6 October, 2017

The Most Popular Dog Names In America

Here are the Popular Dog Names in America

boy dog names

What are the popular dog names in the U.S.A.? What’s in a name? When it comes to naming your pet, the answer is a lot. This is the moniker your dog will have attached to him or her for the rest of their life. You’ll call out this name when you praise or admonish your dog. Then of course your friends, family, and your vet will be privy to this name as well.

You can go fantastical, giving your dog a fun and funny name that reflects his or her carefree, loving personality. You can name them something more human-like, too. The choice is all yours!

We know this is a nerve-wracking decision to make, which is why we’re here to make it easier for you. We’ve rounded up 40 of the most popular dog names, breaking it down to the 20 top monikers for male dogs and the 20 best choices for female dogs. Image Source


Male Dog Names

40. Sam

cute dog names for this golden retriever

Sam, or the more informal nickname Sammy, is a human name that works quite well for dogs. This title suits a dog that’s more laid back and relaxed about life. He’s easygoing, fun, and loves chasing sticks for hours on end. He’ll be the best friend you ever had, doing everything with you. Image source

39. Oliver

unique dog names for curious dogs

If the first place your mind goes when you think of Oliver is an orphan boy who’s down on his luck, you’re not alone. If you adopted a dog and gave him a second chance at life, Oliver is a perfect name! This pup has a lot of spunk, which is what made you fall in love with him in the first place. Image source

38. Lucky

boxer dog names male

For the dog who couldn’t be more fortunate, Lucky is a fantastic moniker. He doesn’t have to be a reddish dog, and you don’t have to be a rich owner with money to spare. Giving your dog the gift of a forever home is the most fortunate thing you can do for them. That, and showering your pup with endless love. Image source

37. Murphy

good dog names for happy retrievers

Is your dog an endless source of laughs? You may want to call him Murphy after comedian and actor Eddie Murphy. Maybe he’s a big troublemaker, always getting into mischief as much as you try to teach him to behave. Why not call him Murphy after the classic Murphy’s Law? Image source


36. Tucker

cool dog names for awesome dogs

Tucker is a tried and true dog name. Many a great four-legged friend has been called Tucker before. This is the type of name fitting a majestic Labrador retriever or other big, mighty dog. You could just as well give this title to your smaller, fuzzy shih-tzu or bulldog, though. Image source

35. Bear

funny dog names for chihuahuas

This is another popular name that fits all types of dogs. If you love big dog breeds, Bear is the perfect name. This says your dog is large, ferocious, and mighty. If you have a small dog though, you can call him Bear, too. It’s ironic, which is sure to garner plenty of smiles whenever you take Bear to the dog park. Image source


34. Harley

German Sheperd popular dog names

Whether you think of villain Harley Quinn or the classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Harley is a cool name for your new male pup. It’s unisex, so females don’t have to be left out (more on them soon!). This name says your dog loves getting into hijinks, but he’s a softie at heart. Image source

33. Riley

best dog names for golden retrievers

Another unisex name that’s more popular for male dogs is Riley. The dog in video game Call of Duty is named Riley, and he’s a tactical German Shepherd service dog. If your pup has even an ounce of courage in him, this is a name befitting him regardless of breed. Image source

32. Cooper

dog names for boys

Cooper is another of those names that works no matter the breed. From golden retrievers to dachshunds and everything in between, Cooper is the type of lovable companion who will wake up you every morning long before your alarm goes off and bring you your slippers. In short, you’re super lucky to have him, and he’s lucky to have you, too. Image source

31. Duke

unique male dog names for this labrador puppy

One of the most popular dog names out there for males is Duke. Depending on the type of dog, this name gives off an air of royalty or thick-and-thin loyalty (and sometimes even both!). If you plan on treating your dog like a little prince, why not call him this? Just make sure not to spoil him too much. Image source

30. Buster

most popular dog names for Malamutes

Due to this being one of the most famous dog names, you may know of a dog called Buster. Maybe that was even the name of the family canine when you were a kid. Bring back some shining childhood memories by naming your new dog Buster. This is the moniker of a loveable yet goofy dog, one who’s always up for a good run and may even snores as he falls asleep at your side. Image source

29. Cody

common dog names

Now, Cody, on the other hand, is a far less common name. Well, it’s on this list, so it’s popular, but still, it’s not one you hear everyday. If you have a dog that you really want to stand out from the pack (no pun intended), name him Cody. Your friends and family will surely marvel at your choice in dog names. Image source

