All You Need to Know About the Porter Airlines ESA Policy

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Many people like taking their emotional support animal with them on a flight. Luckily, they can. The Porter Airlines ESA policy is welcoming towards your furry companion. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t some restrictions and requirements in place. Before boarding a plane with your ESA, make sure you understand the rules to a T.

Keep reading to know what they are!

Assistance Animals 101: What Is an Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal helps their owner cope with a mental health or emotional disability. They are little superheroes. When they see their owner going through a hard time, they’re there to console them. ESAs play a super important role in thousands of people’s lives.

These support animals, whether it’s a support dog or cat, they play an integral part in their owner’s mental health and overall wellbeing.

Porter Airlines Has an ESA Policy in Place

Porter Airlines is ready to welcome emotional support dogs aboard. They understand how important an ESA’s presence is, which is why they’ve drafted special rules.

When flying with an ESA, you’ll need to comply with the Porter Airlines ESA policy. Among other things, it tells you what you need to show officials in order to travel with your furry companion.

Pet vs ESA Policy: They’re Not the Same

You’ll surely have seen pets traveling by plane before. Their owners have to read up on the Porter Airlines pet policy. Its rules are very different from those established by the Porter Airlines ESA policy. A passenger with a pet in the cabin area or in cargo has to abide by the Pet Policy, and not the ESA Policy.

This may seem like a silly distinction to make, but it’s not! A pet and an ESA are completely different. For starters, pet owners have to pay to fly with their furry buddy. ESA owners, on the other hand, do not. There are many more differences between the two, which is why there are two sets of rules!

Keep in mind that service animals and psychiatric service animals are also different. They are given much more freedom when flying.

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Understanding the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

The Air Carrier Access Act protects emotional support animals. This federal law says that ESAs and their owners have the right to travel by plane together. And the best part? You don’t have to pay any pet fees to be on your way to your destination!

Each Airline Can Add Their Own Restrictions!

In spite of all this, airlines can still create their own restrictions. They can tell you what additional documents to take with you and what ESAs can board a flight.

Since each airline has its own rules, it’s important to do your research beforehand. If you’re traveling with Porter, pay attention to the Porter Airlines ESA policy. What you see written on there is law, and no one can break it!

Keep in mind that no airline can ever charge you a pet fee to travel with your emotional support dog if that dog is allowed on flights according to their policy.

Boxes to Check Before Taking Your ESA on a Porter Flight

Before you head to the airport, there are some things you’ll need to check. We don’t mean if you have your sunscreen and all the clothes you’ll need for your trip. Rather, you will need to check that you have all the papers for Fido to board a Porter Airlines plane.

  • Emotional Support Letter: The most crucial document you can have is this: an ESA letter. Your licensed mental health professional (LMHP) will have issued it. We’ll devote some more time to that in a bit.
  • Animal Eligibility: The Porter Airlines ESA policy states that they only recognize dogs as ESAs. This means that an emotional support cat won’t be allowed to fly with you. There are also weight and size limitations, which you can confirm with Porter’s customer support.
  • House Training: This airline refuses to allow any untrained animals aboard. Emotional support dogs don’t need to be professionally trained. However, they do need to behave properly and not show any signs of aggression toward others. If your ESA dog does not know how to behave and poses a threat to pilots, the flight attendants or a fellow passenger, there will be serious consequences. A scared dog is a dangerous dog. It is your responsibility to make sure your dog is well socialized and comfortable traveling.

pilot telling fluffy white dog about the porter airlines esa policy

Without an ESA Letter Fido Is Going Nowhere

An emotional support animal letter is a little like a magic pass. If you have it, