What is a Pomsky aka the Perfect Pooch?

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PomskyThe Pomsky. The obsession is as real as the breed. People love Pomskies, but if you’re considering owning one there are a few things you should know.

Pomskies are real lookers, just like their parents: a big and beautiful Siberian Husky mother, and a fluffball firecracker father that is a Pomeranian. They are small to medium-sized dogs, who come in an astounding 20 color variations ranging from white, grey, brown, reddish-brown to blue.

Appearance, Personality, and the Inner Comedian of a Pomsky

A white Pomsky dog standing on a stone bridge railing

Appearance: Adorable.

As both Huskies and Pomeranians are breeds that are generally bursting at the seams with personality, it should come as no surprise that Pomskies come with a Taylor Swift range of emotions, drama, and personalities.

Siberian Husky + Pomeranian = Pomsky

There is a lot about the Pomsky that has not yet been established as a standard of the breed, considering that they simply have not been around for that long, but one thing that is certain is that they are (in most cases) a very adaptable breed. This means that they are a great option for pet parents with a wide range of lifestyles.

They can keep up with the outdoorsy types who enjoy taking their doggos on all sorts of adventures, as well as with the indoorsy types (provided the Pomskies are given ample opportunity to burn off some energy on walks or trips to the park).

Huskies, as well as Pomeranians, are well known for their tendencies to choose the more dramatic route of dealing with many situations. Both breeds are known for “extra”.

Pomskies have inherited a dose of being vocally dramatic from both parents, making them TWICE as vocal and all the more entertaining (or yappy, and whining if you’re the neighbor who has to listen in on the drama all the time.)

They may be small dogs but oh my do they have big personalities. Owning a Pomsky means a guarantee that there will never be a dull moment.

The New Kid on The Block: Husky Pomeranian aka Pomsky

The Pomsky, or “Huskeranian”, is a new breed, so new in fact that it has not even been recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club or similar organizations in other countries.

Because they have not been around for long enough, much about the Pomsky as a breed is still considered to be very unpredictable.

It is not yet certain which characteristics, temperamental traits or health conditions from the parents will be more common to stick, and which ones will be lost in the breeding process. Will they be stubborn and yappy? Or sweet and obedient?

The breeder should be able to give you enough information about the parents to give you an idea of what you might be in for, but it is a guess at best. This is why it is very important to read up as much as you can about the breed to make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for.

Whether the Weather is Cold: The Best Environment for a Pomsky

The name Siberian Husky should give you a good indication of the climate preference the Pomsky inherited from its mother. As for the Pomeranian, it originated in Central Europe, so from the paternal side, there is also the inherited preference for a cooler climate.

As an adaptable breed, the Pomsky can live happily in warmer areas, but puppy parents should always monitor their furbaby for signs of overheating. There are many ways of ensuring that your Pomsky stays cool in summer, and one of them should NOT be shaving them.

Stay indoors when it’s very hot outside, and make sure that your dog always has a fresh and abundant supply of water available to them.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About This Pomeranian Husky Mix

  1. There are 3 variations of (official) Pomsky mixes:
  • 50/50 – Purebred Pomeranian + Purebred Siberian Husky
  • 25/75 – 50/50 Pomsky + Purebred Pomeranian
  • 75/25 – 50/50 Pomsky + Purebred Siberian Husky
  1. Most Pomskies are bred by artificial insemination.
  2. The mother of a (responsibly bred) Pomsky will always be the Husky because it would be too dangerous for a female Pomeranian to carry pups of such a large breed.
  3. The first recorded American litter of Pomsky puppies was born 5 March 2012.
  4. They have a lifespan of up to 15 years

Fluffy, Cuddly, And Fluffy: Grooming is a Must for a Pomsky

A Pomsky’s coat will vary depending on its Husky-to-Pomeranian ratio. The less Husky it has, the less fluffy it will be, and hopefully, the less it will shed. More Pom genes, in most cases, means a longer and fluffier coat.

Although their coats, and the amount which they shed, can vary, it would probably be best if you prepare for a lifetime of MUCH grooming. On top of their regular shedding, they will shed a lot more in the warmer seasons, meaning you would go from 3-5 brushing sessions a week, to at least 7, if not 14.

When you choose to own a dog of a breed that is known for its long, soft and fluffy coat, the commitment to regular grooming should be a given.

Pomsky Puppies!

Puppies. So many puppies.

