How to Choose the Perfect Professional Pet Sitter Near Me

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happy dog staring at pet sitters faceTaking care of your pet while going on a vacation is stressful for most families. Nothing is better than having a professional pet sitter to take care of your cat or dog in your absence. However, choosing a professional pet sitter is not an easy job. You need to do your research and communicate with the pet sitters to select the best one for your pet.

An experienced pet sitter offers the best care and attention to your pet while you are away on your vacation. Here are the best tips on how to choose a professional pet sitter for your pet:

Do Your Research for The Right Cat or Dog Sitters

The first thing to do when selecting the perfect pet sitter is to do your research. Ask your relatives and colleagues if they know about a professional caretaker for pets. Your friends or relatives might know a pet sitter, cat sitters or dog sitters, who they might have dealt with or whose services they have used.

In case you don’t get any references from your friends or relatives you should check the online resources to search for a “pet sitter near me”. Many websites have a list based on the sitter’s location and will include an individual’s pet sitting rates. You need to register with the site and enter your pin code to find pet sitters in your area.

Meet with Potential Pet Sitters

In case you get some references from a friend or colleague, you should meet them personally. Getting a reference from friends or relatives is safer than looking online.

Arrange a meeting with the pet sitter to know more about them. Ask them as many questions as you can, to learn more about their work experience and qualifications.

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Looking for the Quality Pet Care

Meeting the non-qualified and inexperienced pet sitters is not worth wasting your time. If they don’t know anything about pet care, you don’t want to trust them with your pets! Ask the pet sitters you meet whether they have undergone any formal training and have experience in dog sitting or puppy sitting!

Also, check how long they have been working as a pet sitter. Ask if they are trained in first aid to determine whether they would be able to give your dog medical treatment in case of an emergency.

Ask for References in Dog or Cat Sitters

While meeting the pet sitters, it is necessary to ask them to provide one or two referrals. You should contact the references and ask them about the quality of services the pet sitter offered them.

The pet sitter you hire will have access to your home, so you need to make sure that the person you hire is legitimate and reliable.

Tell Them Your Specific Pet Sitter Jobs Requirements

After selecting two or three pet sitters for your pet, you should tell them about your particular requirements. For example, you should tell them if your pet has any medical condition or it is taking any medication. Also, tell them about the times you want them to visit your pet, and the type of food and special care your pet needs.

The sitter should not get nervous when you tell him/her that your dog needs a daily shot of insulin. In such a case you should hire a sitter who has experience in offering such medications to pets.

Communicating your specific requirements to the sitters will help you choose the right person who could meet your pet’s needs. Some dogs are relatively low maintenance, but any pet sitter worth their salt will take pet care very seriously and make sure they to absolutely everything you ask them to do!

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Having an insurance and license to work as a pet sitter ensures that the person is professional and experienced. Pet sitting services covered by insurance protect you and the sitter, in case anything unexpected happens to your pet, to them, or your home.

Handling the Emergencies

Accidents can happen at any time. Ask the potential pet sitter how they handle the emergency situations like accidents. A professional and experienced pet sitter would have a plan for emergencies.

For example, if your pet gets injured during an accident in the house or while your sitter takes him on a walk, your sitter should know how to handle the situation. Also, the sitter should be able to offer the first aid treatment before approaching a veterinarian.

Ask for a Trial When Searching for a Pet Sitter Near Me

Ask the pet-sitter to visit your home for a trial and spending time with your pet for an hour or more. You should be present at home to observe how he or she handles your pet. It is better to ask them to visit in the evening so that you have time to observe them. See how comfortable your pet is with the sitter you are considering to hire.

In case your pet does not seem comfortable with the sitter, you should look for someone else. Pets usually get depressed when left alone. When you leave them with a sitter they dislike, it usually makes the situation worse.

Consider the Pricing in Dog Sitting

The last thing that you must consider is the price that a sitter demands for their pet sitting services. Choose a sitter whose pricing structure suits your salary and budget. As you are going on a vacation, you must have enough money to spend on the holiday and still be able to cover your monthly expenses on top of paying the sitter.

Don’t look for the cheapest pet sitting services as they may not meet your requirements or offer quality services. Usually, the most inexpensive pet sitters are the ones who provide the worst services. So make sure you consider both the price and quality of services before hiring a pet sitter.

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What’s the going pet sitting rates? Settle on a Contract!

A contract is essential to make the things clear once you finalize a sitter. The contract should list all the services you are expecting the sitter to provide. It should also include the price and routine of the pet sitter visiting your home.

Choosing a pet sitter requires a lot of research to be done by the owner. Make sure you start your research at least a month before going on a vacation so that you have enough time to choose the best sitter. Following the points in this post can help any individual or family to choose the best pet sitter for their pet.

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