Pet Releaf Reviews: Pros, Cons, and More!

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pet releaf productsPet Releaf produces hemp oils that are made from their very own strain of hemp, ensuring that your pet is receiving maximum benefits from each dose. Today, hemp oil has proven to be great alternative medicine. But what’s the consensus of this particular brand? Read on!

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Hemp Oil for Pets: What is Pet Releaf?

Pet Releaf is a company dedicated to improving the health of pets all over the world.


100% pure and organic hemp oil!

The Difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil for Dogs

While Pet Releaf is known for their hemp oil, another brand worth looking into is Honest Paws, who produce an effective CBD oil for pets.

Wondering what the difference is between hemp oil and CBD oil?

The main difference is that hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, while CBD oil comes from the flowers and the leaves. This means that hemp oil contains just a small amount of CBD, while CBD oil contains a much higher quantity.

Both oils contain properties that can boost your pet’s health, although CBD oil tends to be favored over hemp oil when it comes to medicinal uses.

Pet Releaf Claims to Guarantee these 3 Benefits of Hemp Oil for Pets

Wondering whether hemp oil would do your pet some good? What to think about:

  • GLA – hemp oil is packed with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is an omega-6 fatty acid. Research shows that this can help with arthritis, inflammation, allergies, and weight management, while also inhibiting the growth of cancer
  • Antioxidants – hemp oil is an excellent source of antioxidants, particularly vitamins A and E. This helps to reduce oxidative stress in your pet’s body, while also boosting the immune system, the heart, the skin and more
  • The ideal ratio of fatty acids – as mentioned above, hemp oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, but it also boasts omega-3 fatty acids, and these are in a perfect balance. This is important for the fats to work together in your pet’s body, as too much of one fatty acid can lead to imbalances and health issues

Pet Releaf May Not be for Every Pet and Their Owner!

Although Pet Releaf projects can be effective, there are a few cons pet owners need to be aware of before they purchase this hemp oil.

  • Firstly, Pet Releaf products can cost up to hundreds of dollars. A lot of pet owners tend to complain about such a high price tag. This is simply because hemp oil is not actually a drug but rather a supplement. So, there is a possibility that these products may not even work for your pooch!
  • Hemp oil products are still products in testing. To date, very little evidence shows that hemp oil can have multiple benefits. So, pet owners should be aware that hemp oil may have a minor effect on their pets’ health.

The 5 Hemp Products Offered by Pet Releaf 

  1. Hemp Oil 1000 
  2. Hemp Oil Capsules 
  3. Liposome Hemp Oil 330
  4. Peanut Butter Banana Edibites 
  5. Canna Care Topical 

Hemp Oil for Dogs: Are there Any Side Effects?

Pet Releaf hemp oil products are safe to use on both dogs and cats although the company does not mention any known side-effects to their products. It is important to note that all dogs and cats may react differently to the product.

The most common side-effect to this product may be a hypersensitive reaction to a secondary ingredient. For example, Pet Releaf Canna Care Topical skin treatments contain blue mallee eucalyptus oil. So, it is possible for some dogs with allergies or sensitive skin could react to this ingredient.

Pet Releaf Reviews

When it comes to using Pet Releaf for pets, there’s a mix of viewpoints.

“We adopted a yellow lab last fall. She has extreme anxiety over us leaving for a few hours to go grocery shopping. We purchased this to help her balance her self and help us train her to be calm when we go out. I feel it helps her a little bit when we are home but not with us going out. We are continuing to train her to trust us to return in a few hours. Going to look into a higher dosage. She’s a extreme melt down case. I love my dog, breaks my heart what she’s been through.”- from onlynaturalpets

“I assumed this cbd oil would be stronger than a $59 one I’ve bought, but I immediately noticed my dog had trouble standing straight again and couldn’t jump on the couch when we switched to this oil. It’s as if there’s nothing in it. The old cbd oil we used worked miraculously! He even had his first seizure EVER this morning, and considering CBD is supposed to help with seizures, I consider this oil useless. I would return if I could, insanely expensive for doing nothing and my dog was not better off. Switching back to the old brand immediately, we feel scammed!” – from onlynaturalpets

Pet Hemp Oil or CBD oil, Which is Worth it?

Can’t decide whether to go for hemp oil or CBD oil?

Our opinion? CBD oil is the way to go!

Unlike many other supplements and medications out there, CBD oil does not have any major side effects, making them safe for your pet (do talk to your vet before though). Whether your pet is suffering from something serious or just needs a general health boost, these natural products are definitely worth the buy.

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