Pet Insurance Login

Nationwide Pet Insurance has a very intuitive webpage. If you want to find the login page, just go back to the main webpage at, and on the top right corner, next to Nationwide Pet Insurance’s 1-888 customer service number, there’s a “My Account” link in dark blue font that takes you to the login portal.

Once there, type in your login ID and your password and… You’re in! Simple, intuitive, straightforward, and user-friendly. How refreshing!

Find and Submit Your Nationwide Pet Insurance Claim Form

After having paid your veterinarian and received the respective invoice(s) for the treatment, just return to Nationwide Pet Insurance’s webpage (it should be in your “Favorites” tab by now), log in, and then hit the “submit a claim” tab right next to the “get a quote” tab.

Next Step: Submit a Claim! 

On the drop-down menu, hit “Submit a claim”, and you will be prompted to provide the e-mail address associated with your account. Nationwide Pet Insurance will send you a code, and upon confirming your account, you can go on to submit your claim online! Easy, isn’t it?

If you prefer more traditional methods, you may choose to download the form which you may then print and fill out with all the requested information (note: said information may vary from state to state). Next, fax or mail this document along with the invoice(s) from the vet… And you’re done! Not so hard either!

Nationwide Pet Insurance Reviews

Do you want to find out what the experience of other customers who use Nationwide Pet Insurance has been? Well, this company has nothing to hide. You can do a Google search with something to the effect of “Nationwide Pet Insurance reviews”, and you’re likely to find several links.

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At the End of the Day: Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?    

Well, it really depends on you as a pet owner and the importance your pet holds in the household. If the pet in question is, say, a conventional goldfish, you may not be too eager to invest in its health. That isn’t to say that their lives are worth less than any other living being on this planet… But consider the costs of such an investment.

However, if said goldfish has enormous sentimental value, then go crazy! The “worthiness” of the investment depends solely on the pet owner.

Every animal on this massive oblate spheroid we call Planet Earth deserves all the care and love they can get.

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