Pet Parenting 101: Why Pets and Fireworks Don’t Get Along

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scared dog crying because of fireworks

Pets and fireworks do not get along—at all. If you’ve ever had a dog or cat, you probably know how scared loud noises make them. As pet owners, our first job is to keep our pets safe. We have to make them comfortable and the least stressed possible. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to calm your furry friends and make them happy—even if there’s a huge firework display outside!

Your Pets Are Not as Excited About July 4th as You Are!

Sure, the 4th of July is a lot of fun. The get-togethers, delicious barbecues, and the fireworks are memorable. But while you’re having fun and making memories, Fido and Mittens are probably terrified at home. Firework noise is scary for our animals and causes anxiety in a lot of cases!

Dogs and Fireworks Are a No-No!

Fireworks leave dogs stressed and anxious. The loud noises can even damage their hearing. It’s not just your pup who runs to hide as soon as the blasts start going off. Pets and fireworks just don’t mix.

Why Are Dogs So Scared of Fireworks?

Have you ever wondered why dogs get so spooked when they hear explosions going off? Well, a dog can hear sounds we can’t. Most animals can, actually, from cats to horses and livestock.

pets and fireworks person holding fire crackers over dog

The Science Behind Their Fear of Loud Noises

We can only hear sounds that are between 20 Hertz and 23 kilohertz. Our furry friends can hear anything between 60 hertz and 43 kilohertz. In other words, they hear things a lot better than we do. When you hear firework noise in the distance, your pup is hearing it too, but five times louder!

CBD Oil Is Great for Anxious Dogs!

You don’t need us telling you anxiety is awful for your dog. Not only does it shave off years of their life, but it also makes them sad and mopey. It’s important to cut anxiety at the root.

Luckily, CBD oil is a solution to this problem. It’s also known as cannabidiol oil and goes a long way in treating anxiety. It will make your pooch feel safe and secure, even during a firework display.

How Honest Paws CBD Oil Eases Anxiety in Pets

Since pets and fireworks aren’t a good match, it’s a good idea to give your pooch a few drops of this liquid before stressful situations. The Honest Paws CBD oil products for dogs are great for eliminating fear and anxiety in your puppy. They’re safe, loved by veterinarians across the country, and adored by companion animals all over!

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The Honest Paws Relaxation Bundle comes with delicious peanut butter calming treats and a bottle of CBD oil. Their Calming Bundle comes with a bottle of CBD oil and a tub of poultry-flavored soft-chews. We’re sure Fido won’t be able to resist them.

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4 Other Ways How to Make Fireworks Less Scary for Your Pets

Every year, the Humane Society, animal shelters, and other pet-loving organizations give pet owners tips. Keeping the relationship between pets and fireworks in mind is important! Especially since loud fireworks can ruin your pooch’s night for good. Luckily, there are ways you can make them less scared.

Drown Out the Noise

The first thing you can try is making the house as quiet as possible. Start by closing all the windows and doors. If your dog is used to television noises, turn it on, but keep the volume relatively low. This should drown out the sound of fireworks, at least to an extent. It will help your canine friend keep calm.

Keep Calm and Collected

When the loud fireworks start, stay calm. Don’t show your dog that you’re nervous (about them being nervous). That could make them feel more scared. Cuddle with your pup to make them feel safe and assuage their fear. Show them nothing’s wrong.

Make a Safe Space Indoors

Every animal seeks shelter when they get scared. It’s a good idea to prepare a special corner just for them. Leave their crate in an area of the house they like with some blankets, a dog bed, and dog treats. Remember to close the curtains to block out the flashes of light. You can have some calming music playing, too.

Try a ThunderShirt or Other Anxiety Jacket Outfits

This may seem silly, but the ThunderShirt Anxiety Wrap is a great dog gear accessory. Since pets and fireworks don’t mix, this vest can make your pup feel less anxious. In a nutshell, it’s a weighted dog coat that feels like someone’s cuddles. The pressure n their body reduces their stress levels and even has a leash hole, so you can take Fido for a walk before the fireworks start.

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Be Prepared: Dates People Like to Set Off Fireworks

If you know the stress caused by loud noises will impact your pup’s health, you should take your dog or cat to the veterinarian before the fireworks start. Alternatively, you could take them to an animal behaviorist. They’ll give you even more tips to keep your pup safe and distracted from all the noise.

Another good thing to do is jot down dates when people usually set off fireworks. In the United Kingdon, Guy Fawkes Day is a popular holiday celebrated with a blast, literally. In the United States, you’ll usually hear fireworks around Independence Day and New Year’s Eve. Sound-proof your house for these days in particular!

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