The Best Pet Cameras of 2019: PetCube and More!

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petcube pet cameraKeeping tabs on our furry pals is something most pet parents want to do when they’re away. As animal lovers, our pets hold a special place in our hearts. If you hate being apart from your beloved then a pet camera will be perfect for you.

Keep an Eye on Your Furry-Friend: What is a Pet Camera?

Pet cameras are a sure-fire way of relieving pet parents’ worries about leaving the house. These cameras film your house and transmit the image to your tablet or smartphone. But don’t get pet cameras confused with security cameras — they’re definitely not the same!

A security camera will only record your home so you’re aware of what’s happening. Sure, you can see your pet through them, but that’s about as much interaction as you’ll get.

Pet cameras, on the other hand, film the inside of your home and let you interact with your dog or cat. They have pet-specific features that make being away from your loving animal not as hard.

Exactly what kind of interaction you will get with a pet cam depends on the model and brand. Some allow you to feed your pooch treats even when you’re gone. Others allow you to speak to them directly. The best pet cameras, however, give you a combination of these and even access to more cool features!

Features to Look for When Picking the Best Pet Camera

Before you commit to a specific camera, you need to ask yourself what you want out of it. Some owners want their pet cameras just to check that their dog or cat is well. Others want to reduce the impact of separation anxiety on their furry buddies. Only you can decide what the best pet camera is for you!

The first thing you will want out of a pet camera is good video quality. What good does a camera do if it only shows grainy footage? Secondly, you will want to make sure that you can access the live feed of the camera through your phone, tablet, or computer.

Another aspect you should look out for is how interactive the camera actually is. The best pet cameras give owners a lot of interactive options for them to use. Consider what you think is important in a pet camera and investigate if the model you’re thinking of buying supports that feature.

PetCube Bites: The Best Interactive Pet Camera

PetCube Bites’ solution to pets and owners who miss each other is one of the best pet cameras on the market. There is so much this camera can do for you! From great video quality to cloud-storing of videos and pictures, there’s almost nothing the PetCube Bites cam can’t do.

Features and Pros About This Pet Cam

If you want to interact with your cat or dog, look no further than the PetCube Bites. It gives you plenty of freedom and options to choose from when you’re not at home. It’s not only fun for you but also for your pet!

One of the many amazing features that PetCube has is its treat-dispensing ability. Before you leave home, fill up the two-pound container that holds up to 100 dog or cat treats. Then, when you’re away, you can command the camera to dispense however many treats you want!

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Not only can you give your pets a treat, but you can also customize how you want them to get it. There are six treat-throwing options, all at different heights and distances. So, you are giving your pup or kitten treats and making them exercise.

Additionally, the video quality is amazing. This camera has a night vision option. This way, you don’t have to keep all the lights on in order to check in with your pet at night. With PetCube, you also get the ability to stream in 1080p HD with a 138º wide angle view. Not to mention that there is a feature that allows you to speak to your pet and hear them respond to you!

Cons about the PetCube Bites

There aren’t a lot of cons to the PetCube Bites camera. The first we’d point out is its size. Since this pet camera is somewhat large and it needs to be connected to the current, you won’t be able to set it up just anymore.

The treat dispensing feature only works with certain treats, too. They can only measure up to one inch and must be dry and hard, otherwise, the system won’t work.

PetCube Bites Reviews

Don’t take our word for it when we say that PetCube is one of the best pet cameras out there. Just read some of these real customer reviews available on Amazon!

“My wife and I love this machine! We have three dogs that come running at the sound of our voices through the speaker. I am very impressed with the camera and how clear the picture is. Circular shaped treats seem to work best and we’ve now started filling it with the dogs’ normal kibble. With the motion detection feature a notification will pop up and I can take a glance to see what’s happening!” — Chris

cats taking selfie, excited about PetCube Pet Camera

PetCube Play: A Cat Cam for Your Feline Friend

Cats are also not left out by these amazing advancements in technology! Since there’s nothing cats like doing more than sleeping and playing, PetCube Play has created the best pet camera for them. As soon as you add it to your home, your cat will never feel alone or bored when they’re by themselves at home.

Features and Pros About This Pet Cam

The first thing that stands out about this camera is its ability to entertain your kitty. From your phone, laptop, or tablet you can tell PetCube Play to play with your cat with its lasers. They’re completely safe for dogs, cats, and people, so don’t worry!

Another unique and interesting feature is the fact that you can get it connected to your Alexa. Once you connect the two devices, you can just sit back, relax, and ask Alexa to do the work for you. Simply say “Alexa, ask PetCube to play for five minutes” and watch your cat run around having fun!

The PetCube Play pet camera also has amazing video quality and voice transmission. It streams video at a 1080p HD quality and the camera itself has a 138º wide angle to capture the most image possible. It also comes with night vision so you can check in on your loving kitty at any time.

Another great thing about this pet camera is the fact that it’s much more compact than other models. Its 3x3x3 dimensions make the camera fit into most places. It gives you a lot more freedom to place it wherever you want.

Cons about the PetCube Play

The main con about this product is its price. While it is one of the few pet cameras with an erratic laser that can play with your cat even when you’re not controlling it, the price tag might be hard to digest for some owners.

But, if you can afford it, it’s a great addition to your household, as it will have your kitten exercise and never feel bored again!

PetCube Play Reviews

Read these customer reviews left on Amazon to judge just how awesome the PetCube Play is!

