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More and more restaurants are allowing patrons to sit in outdoor areas with their dogs. For those days when you want to include your four-legged friends in your foodie adventures, here are our tips on eating out with your pets at pet friendly restaurants near me.

Pets and ESAs Share the Same Status When It Comes to Restaurants

While emotional support animals (ESAs) do enjoy some privileges that ordinary pets do not. When it comes to eating out, pet or ESA, it does not matter. In other words, the same rules apply. ESAs may go to the same eateries as pets and vice versa. Also, the same is expected in terms of their behavior at dining establishments.

7 Tips for When You Want to Bring Fido to a Restaurant

Remember that when you enjoy a meal at a lakeside café, you are quite likely not the only patron. There are some points of etiquette to follow to not irritate other diners. To make your dining out experience with your dog a pleasant one, here are a few pointers to stand you in good stead.

Call Ahead

Don’t just assume that every patio restaurant will be dog friendly. The best way to avoid embarrassment and inconvenience is to call ahead to check. You can also check what kind of seating is available should you wish to bring your dog with. In addition, whether there is food or water available for your pup.

Bring a Blanket for Your Doggo to Lie On

It is not so comfortable lying on cold, hard concrete. Bring your pooch’s pillow or blanket with for them to lie on while you enjoy your pizza. Certainly, you will find that your doggo will be less restless if they have a cozy place to chill.

Likewise, our dogs might not enjoy sweltering in the hot sun as much as we do. Make sure to find a table where your pooch can be in the cool shade on a hot Summer’s day.

woman with dog in dog friendly restaurants near me

Take Your Dog’s Water Bowl with You

While some establishments do have water bowls for thirsty pets, this is not always the case. It is best to bring your own dog bowls with you. There are some nifty portable dog bowls and water bottles available online!

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Put That Obedience Training to Work

Why do we do obedience training with our pups? Only to be able to show off their neat tricks to our friends of course!

But, really, how satisfying to be able to put all those clever cues that your pup responds to when out and about. There are a couple of non-negotiables that must be in place before you can consider taking your furry friend for coffee around the corner. Your canine should be able to do a “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and some sort of recall. Why not teach them something fun like “high-five” or “fist-bump” to amuse waitrons and fellow patrons!

Just remember: No matter how well-trained your pooch is, they should always be on a leash when at a restaurant with you.

Take Them on Regular Potty Breaks

You are also going to struggle sitting still if you need to go pee and no-one is letting you get to the loo. Think Fido is any different? Make sure to allow for enough potty breaks for your pet.

Feed Your Pup Before You Head Out

Beachfront fish and chips sounds yum! Fido also thinks so. To decrease the likelihood of your doggo wanting to nibble chips from your plate, feed them a meal or a decent snack before you leave home.

And, speaking of plates. Do not let your pet eat off your plate. While you might not mind their germs. Other humans might very much. Also, it is a major health-code violation.

Pack in a Distraction

Why not pack in your pet’s favorite chew toy to keep them entertained while you are enjoying your delicious fare. A chew toy that doesn’t squeak or smell is a great idea! Also, a quick walk around the kiddies’ playground in between courses will help to keep your pup calm and willing to stay by your side while you enjoy your beautiful meal. If there is space to toss a ball, why not play a few games of fetch while you wait for your fudge sprinkled frozen yogurt.

two dogs sitting in a dog friendly restaurant

“Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me” are a Quick Search Away

There are plenty of sites listing bistros, cafés, bars, etc. that are pet friendly restaurants near me. A quick online search will help you know where to go the next time you want to take your canine companion with for a bite to eat down the street. Even better, you can read other pet parents’ reviews and recommendations of their favorite dog friendly restaurants in the area.

Want to Bring Mittens? Search for “Pet Friendly Restaurants Near Me”

It is widely accepted that folks might want to take their canine companions with them to a restaurant. But, what about other pets? Are there restaurants that are open to you bringing your sociable cat with you? Your search engine will have the answer!

Staying for a While? There are Loads of Dog Friendly Hotels!

Fancy a trip to explore the southern shores of the great lakes? For weekends away you might need more than just dog friendly bars and eateries. There are heaps of pet friendly hotels, motels, and B&B’s too! Some might have size and number restrictions for the pets staying on their premises. Always best to familiarize yourself with their pet policy before making your booking.

Want a Quick Drink? Search for “Dog Friendly Bars Near Me”

Fancy an ice-cold draught? An online search should give you a list of pubs that you can take Fido to. Just remember to bring drinks of water for your pup too!

Grab Some Groceries at Stores that Allow Dogs

Have you just gone for a walk in the park and you don’t want to go and drop Fido off at home before quickly stocking up on a few groceries. There are a couple of dog-friendly grocery stores and supermarkets. Just have a look online for those in your neighborhood.

two women with their dogs in pet friendly restaurant

Find the Best Dog Friendly Places Near Me on is a great guide for all locations dog-friendly! Swanky wine list or BYOB, whatever your mood. They list dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, dog parks, events, and more. You can look for puptastic places in your neighborhood or in a city that you plan to visit soon. Check out other pet owners’ reviews and ratings, and post a pic of your pooch visiting your favorite pet-friendly restaurants near me!

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