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Emotional Support Animal Letter Benefits

Proven Relief

Emotional Support Animals have been found to be an effective treatment option for people struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental conditions.

Keep your family together

Your pet is more than an animal–it’s your family. An ESA Letter ensures you can live and travel with your furry family members, no questions asked.

Protection from Unfair Fees

ESA Letters protect against unfair pet deposit fees, monthly pet fees, and air travel fees. You shouldn’t be penalized for your mental condition.

Why CertaPet

  • We are the #1 ESA Letter provider in the marketplace
  • Trusted by more than 40,000 people and counting
  • FREE pre-screening to help determine if you are good candidate for an ESA letter
  • Online ESA Letter application process that saves you the hassle and costs of having to visit a therapist in person
  • Peace of mind knowing you and your family member are protected
Women with her ESA Letter
Women with her ESA Letter
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Good for
1 Whole Year

Money Back Guarantee

CertaPet Customer Stories

“I already had a prescription for my anxiety issues, but it would take weeks for me to get an appointment to get the required paperwork. The mental health professional called me within hours of submitting my application to CertaPet. She spent about an hour (way more than my own doctor!) discussing my history and issues with anxiety. I had a copy of my letter by the next day, and the original letter arrived in two days. For those who truly have a need, CertaPet is the place to go.”


“To say that CertaPet met my expectations would be an understatement. Everyone at CertaPet bent over backwards to help us in getting our Emotional Support Animal letter. Use them, you won’t be sorry.”

“I would highly recommend CertaPet. Every email I sent asking a question was answered the same day. I had my letter in 2 business days from start to finish.The psychologist that called me was very friendly and listened to what I had to say and was not judgmental of my medical need for my ESA letter and pet. I will be using this company for my renewal letter next year. Great Job CertaPet!!!”

Experts Agree on the Value of Emotional Support Animals

“Emotional Support Animals can benefit a disabled individual psychologically. The seemingly basic gift of companionship and unconditional affection can be just the right therapy to counter a condition like debilitating depression.”

“Emotional support animals by their very nature, and without training, may relieve depression and anxiety, and/or help reduce stress-induced pain in persons with certain medical conditions affected by stress.”

“The ASPCA believes that pets and people belong together; that financial circumstances alone are not reliable indicators of the capacity to love and care for a companion animal, and that strong bonds between people and pets make for stronger communities.

Women with her ESA Letter
Certapet logo

Good for
1 Whole Year

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Order Right Now With Confidence!

A CertaPet ESA Letter is only USD 16.67 per month
for both the housing and travel letter – that’s less than most pet deposits!

If, for any reason, your application is not approved by one of our
Licensed Mental Health Professionals, your fee will be refunded,
excluding a USD 35 consultation fee.

  • Covers almost all housing complexes
  • Lasts for one full year (the legal maximum)
  • No security deposit
  • No monthly pet fees
  • Adopt a pet you otherwise wouldn’t be able to have
Housing and Flying


  • All the benefits of the Housing & Flying ESA Letter combined.
  • Covers all domestic and international flights originating in the US or run by US airlines
  • Lasts for one full year (the legal maximum)
  • No airlines fees
  • No need to put your pet in the cargo hold

Conditions That May Qualify You for an ESA

  • Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Fear/Phobias
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Separation Anxiety 
  • Mood Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Stress
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder


This year 1 in 5 Americans will suffer from severe emotional stress or a mental disability, according to the National Alliance of Mental Illness. Armed with this statistic, CertaPet set out to increase awareness of the many benefits people can gain from having an Emotional Support Animal. Understanding just how difficult these situations can be for our customers, we set out to make the process of getting an ESA as easy as possible. By moving the entire process online, CertaPet has made it simple, convenient, and confidential to get an ESA letter from a licensed, qualified therapist. We love helping people discover the power of pets and the many benefits that come with having an Emotional Support Animal. Ready to see if an ESA letter could benefit you?

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