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By: CertaPet Staff Updated: June 15, 2020

Petsmart Insurance: Be Pet Smart And Protect Your Pet!Ever wondered about Petsmart Insurance? Think it’s time your pet get insured?

When you think about health insurance, whether for pets or humans, often the first thing that comes to mind is the money. The cost of premiums you pay, and the costs of any health care without can be considerable, and pets are no exception.

More than that though is the importance of being healthy to start with. Insurance and wellness plans are then the back-ups. If you have them in place, they are there to protect you and your pet as and when needed.

What is Petsmart Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance care app on mobile phone, Petsmart

Petsmart’s insurance/medical care plans for pets are often referred to as pet health insurance; they are actually a little different. Instead, Petsmart offers a range of “wellness” plans for your pet that have a focus on providing regular preventative medicine and care.

What is Banfield?

Banfield is a network of veterinary clinics and hospitals and pet care services located in the US and Puerto Rico. They have a commitment to preventative care for pets, and ongoing training and education for veterinarians to keep up with the latest veterinarian knowledge and systems. Petsmart became an investment partner in Banfield in the1990s.

Banfield Petsmart: Does Banfield Hospital Offer Petsmart Insurance?

The purpose of Banfield Petsmart insurance/Wellness plans is to encourage you to get your pet to the vet for regular check-ups and medical treatment.

That way, any potential issues are identified and prevented or managed before your pet gets sick, or treated early. You can customize plans to your individual pet’s needs and focus on either their “life stage” or “health stage”.

The idea is that in the long term you are helping your pet stay as healthy as they can be — and potentially saving megabucks in veterinary care if you are preventing an illness or medical condition that could cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if left untreated.

With an insurance policy, treatment is covered after an event. Usually, you request reimbursement after you pet has needed treatment following illness or an accident. In Canada, Petsmart insurance collaborates with PetSecure a traditional pet insurance company.

Pet Insurance Plans Petsmart Offers!

The four main types of plans Petsmart offers for dogs are:

  • A Dog Wellness Essential Plan: This plan includes two comprehensive physical exams per year, vaccinations, diagnostic testing, two deworming treatments per year, two fecal exams per year and unlimited office visits.
  • Wellness Active Prevention Plan: This plan includes the same as the Wellness plan, plus dental cleaning and urine testing.
  • A Special Plan: The special care plan includes all of the services from with Wellness and Active plans, plus preventative ex-rays, two eye pressure tests per year and two electrocardiograms per year.
  • Puppy Wellness: The Early Care plan for pups under six months includes two comprehensive physical exams per year, vaccinations, diagnostic testing, three fecal exams, four deworming treatments, and unlimited office visits. The Early Care Plus plan includes surgery to spay or neuter your pup.

You can customize each plan further to suit your pet’s needs with options on parasite control, spaying or neutering, additional dental care, DNA testing, and chronic care.

Are you curious to learn more about dog DNA testing? Check our the Best Dog DNA Test Kit of 2018.

Each plan offers different discounts on additional products and services offered by Banfield, and for multi-pet households. Other plans offered by Banfield and Petsmart include Wellness Plans for Cats and Kittens.

Petsmart Petsecure: Here Are 4 Reasons Why Pet Insurance Is Important!

Whether you opt for a preventative plan such as that offered by Banfield and Petsmart, or a conventional insurance plan, here are some reasons why it is a good idea for pet owners to have one in place:

  1. Spend Less on Vet Bills: Fees can be high if your pet develops a serious illness. A preventative wellness or insurance plan will have an annual fee but can save you money when major treatment is needed.
  2. Accidental Cover: Insurance policies take the edge off any unexpected treatment needed for an accident, whether a broken bone or your dog gobbling down something they really should not have!
  3. Liability Insurance: Some insurers offer third-party pet liability coverage, so if your pet causes accidental damage or injury such as dog bites to others you may be covered.
  4. Less Stress: Having a sick or injured pet can be stressful for both you and your pet. Knowing that any additional financial costs can be eased by a having a plan in can reduce the stress for you around treatment decisions.

Veterinary Pet Insurance: Here Are A Few Cons About Pet Insurance!

Dog holding a sign that says got insurance, pet insurance reminder

  • With the Banfield Wellness plans, if your pup has an accident or unexpected illness or emergency they are not covered under the ‘preventive care’ nature of their policies. Discounts are offered on additional services.
  • With a pet insurance policy, the insurance company may not cover any pre-existing conditions. If you have a pet that is already sick, you may be better with a plan that offers care based on health conditions such as offered by Banfield.
  • Insurers may or may not cover preventative and routine visits to your veterinarian. It always pays to check the policy on what is covered.
  • Insurance policies may have an annual deductible. That is an amount you will be responsible for paying personally before their coverage kicks in.
  • There may be a waiting period after applying for insurance or before you can claim reimbursement.

Pet Insurance Reviews: Here’s What Customers Are Saying!

To read for yourself customer feedback on pet/Petsmart insurance providers, check out some pet insurance reviews from customers online. A couple of the “top dogs” so to speak with many customers and online reviewers for pet insurance companies seems to be Healthy Paws and Petplan.

Dog Insurance Cost: It’s Expensive But It Can Be Worth It!

On the face of it, the cost of dog insurance or a wellness plan can seem expensive. Even if you opt for a monthly payment scheme, it does add up. But, if you have ever had a pet that that has needed to receive serious medical attention as a result of a serious illness or an accident, you will know the vet fees to be able to weigh up the overall costs.

5 Tips When Looking For Affordable Dog Insurance

  1. Check what the insurance policy covers. Does the coverage include common conditions for many dog breeds such as hip dysplasia, or is are their limitations?
  2. Check whether an insurance plan includes visits for preventative treatment, or is the coverage for actual occurrences or medical events only.
  3. Check whether you can afford the annual or monthly premiums with your other regular expenditure.
  4. Balance out whether you want to pay for additional or optional cover as part of the plan or pay for it when it is required.
  5. Find out any cancellation procedures. What happens to your payments if you no longer have your dog?

Be Pet Smart and Consider Petsmart Insurance for Your Pet

There is no doubt that as pet parents we have the responsibility to do our very best for all the four-legged friends that we bring into our lives whether you have dogs and cats or an exotic pet.

As dog owners, consider one a preventative plan from Petsmart insurance if you have a Banfield clinic in your area as an option for keeping your pup healthy for long, long time.

Questions About Petsmart Insurance?

What are Some Petsmart Insurance Reviews?

How much is pet insurance for a dog?

Is it worth it to have pet insurance?

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