All You Need to Know About the Pacific Coastal Pet Policy

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Canada and the United States are brimming with exciting vacation destinations. From the Golden Gate Bridge to British Columbia’s national parks, there’s so much to see! Taking your furry friend along is the best way to make the most of your trip. Luckily, thanks to the Pacific Coastal Pet Policy, you can take Fido with you. But what will you need for your puppy to board a flight? Keep reading to learn more!

Pacific Coastal Welcomes Pets On Board!

The Pacific Coastal Pet Policy is friendly to our furry companions. Cats and dogs are welcome aboard. They can either travel in the cabin with their owners or in the cargo hold. This is great news for pet parents!

Their “In Cabin” Pet Restrictions

Only some dogs and cats can travel in-cabin, according to the Pacific Coastal pet policy. Meaning, some can travel at their owners’ feet under the seat in front of them. These restrictions aren’t in place to be annoying. Rather, they have pet care concerns at their core.

Pet Carrier Size and Weight Restrictions

For starters, there is a weight restriction. The weight of your pet and kennel combined can’t exceed 22 lbs (or 10 kgs). If it surpasses that weight limit, your pet can still board the flight, but they’ll be in the cargo.

Secondly, they have to travel inside a soft-sided kennel. The carrier must comply be smaller than 17 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches. That is, smaller than 43 cm by 25.4 cm by 25.4 cm.

Your pet must also fit comfortably inside the carrier. Coastal Pacific doesn’t accept pet kennels too small for the dog or cat inside. After all, it would get very uncomfortable for your furry companion on a long flight.

Keep in mind that having a pet as carry-on luggage affects how many bags you can take. You are only allowed one carry-on kennel per flight. Moreover, a pet kennel counts as a carry-on item. Thus, you will only be able to take one more small bag with you on the flight.

Small to Large Breeds: Pet Size and Breed Restrictions

Fortunately, the Pacific Coastal Pet Policy doesn’t have breed restrictions for in-cabin travel. This means that virtually any small dog or cat can travel with their owner. However, don’t forget that only well-behaved animals are welcome aboard any flight!

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What About Animals Flying as Checked In Luggage?

Don’t worry if your pet doesn’t meet the requirements to fly in-cabin. They won’t stay behind and can still go on vacation with you. The difference is that they’ll have to be put in the cargo hold in a kennel, next to the checked baggage.

6 Things to Know When Checking Your Pet

Before you book your entire trip, let’s look into what the Pacific Coastal Pet Policy says about checked pets.

  1. Small dogs and cats in their kennel have to weigh less than 70 lbs. Large pets weigh between 71 lbs and 140 lbs, which is the checked-pet weight limit.
  2. Small pets must be in a carrier smaller than 28 inches by 21 inches by 22 inches. Large pets’ carriers have to be smaller than 40 inches by 27 inches by 30 inches.
  3. All dogs and cats must be able to stand comfortably inside the carrier. This means their head can’t touch the roof of the kennel.
  4. Checked carriers have to be hard-sided with ventilation on all sides. Furthermore, all-wire crates aren’t allowed aboard.
  5. Checked dogs and cats have to older than 8 weeks of age.
  6. Short-nosed breeds can’t be travel in the checked baggage compartment.

Assistance Animal Definition According to Pacific Coastal Airlines

The Pacific Coastal Pet Policy doesn’t apply to assistance animals. After all, they’re not pets. Thus, assistance animals enjoy special privileges, when compared to pets.

Pets, Service Animals vs Emotional Support Animals: What’s the Difference?

According to the airline, service dogs are trained to help their disabled owners. This disability can be physical or mental. They’re allowed to fly in-cabin free of charge on a leash, not in a kennel.

Emotional support animals aren’t mentioned in the Pacific Coastal Pet Policy. However, there are federal laws both in Canada and the United States that give them the right to fly with their owners. That’s because they play an important part in their owner’s mental wellbeing. Unlike service animals, they aren’t trained.

Pets don’t have the same rights as service animals and ESAs because they aren’t assistance animals. Therefore, they can only go into public accommodations that are pet-friendly. This means they can only check-in at a resort or hotel that welcomes dogs and cats.

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Unlike ESAs, You’ll Need to Pay for Your Pet to Fly with You!

The Pacific Coastal Pet Policy is clear about pet fees. When traveling with your furry friend, you’ll have to pay a certain amount based on their size and weight.

Flying with Small Pets

The pet fee for flying with a cat or dog in-cabin is $42 per kennel, each trip. If you’re traveling with a small pet in the cargo hold, you’ll have to pay $78.75 per kennel, per trip.

Flying with Large Pets

The airline charges a $105 pet fee per kennel, each way, for large pets traveling as checked baggage.

Make Sure Fido Is Fit for Travel: Important Documentation

Now you know that Mittens and Fido can fly with Pacific Coastal. But there’s one thing missing: the paperwork. It’s not enough to walk into the airport with your furry companions. You need to fill out one of the following forms.

Checklist to Getting Your Pet Onto That Flight

This the final stage: making sure you have everything to board that plane to your vacation destination. Don’t let the excitement make you forget something crucial!

  • Contact the airline about traveling with a pet
  • Airline-approved kennel
  • Leash or harness
  • Food and water bowl
  • Toys for your pet to play with

Where to Call or Visit for More Information on the Pacific Coastal Pet Policy

The Pacific Coastal Pet Policy states you need to contact the airline about flying with a pet. You must do this up to 48 hours prior to the flight departure time. It will allow the aircrew enough time to make arrangements so Fido or Mittens.

Call 800-663-2872 to get in touch with customer service about this issue. They will also be able to answer your questions about the pet policy. You can also visit the Pacific Coastal website to read up more on their pet policy.

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Taking a Different Airline? Check Out More Policies Here

It’s not just Pacific Coastal that has special rules for traveling pets. Most airlines have them. We’ve covered dozens so far in a comprehensible manner. Our Air Canada, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines guides are our most popular Pet Policy walk-throughs.

Flying with a pet is an amazing experience. You get to make great memories with your furry friend in a different place. If you’re traveling with Pacific Coastal, make sure to comply with all the kennel restrictions and to pay the pet fees. It may seem overwhelming, but with this helpful guide, everything will be made easier.

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