Orijen Dog Food: Where to Buy This Popular Dog Food!

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Struggling to find the ultimate healthy gourmet creation for your prized pooch? Enter Orijen dog food – a uniquely complete and nutritious whole pet food brand that is right up to the task!

The makers of Orijen pet food, Champion Pet Foods, are Canadian Pet Food knights in shining armor. They have been responsible for thousands of pups growing into stunning adult dogs, thanks to their unparalleled quality formulas.

Unlike some other dog food brands with questionable ingredients and suppliers (think nasty off-cuts and reject meats from the factory floor), Alberta-based Canadian company Champion Pet Food has been producing pet food from ethically sourced, free-range ingredients from local suppliers since 1975.

Their pioneering focus on biologically appropriate foods has also led to the hottest new trend in the dog food market. Foods that replicate the traditional composition of our once wild pal’s natural diets are now all the rage – Champion is largely responsible for this.

And seriously – as the most-awarded pet food brand in the market, they must be doing something right!

Here we delve right into why Orijen dog food could be the perfect choice to keep your doggo healthy and happy!

This is for No Average Doggo Meal: Where to Buy Orijen Dog Food!

Pet owners rejoice – there is a perfect Orijen food for your pup whatever stage of their life they are at! Here is the lowdown of the different varieties offered.

Orijen Original

Orijen Original is the perfect all-rounder.  Whether you own a large breed or a small breed, Orijen Original is suitable for your pet. This food is made from free-range chicken, turkey, eggs and wild-caught herring and flounder. As with all Orijen foods, it is completely grain free. An excellent choice for any canine companion.

Orijen Six Fish 

Orijen Six Fish is specially made with fresh fish. Each 13 lbs bag contains over 11 lbs of fish content. The combination of fresh pilchard, mackerel, hake, flounder, rock fish and sole provide a super boost of omega fatty acids to care for your dog’s coat and brain development. Orijen fish dog food is a good option for fussy eaters who prefer fish flavors. Suitable for all life stages.

Orijen Tundra

Orijen Tundra provides a wide range of game meats in a convenient fresh kibble. Perfect for medium to larger breed dogs with natural hunting instincts, it includes ingredients like goat, wild boar, venison, trout, and duck. This food is suitable for dogs at all life stages.

Orijen Regional Red

Orijen Regional Red is a combination of selected ingredients such as beef, wild boar, bison, lamb, pork and pilchard. The range of ingredients makes it an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for your dog. This means saving on unnecessarily costly and ineffective supplements. Suitable for dogs at all life stages, and a great option for those worried about meeting their dog’s nutritional needs.

Orijen Adult Dog

Orijen Adult Dog food is part of Orijen’s freeze-dried offerings. This range is not cooked at all, helping even more nutrients from the wholesome fresh and raw ingredients stay intact. By freeze drying, only the water is extracted from the food, leaving fresh meat goodness intact. Orijen adult contains poultry, fish and egg. An excellent concentrated source of nature-identical nutrients.

Orijen Senior

Orijen Senior is ideal for our older four-legged friends. The senior-specific formulation provides a high level of protein for sustaining lean muscle mass while limiting unnecessary calories. The perfect pet food for your sweet old pal in their twilight years.

Champion Pet Foods: The Makers of Orijen Dog Food Know What They’re Doing!

Orijen (Latin for ‘origin’) dog food is produced by the highly respected Champion Pet Food brand. The company is known worldwide as being the most awarded brand for dog food.

golden retriever puppy chef wondering what is in orijen champion pet food

Champion has redefined the pet food world, using whole food ingredients and a touch of science to create optimum products for keeping dogs well-nourished and healthy through diet.

As we humans know, diet is absolutely crucial to overall well-being. Obviously, the same concept applies to our furry friends, so the technology and research put into the development of all Champion Pet Foods is state of the art, using top animal nutritionists and scientists.

This focus on quality and balanced nutrition has led to a dog food rich in wholesome ingredients, such as fresh meat and wild-caught fish, to ensure our pet pals are full of health and vitality.

Champion’s mission is to go back to basics. They develop dog foods based on the ancient natural dietary requirements of canines. They don’t use excess human food and by-products, like highly processed miscellaneous grains and low-quality meats like other brands do.

Orijen pet food and Acana pet food are the two flagship brands produced by Champion Pet Foods.

Both have unique formulas to keep your pup at optimum health, with distinct differences, depending on the needs of your dog.

Orijen vs. Acana: What’s the Difference?

So, how do Orijen pet food and Acana pet food, both from Champion Pet Foods, differ?

While both comprise the highest quality pet foods that money can buy, here are the specifics on each type of pet food.

Orijen pet food is the ultimate premium expression of Champion Pet Foods’ commitment to their biologically appropriate food mission.

Orijen dog food is made with the finest fresh meats, incorporated using the latest technology to keep them as fresh as nature intended. The food has a meat content of 85% and is a complete food that mirrors the natural diet your dog has evolved to eat. Orijen is also the highest protein dog food that Champion offers, at 38-44% and is well-rounded including servings of fruits and vegetables. Importantly, NO Orijen pet food contains grains.