28. Toby

top dog names for friendly retrievers

Toby is among of the popular names for dogs because it gives off the same kind of air that a name like Cody does. Everyone you know will be impressed by such a name. It’s fitting for a dog, yet it’s not a name someone would think of off the bat, like Buster or Duke. This is another fantastic name to consider. Image source

27. Jack

shy german sheperd puppy

Is your dog playful yet smart, cunning yet loving, spunky yet loyal? Why not call him Jack? This is an every-man kind of dog name that fits any type of canine regardless of personality or breed. If you really wanted to be funny, you could name your Jack Russell terrier Jack. Image source

26. Jake

cute black and white Corgi pup

Somewhat close to the name Jack is Jake. The most popular dog named Jake is from the television show Adventure Time. Even if your dog isn’t yellow, pug-faced, or a cartoon, you can still call your favorite canine Jake. This name, thanks to the show, proves your dog is always fun to be around. Image source

25. Rocky


Is your dog big? Would he lift weighs if he could? Does he have some muscle definition because he spends so many hours at the dog park retrieving balls and sticks? If so, call him Rocky. This moniker fits bigger breeds best because it’s a name that’s all about rough and toughness. Image source

24. Buddy

happy spotted puppy

Your dog is your best friend, right? He’s with you at home all the time, from when your day starts to when it ends. He’s your pal, your compadre, your buddy. Wait, Buddy! That’s a perfect name for this dog! In this token of unending friendship, you’ll let everyone know who your BFF is. Image source

23. Charlie

smirking golden retriever

The unisex name Charlie is another great name to consider for your male dog. Is he a doe-eyed baby who always gets out of trouble because he’s so darn cute? This name fits. Charlie is nearly at the top of the list for most popular male dog names, so yours may not be the only Charlie at the dog park, but he’ll certainly be the best one. Image source

22. Max

hungry old dog

If you’re totally stumped on popular names for dogs, Max is still a trusted choice. Many people smile when they hear this dog name, If you want your pup to be different, call him something like Maximillian. He’ll seem quite fancy for his breed, and he’ll certainly turn heads. Image source

21. Bailey

sweet beagle

The top dog name for males is something a little out of left-field: Bailey. This is another unisex name that rocketed to the top of the most-popular list. We can totally understand why. The name Bailey is unassuming yet attention-grabbing, just like your favorite four-legged friend. It’s a perfect match! Image source

Female Dog Names

20. Princess

girl dog names for pitbulls

Is your female dog royalty? She may not have an official imperial bloodline, but to you she’s the fanciest four-legged princess there ever was. Get her a crown and call her Princess. Your little baby may be spoiled rotten, but she deserves the best of everything because in your eyes, she’s practically a queen. Image source

19. Angel

dog names female for small shih tzu

Perhaps you view your new dog in a slightly different lens. Yes, she’s stately, but she’s also a precious gift sent down from above. Your fur baby should be called Angel. You can practically see her halo any time she comes running up to you, excitedly barking and jumping to celebrate your presence. Image source

18. Lily

boxer unique female dog names

As sweet and gentle as a flower, your dog has enriched your life in so many ways. By calling her Lily, you’re celebrating her personality and your relationship with her. This is a popular but less common female dog name, so your favorite furry friend will surely have a title as unique as she is. Image source

17. Sasha

golden retriever dog names for girls

For a name with a bit of personality, call your dog Sasha. One of the most popular dogs by this name was a Labrador retriever who served in Afghanistan in the military. She even won a Dickin Medal for her service. Your dog will be in great company with this name. Image source

16. Coco

naughty chihuahua

Have you ever thought that your dog is so cute you could just eat her up? She’s delicious, much like cocoa. The name Coco is one of the most most famous dog names because it has some attitude to it, so this is not for quiet, docile dogs. Instead, this moniker is for those four-legged fashionistas who must be seen no matter where they go, be it for a walk around the block or even the vet’s office. Image source

15. Gracie

sneaky Alaskan Malamute puppy

Gracie is a nickname for Grace, yet this is a name all on its own. It’s less heavy-handed than Grace, and it’s more playful, too. This is perfect for the small dog who lights up your life with her loving eyes or for the bigger pup who’s always ready for some laps around the backyard. Image source

