Stepping Into the New Year with Your ESA

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December is quickly coming to a close. With the New Year right around the corner, many people start making their resolutions for 2020. Others go see the ball drop, attend live music events, and play out their favorite end-of-year tradition. Whatever your plans are for midnight, they should involve your emotional support animal.

This loving companion brings good luck and good fortune for your new calendar year. They help people with mental health disorders live a happier life. Who wouldn’t want that for themselves? Continue reading to learn all about it—and to learn some more tips for a happy 2020!

There’s Nothing Like a New Year’s Celebration to Make a Fresh Start

Ahhhh, the anticipation for the New Year. Our Gregorian calendar flips another page and we welcome 2020 with open arms. It’s time to say goodbye to December and start January afresh. Whether you’re planning on seeing live entertainment during New Year’s Eve, going to dance parties,  or staying at home, this is a great time to start over.

See the New Year Countdown in a Positive Light

Your 2019 may have been a bad year. For many people, coping with a mental illness is not easy, and our hearts go out to them. But now they get a brand new opportunity of starting anew.

There’s always something to be proud of, no matter how your year went. Surely, you have done something you’re happy about. Maybe you finally got a diagnosis that makes sense to you. Or maybe you managed to get up in the morning even though your mental illness had you down. Either way, we’re happy for you, and we know you’re going to do just as well (or even better!) this coming year.

Stepping Into the New Year with Your ESA

The best way to start the New Year right? Turning your back on December and welcoming January with your furry friend by your side. Their company is so precious. We bet hanging out with them is more fun and heart-warming than any New Year celebration or live performances.

person on beach celebrating lunar new year with her esa

What Is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

You may be wondering what an emotional support animal is. It’s simple: they’re the best friend you could ever ask for. These companion animals help people with mental illnesses cope with their diagnosis. They make every day easier and more enjoyable. An ESA is there, by your side, every day of the calendar year, from January to December.

How ESAs Help Their Owners Cope with Mental Illness

An emotional support animal showers their owner in love and affection. Over time, they develop a wholesome bond together. For owners, their mere presence is enough to lower stress levels and boost happiness hormones. ESAs bring them good fortune and more strength to face what is sometimes a scary world. Living with these furry animals is incredibly therapeutic—that’s why licensed mental health professionals prescribe it!

Benefits of Owning an ESA

The therapeutic benefit of the human-animal bond is undeniable. It helps millions of Americans live a happy life, despite their mental health diagnosis.

Luckily, there are other benefits that make living with an ESA easier. Did you know an emotional support animal is not a pet? They have rights and are protected by two ironclad laws! Release the colorful balloons: we have good news coming.

Thanks to the Fair Housing Act (FHA), you can live with Fido or Mittens in a rented unit. Yes, even if they have a no-pets policy. And the best part? You won’t need to pay a dime in pet fees or deposits. After all, ESAs are not pets—they’re assistance animals.

Additionally, the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) lets you fly with your four-legged companion. They can travel inside the cabin at your feet. And you won’t have to pay a pet fee or a separate ticket for them, either.

man celebrating chinese new year with his emotional support dog

Onwards and Upwards: 3 Ways to Start the Year with Your ESA

Let’s get into the practical tips we have for a better calendar year to come. Take notes and let us know if you try any of these things!

Place Mental Health Front and Center

There’s nothing more important than our health—physical and mental. In the New Year, put your mental health at the top of your priority list. It may be a good time to get professional help and see a therapist—and get an emotional support animal. It’s an investment that will start paying for itself immediately.

Make Attainable Resolutions

New Year resolutions can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. It’s all a matter of framing it. Why not try to make friends in your city in 2020? Or why not challenge yourself to cook dinner every other night? Maybe go for a walk every day with your ESA? It’s these apparently small things that have meaning.

Start a New “New Year” Celebration Tradition

Sure, every year people do a countdown with their friends and family. But maybe you could start your own new celebration. It’s a great way to step into the new year in style. With your ESA by your side, of course! Here are some ideas:

  • Prepare a feast of your favorite dishes
  • Invite your loved ones for a celebratory dinner
  • Take a photo with your ESA every year (and then compare them!)
  • Drink a glass of champagne (if you’re into that) and cheer the New Year
  • Write a card on New Year’s Eve with what you’re most proud of achieving in 2019

New Year Wishes: Nobody Wishes You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Like Your ESA

At the end of your day, your emotional support animal is your biggest fan. Hanging out with them can be just as fun as going to a hip celebration you have expensive tickets to. Spending quality time with your favorite fuzzball is an awesome way of passing the page of the Gregorian calendar.

When Is New Year’s? Different Cultures, Different Dates!

The Gregorian calendar isn’t the only one out there. Thus, there is more than one “New Year” date. In the West, we celebrate it on December 31st. But in other countries, they celebrate it on different days—and even in different months and seasons!

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Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year Celebration is a huge deal in Asia. People go all out to welcome the new calendar year, to attract good luck and good fortune.

When Is Chinese New Year?

Chine follows the lunar calendar. That’s why they celebrate a new calendar year on January 25th, 2020. It’s tradition to have dozens of guests over, to feast together, and to offer each other presents. Did you know that in San Francisco the Chinese community puts on a whole festival?

Jewish New Year

The Jewish religion has a different date for the start of the year, too. Rosh Hashanah 2020 falls on September 18th. It’s a time of rejoicing and introspection. And, of course, for spending time with your loved ones.

Common Questions on New Year Celebrations and ESAs

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