“I love it! It’s so sleek and small, and the wide angle of the lens gives great coverage! The image is beautiful and is still impressive in the dark. I got this to help the eldest of my three kitty boys, as our recent move has him a little out of sorts when I am away at work. So far, all three seem to get a kick out of it.” — Erin

Furbo Dog Camera: The Best Dog Cam for Pet Owners Who Miss Their Furry Friend

One of the best pet cameras for dogs on the market is the one designed by Furbo. Its high-quality video and treat-dispensing abilities make it an obvious choice for all dog owners!

Fun Features and Pros About this Pet Monitor

The major feature of this pet monitor is definitely its camera quality. The Furbo Dog Camera has a 160º-wide angle, giving you an ample view of your living room. Its night vision is also superb, as you can use it to see how your puppies are doing even when it’s dark outside.

You will also see your pooch at the best quality possible. The image is streamed to your device at 1080p HD, ensuring you can get awesome pictures and videos of your puppies! You can also zoom in up to four times so you can see everything up close.

Another awesome feature is the barking alerts the pet camera will give you. Every time your dog barks, you will get a push notification on your phone. Then, you can choose to check in on them and see if there’s something wrong going on. If your pup is sick or in pain, this alert system will let you know as soon as possible and let you act fast!

Of course, a pet camera wouldn’t be complete without a treat-dispensing mechanism. While you’re away from home, you can still feed Fido their favorite treats. What more could they ask for?!

Not sure what are some really good treats you can add to your pups pet camera? Why not try CBD oil dog treats. CBD oil dog treats are not only delicious, but they will also help keep your pup in tip-top condition.

A Few Cons About Furbo Dog Cam

The only con we can point out about the Furbo Dog Cam is its price. It’s not accessible to everyone, but the quality and durability of it definitely make up for it!

Furbo Pet Cam Reviews

“Best pet related purchase I’ve made!!! Furbo sends your phone alerts when your dog is barking or when they are loud noises in your house- i.e. when your CO detector is going off! Saved my dog’s life!” — Gretchen

dog camera showing dog waiting for owner

Petzi Treat Cam: Aka the Best Dog Camera in Town

The Petzi Treat Cam is yet another great pet cam that you can buy from most retail stores. And it comes at a very accessible price, too! It’s a great way to keep your pooch company even when they’re home alone.

Features and Pros about the Petzi Camera for Dogs

The Petzi Camera has a great voice chat function. While it’s only one-sided, it still checks off all the boxes for most dog owners. You can tell your pup to sit, roll, stand, and much more. Even just saying hi would make them happy!

Through the app you can also capture candid pictures of your pooch. Simply use the photo function of the Petzi app and then save the pictures to your camera roll. You can also choose to share them with your friends on social media.

Lastly, a dogs’ favorite feature is the treat-dispensing ability that the Petzi camera has. It lets you choose how often you want your dog to get treats, so you’re the one in control. This can be a great way to train your dog to obey voice commands while being away!

Cons About Petzi Treat Cam

The biggest con of the Petzi Treat Cam is the fact that you can’t hear your pup bark. While you can talk to them, you won’t be notified if your dog is barking a lot, which could alert you to some kind of danger.

Petzi Treat Cam Reviews

Don’t believe us? Why not read what real customers have written about the Petzi camera on Amazon?

“This is a great product that has some room for improvement. I mainly purchased this because of the treat dispensing feature. I have a dog who likes to wander into the kitchen and get into the trash when I’m gone, and I wanted to find a way I could train this behavior out by rewarding him for staying in the living room. It’s been really helpful so far, but I’ve mostly used it as a way to check in on my dogs instead of a training aid.” — Adriana

Pawbo Pet Monitor for Dogs and Cats

The last item on our best pet cameras list is the Pawbo Pet Monitor. Since it works for both cats and dogs, it makes the perfect addition to any household with a lot of pets! It lets you, the owner, keep up with your pet’s adventures when they’re home alone.

Features and Pros about the Pawbo Camera for Pets

The Pawbo Camera is a very small pet camera that suits every single household. You won’t need any wall installation nor will you need a lot of space to set up this gadget. Simply placing it firmly on a coffee table will be enough. The Pawbo Camera beats competitors when it comes to this aspect.

Then, you also have the built-in two-way voice system. This means you can talk to your kitty or puppy and you can hear them answer! This is not only entertaining for the both of you, but it can also alert you if something’s wrong.

There is also a built-in treat dispenser that feeds your cat or dog their favorite treats whenever you choose to do so. It’s not motion activated, so don’t worry about your pet getting their belly full with treats!

Lastly, the incorporated laser game makes your cat active and entertained all day long. Through your phone, you can order the Pawbo Camera to turn on its programmed play feature. This will make a red dot appear in your home that your cats will love to chase!

Cons About Pawbo Pet Cam

The main con of the Pawbo Pet Cam is the fact that setting it up isn’t the easiest task. If you have experience setting up this kind of devices following instructions, you have nothing to worry about. But if you don’t know much about electronic gadgets, there is bound to be a learning curve.

Pawbo Pet Monitor Reviews

Here is a review left by a customer on the Pawbo Pet Monitor Amazon page. There’s no better way to check a product’s quality than by reading what other buyers have to say!

“The Pawbo offers the ability to engage your dog while you’re gone in a way that feels natural and fun! Even though there are some things that can be added, changed or made better I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone looking to give their dog something to do while you’re away.” — Brandon

So, Which Best Pet Camera Will You Choose for Your Four-Legged Friend!

Out of all the best pet cameras that we listed, which one do you think fits your needs? As far as choosing just one goes, you’re the only person who can make the right decision. You will need to think about which features are the best for you and your puppy. What do you prefer: having a treat-dispenser or an automatized play machine? It all depends on you!

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