14. Roxy

smiling puppy on a leash

Is your dog a diva? Does she have a flair in everything she does, from the way she struts down the sidewalk and even the style in which she rolls over and lets you rub her belly? If so, why not call her Roxy? Your dog will be quite popular with a name like this. If you (and her!) are ready for all that attention, this is the name to choose. Image source

13. Ginger


The name Ginger has an automatic association with redheads. If your pup has subtle red fur, calling her Ginger is a given. Think of a beautiful golden retriever with a long flowing coat or even a poodle with brilliant brown/red curls. Bonus points if you’re also a redhead and call your dog this. Image source

12. Abby

Cute Golden Retriever puppy eating

Although it’s a human name, dogs have claimed the name Abby for themselves. As our 12th most popular female dog name, your dog may meet some friends also named Abby at the dog park. It’ll be an instant connection, with the canines becoming BFFs and bonding over their shared name. Yes, a name is that powerful. Image source

11. Zoe

Black Pitbull puppy dog eyes

Another one of those human names that dogs have commandeered is Zoe. This is such a beloved name that there’s even a dog food brand called Zoe Dog and Cat Food. (We’re not necessarily saying you should feed your dog Zoe that food, as that might be a bit too meta). Image source

10. Lola

White Samoyed Dog Smiling

Your dog is special. She’s creative and different. You want a name that reflects that without going too fantastical. Try Lola. This is different than Abby or Zoe because it’s much more uncommon. Such a moniker also speaks to the beauty and mysteriousness of your dog, which she has in spades. Image source

9. Bailey

Golden Retriever Relaxing on Mountains

Yes, that’s right, the name Bailey is back! This was the top name for male dogs, and it also ranks quite highly for females. We mentioned before how this is a unisex name. If your female dog is a bundle of cuteness and makes everyone coo when they see her, call her Bailey. Image source

8. Chloe

Tired brown puppy

With a fashion brand and a Kardashian going by the same name, Chloe is reserved for those dogs with some moxie. These are the canines who always have their nails trimmed, their coats coiffed to perfection, and chic jackets and dog booties. You only have to see this dog for a moment to know she’s something special. Image source

7. Sadie

White Golden Retriever on the Floor

Before, we mentioned how a dog named Sasha was the recipient of the Dickin Medal for her commitment to this country. She wasn’t the only one. A black lab called Sadie also received such a reward. Whether your Sadie is a black lab or not, if she’s full of grace, honor, and love, she’s worthy of her name. Image source

6. Sophie

dog inside a car looking concerned

You can’t go wrong with the name Sophie. It’s ideal for a gentle and unassuming dog with a heart of gold. She’s the type who snuggles up close to you when you’re sick and won’t leave your side until you’re feeling better. She gives you kisses and keeps you company: the best medicine. Image source

5. Maggie

black boxer dog head tilt

Another popular name for a sweetheart of a dog, Maggie fits young pups as well as adopted older canines. This dog seems wise beyond her years. She can sense your emotions and is ready to pick you up (figuratively, of course) when you fall. Her presence and love is enough to always put a smile on your face. Image source

4. Daisy

small jack Russell lying down

If you can’t get enough of flower-based names, there’s Daisy. This is an incredibly common dog name, with everything from big golden retrievers to small poodles going by such a moniker. This name invokes the beauty and sweetness of springtime, the warmth and excitement of a change in seasons. Image source

3. Molly

White Labrador Retriever cute

Have you ever known a dog named Molly? Chances are, you have. It is the third most popular female dog name for a reason, after all. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t call your dog Molly too, though. If you love the name and it brings back warm memories for you, that’s all the justification you need. Image source

2. Lucy

dog peeking on bed

If you need a dependable name that works well for any female dog, try Lucy. As fitting for quiet, gentle dogs as it is for loud, rambunctious pups, your precious dog will be happy with such a fantastic title. She’ll be the queen of the dog park, playing louder and more excitedly than most. Image source

1. Bella

cute labrador puppy sniffing flower

You can’t help but look at your dog and sigh. She’s utterly beautiful, from her large eyes to her soft, luxurious coat. The name Bella, which is Italian for “beautiful,” is the only name for her. As the most popular name for female dogs, plenty of other dog owners feel the same way, but your dog is truly gorgeous nonetheless. Image source

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