Acana dog food features a lower meat content. It does, however, follow Champion’s bio-appropriate diet principles. Acana pet foods feature a combination of meats, fruits and vegetables and small amounts of grains.

The Idea Behind Orijen’s Regional Dog Foods

The concept that drives Orijen dog food is that of providing dogs and cats with an evolution appropriate diet. This has led Orijen to develop a focus on regional dog food that meets the needs of your pet, naturally.

Orijen focuses on their underpinning idea of a biologically appropriate diet to develop all their foods. One of the key ways in which they achieve this is by using a patented WholePrey approach when including meat into their foods.

This means that Orijen rarely uses vitamin or mineral supplements in their food. Instead,  they include meat, organs, and cartilage to mirror the nutritional richness that mother nature provides.

Orijen dog food does not include grains for a simple reason – canines have not evolved to eat carbohydrates in this form. While our cute little pups may not resemble their wolf ancestors so much anymore, the truth is that on the inside their teeth and digestive systems have changed very little!

This is why Orijen’s biologically appropriate approach is so important. In a world full of ‘McDonald’s’ pet foods, they are serving the equivalent of premium grass-fed organic steaks to our deserving doggos!

In a League of its Own: What Sets This Brand Apart?

Orijen products set themselves apart from the pack due to the unparalleled protein and whole meat content in their foods. Not only is Orijen a high-quality dog food that is scientifically backed, but a lot of thought goes into making the kibble taste delicious for your dog too. Your dog won’t even notice its new healthy diet and let’s be real, isn’t that what we all want in life?

A Close Look at the Incredible Ingredients Used in Orijen Kibble! 

Not only is Orijen’s formula innovative, but the way it sources its ingredients makes it a leader in using ethically sourced, quality ingredients in the pet food industry.

Some incredible fresh regional ingredients that go into making Orijen dog food include fresh Angus beef, wild boar, bison, free-range turkey, fresh non-GMO vegetables and sustainably caught wild fish.

No grains are used in this kibble, making the food high in protein and healthy.

All the meat that is used in Orijen dog food is certified as fit for human consumption and is ultra fresh. The delicious flavors that your dog can’t get enough of? Of course, they come from nature too.

Fresh ingredients are freeze-dried and natural flavors extracted from them. These are added to the formula, ramping up delicious pure tastes straight from mother nature herself.

Orijen Cat & Kitten Food!

kitten eating orijen cat food

Dogs are not the only ones who can benefit from Orijen pet food. Dogs and cats both have options in the brand, with Orijen tailoring foods for each.

Orijen Cat and Kitten Food is also high in protein and perfect for the dietary needs of cats and kittens.

Give Your Pupper the Best Start in Life with Orijen Puppy

Orijen Puppy is a wonderful Orijen dry food for the new puppy in your life! At a time when diet is crucial in development, this food is a balanced and caring choice for your new pet. Puppies need a higher fat content in their diet when they are growing and Orijen Puppy uses their WholePrey approach to provide just that.

If you are raising a large breed puppy, try  Orijen Large Breed Puppy dog food. This variety fuels those huge growth spurts, safely.

Another Orijen product that is perfect for training and rewarding your new puppy is their freeze-dried dog treats. Healthy, balanced and delicious, your new pup will be fetching your slippers and newspaper in no time!

Orijen Has Your Chubby Chihuahua Covered with Their Diet Dog Food!

Do you have a dog with a slightly embarrassing weight problem? Often it’s not the fault of the owner or the dog – but the food! Adult dogs need lots of protein to stay healthy, but a high-protein diet can also keep weight in check.

Orijen’s Diet Dog food contains the perfect balance of macro ingredients and a feeding guide to help get your chubby Chihuahua’s weight back on track.

Let the Reviews Do the Talking!

Pet parents are loving Orijen pet food – with many gushing about not only their satisfaction with the product but the all-important tick of approval from Fido too!

Reviewers have said:

‘The size was perfect for my little one, and she actually likes it! She’s super picky, and I bought this for an occasional and partial meal, and it’s something she actually ate.’

‘My dog goes absolutely crazy for this dog food. It is a bit smelly but that is what probably makes it so tasty to my pup.’

Where to Buy Orijen Dog Food!

If you want to feed your dog a natural diet that is nutritionally balanced, Orijen dog food is top of the pack. While it could be considered an expensive dog food compared to other brands, the price reflects the high-quality ingredients that go into the food and the high attention to nutritional detail.

You can buy Orijen dry dog food or freeze-dried dog food online from the Orijen website, Amazon and other online pet retailers.


Another option is to head to your local pet store or vet to see if they stock Orijen and if not suggest that they do.

golden retriever puppies eating their special diet dog food


Orijen uses an ideal combination of wholesome ingredients and science to formulate their dog foods. If you want to give your pet the best diet possible, Orijen is a leader in the pet food world, making their products a great choice. For a happy and healthy pet, Orijen is a great option!

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