Pomsky puppies have grown in popularity so fast, that top contenders such as Golden Retriever or German Shepherd puppies couldn’t see the competition until it was too late. Pomsky puppies are here to stay, and not many people are complaining about it.

“I’m Not Fat, I’m just Husky”: Pomsky Sizes from Teacup Pomsky to Pomsky Full Grown

One of the disadvantages of such a new breed is that there are a lot of factors that are unpredictable when choosing a Pomsky puppy.

Unlike when you get a purebred Jack Russell Terrier or Golden Retriever, where you know exactly what size dog you’re signing up for, there are no guarantees to a Pomsky’s size when it’s all grown up.

As adorable as a teacup or handbag Pomsky puppy is, there is absolutely no way of telling whether or not your Pomsky will stay small, or grow up to be a medium-sized dog.

Their weight can be anything between 7lbs to 38lbs, with a height varying between 10” and 15”.

Sadly, a lot of people buy Pomskies with the expectation that they are mini huskies the size of Toy Poms, but once the Pomsky grows up they abandon them or surrender them to shelters and rescue groups.

You should accept that the only teacup your Pomsky might fit into when it’s fully grown is a teacup on that ride in Disneyworld. If even.

Pomsky for Sale

Do your homework!

If you have done the research, are willing to take on the long list of risks known about this breed, and find you still really want a Pomsky, then you should be willing to wait until you find one that ticks every single box. In every single category.

A lot of this process should involve finding a reputable breeder (which is a category with its own checklist). Online, pet stores: BIG “no-no”!

Do NOT be tempted to make ethical compromises to get your Pomsky sooner or at a lower cost.

Pomsky Price

Pomskies are not cheap. Their prices can range from $1000 to $5000.

Pomsky Breeders

There are so many people out there who see breeding with dogs as nothing but a lucrative business and do not have an ethical bone in their bodies. Beware of backyard breeders who breed dogs in the most horrible conditions. It is an industry which no dog lover should support, no matter how badly they want a dog.

Pomsky Adoption

If you think you might even vaguely not be ok with a Pomsky who grows up to be a medium-sized dog, then adopt, don’t shop. You could adopt a fully grown Pomsky who is in need of a home.

Pomsky Puppies for Sale

Because they are gaining in popularity, people are advertising Pomsky puppies left, right, and center. There are a lot of people trying to make a quick buck, and scams are becoming commonplace in the puppy selling industry.

A black Pomsky puppy sitting on a rock outdoors

Pomsky Puppy to Pomsky Adult: An Inside Look at the Life Span of a Pomsky

As with most small (and in some cases medium-sized) dog breeds, Pomskies can have a lifespan of up to 15 years.

This, of course, depends entirely on whether they come from a background of responsible breeding, and which health conditions they may have inherited from their parents.

6 Tips for Owning a Pomsky

  1. Get ready for the Fluff. Invest in a good set of grooming brushes because you will be needing them. All the time.
  2. Train your Pomsky. Pomskies are incredibly intelligent dogs and will be in need of mental stimulation. If they don’t get it, they will become bored and destroy things.
  3. Let them know who is the boss. You won’t be able to predict whether your puppy will grow up to be the sweetest thing, or whether they will have inherited their mother’s tendency to be stubborn and their father’s tendency to be strong-willed. Don’t be a pushover.
  4. Socialize your Pomsky. And by socialize, I mean as much with other dogs as with children. Many Pomeranian’s are known for getting nippy with small children, but if they get used to them from a young age, there is little cause for them not to be trusted around children and other dogs.
  5. Exercise your Pomsky. Whether you want to take them on a hike, (they definitely could keep up) or whether you just take them around the block or to the park, Pomskies need regular exercise to burn off some energy. You’ll be able to assess your Pomsky’s energy levels from a young age, so exercise them accordingly, especially if you live in an apartment.
  6. Love them. A lot! Because with the right amount of love, devotion, and dedication, you can help your pup to be the very best version of himself, and be the very best companion anyone could hope for.

Fluffy, Cuddly, and Your Furever Companion: The Pomsky

Humans have been creating dog breeds for centuries, the breeding methods in this day and age just happen to be more technological. Despite the controversy of the human involvement of the breed (there are a lot of people with a lot of opinions concerning the breed and its inception), people should accept that Pomskies are wonderful and that they are here to stay.

They are fluffy. They are cute. They have the ability to melt one’s heart with a single glance. Choosing a Pomsky as your forever companion or emotional support animal is one heck of an adventure!

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