ESA Weekly News Report October 16th: Pets Allowed on Uber Rides and Labrador Calms Courtrooms and Police Stations

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As always, we’re bringing you the best emotional support animal news on the internet. This week, we have two pieces. The first is about Uber Pet, a new service from the world-famous transportation company. The second is a heartwarming piece about a service dog who has helped an entire Californian community.

Uber Launches Pet-Friendly Rides in Cities Across the United States

Uber is launching a new service starting October 16th. It’s called “Uber Pet” and it will allow pets to hitch a ride with their owners. Currently, it’s in testing stages and only available in seven cities across the United States. If feedback is positive, the company has stated it will expand the service.

Starting next week, pet owners will be able to try out this new feature. When using the app, they’ll need to select “Uber Pet” to catch a ride in a pet-friendly vehicle. This service comes with a pet fee, which is added to the cost of the ride.

Service dogs will continue to be allowed on regular Uber drives and will not have to pay a fee. For the time being, Uber hasn’t issued any statements regarding emotional support animals. However, ESAs will likely have to use Uber Pet to travel with their owners.

Uber drivers can choose to join or stay out of this program. The company has not specified what pets are or aren’t allowed in cars. So, cats, dogs, small rodents, and other animals could potentially hitch a ride with their owners.

The new service is being tested in Philadelphia, Austin, Tampa Bay, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Phoenix.

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Service Dog Helps Richmond Victims Heal

Bear is a trained service dog. He is part of the Contra Costa District Attorney’s team and works closely with victims and witnesses. You can find the adorable two-year-old chocolate Labrador in courtrooms and police stations in Richmond, California.

Janet Era, Bear’s handler, says the pup has a “saint-like” personality and that he has helped many members of the Richmond community. His day-to-day consists of offering emotional support to victims of various crimes. He also sits by child witnesses in court cases to calm them down and make them less scared.

Bear has taken the entire unit by surprise by instinctively gravitating towards people who need help the most. He feels particularly drawn to those who have faced a lot of trauma. Everyone is sure his presence alone defuses many dangerous or traumatic situations.

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CertaPet’s Thoughts on This Week’s News

Uber launching a pet-friendly service is undoubtedly a good thing. It’s a great opportunity for pet parents to get out more with their furkids, especially when their destination isn’t within walking distance.

We doubt Uber will allow emotional support animals on normal rides without having to pay a fee, despite not being pets. At least not until more regulations similar to the Air Carrier Access Act see the light of day.

We’re thrilled to see Bear help his community heal after traumatic events. Assistance animals can drastically improve our day-to-day lives. Especially when we’re talking about victims of abuse and children.

Emotional support animals, too, can help the people around them. That’s why they’re prescribed to people with mental or emotional disabilities. Their presence can heal them or, at least, make living with mental illness much easier.

You can start the process of getting an ESA today with CertaPet. Simply take our 5-minute pre-screening test for free. We’ll analyze your answers and connect you to a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) in your state. They’ll book an online appointment with you and from there it’s smooth sailing. You could be cuddling with your ESA in no time!

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