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person using blue pooper scooperDog poop. Yep, we’re going there, and it’s not just an April fools’ prank. It’s icky and gross but knowing how to deal with pet poop is an essential part of being a responsible pet parent. Dog owners take note: forget the rake and put down the flimsy plastic bag. What you need is a pooper scooper.

Use this guide to find the poop scooper for your pet pooper!

Attention Poop Patrol! Doody Calls! Keep it Clean and Scoop That Poop!

You need to keep your furry friend clean and poop free. We don’t mean wiping their bottoms (although pet owners with longhaired pets will certainly have had that experience!), we mean scooping up their poop parcels.

Whether it’s on the grass, gravel, laminate flooring or brand-new carpet, you need to scoop and clean properly.

Not only will leaving poop around really stink up the place, but it’s also detrimental to your dog’s health. Whether they roll in poop during playtime or develops a taste for their own doodoo, your dog is exposed to bacteria and microbes that could cause an infection and transfer diseases.

You need to scoop the poop!

A Pet Parent’s (Other) Best Friend: The Dog Poop Scooper!

Every dog needs a home, food, water, and a pooper scoop. It’s just basic doggie rights.

In fact, many parks and outdoor areas where you take your dog will give you a fine if you don’t use that pooper scooper or dog poop bags to take your dog waste away with you.

At Certapet we prefer the pooper scooper for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s easier on your back than leaning down to poop scoop with a baggie. Secondly, there’s no hand-to-poop contact (ew). Finally, they’re reusable, cleanable and some even have anti-bacterial properties!

sign of a poop scooper man with a german shepherd

4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Dog Pooper Scooper!

  • The size of the poop. Big dogs generally do bigger poops. It’s basic math that you pick a scooper big enough to pick up all the poop in one go.
  • Where you can use the scooper. Is it a permanent backyard feature or do you need a compact scooper for on-the-go poop-ortunities?
  • The places your dog likes to poop. Is their favorite pooping spot on the easy to scrape patio or in that hard to reach grassy patch by the fence?
  • Pet waste stations. Will you be carrying that poop in a bag or on the scooper to the nearest bin, or does the pet pooper scooper come with a handy bin for collecting poop?

Ready to Start Scooping that Poop? Take a Look at These Poop Scoops!

These are a few of our favorite, tried and tested dog poop scoops:

Petmate Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper

Scoop that poop in one smooth motion! This basic plastic poop scooper is simply a bin and rake on a stick. The Swivel Scooper allows you to scoop poop into scented bags using the rake and bin design.

You don’t even have to lean down! This is ideal for using at home in the backyard and has the capacity to scoop and hold multiple poops in one scooping session.

Spotty Metal Tray with Rake

After something a bit sturdier? This metal pooper scooper is just as easy to clean as plastic, while also being lightweight and long enough that you won’t do your back in.

The Spotty Metal Tray comes with a rake and easy to grip handle on a sturdy wooden stick. You also don’t need to spend money on pooper bags!

Warning: a wooden stick may attract dogs. It’s sturdy but not chew proof!

person using dog pooper scooper to clean up poop

AmazonBasics Foldable Jaw Clamp Scooper

This is the poop scooper of choice for travel! Whether you’re heading to the local park or off on vacation adventures, this compact clamp scooper will fold in half for easy storage after dog poop cleanup.

The AmazonBasics Scooper is made of sturdy, easy-to-clean plastic and uses a simple jaw clamp design, rather than the bin and rake style scoops.

Just don’t forget to clean it or wrap the scoop in a plastic bag before storing it in your car or luggage!

Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop

You’ve got their favorite, slightly slobbery ball in one hand and their lead in the other… and they’ve just done a big ol’ poop on the neighbor’s front yard.

The Dogit Jawz is ideal for a sticky situation like this. You only need 1 hand to operate the scooper and it has a useful jagged design on the clamp scoop. No matter how tall the grass or awkward the poop, this is the right tool for scooping it in a hurry.

Petmate Clean Response Swivel Bin & Rake

Now for our budget-conscious option. We love how the Petmate Clean Response Scooper can be used with ordinary grocery bags! It’s simple, sturdy, easy to clean and low maintenance.

Poop scooping dog feces was never going to be a glamorous task, but at least it’s now easy on your wallet!

Other Poop Scoops Worth Looking Into:

  • Scooper Genie for no-touchy disposable dog poop bags.
  • Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop for antimicrobial waste clean-up.
  • Earth Rated pooper scooper with lavender scented poop bags!
  • Pet Life Mini Squeeze-N-Scoop for handbag-sized scooping.
  • Doggie Dooley Septic-Tank-Style Pet Waste Disposal System (a great alternative to the litter box!)

best pooper scooper dog lying next to plastic pooper scooper

Can’t Deal with the Doodoo? Pay Someone for their Pooper Scooper Services!

Leaving doodoo lying around is a big Don’t-Don’t! But if you’re too grossed-out to pick up the fecal matter of your dog or the pooch you’re dog-sitting, there’s probably a pooper scooper business near you that can help.

A pooper scooper service can pick up that poop for you! All you need to do is sit back and get ready to say, “you missed a bit”.

By pet waste removal service we don’t mean a local teenager you convince to do the dog poop scoop job. Take Dr. Pooper Scooper for example. He’ll come round in his epic Dalmatian spotted van in the Sussex County NJ area to provide dog waste removal services!

When life gives you dog poop… send it to Paulee.

Paulee CleanTec is another dog waste cleanup service that turns that yucky pet feces into effective fertilizer.

Animal waste is a thriving industry!

Common Questions on Pooper Scoopers

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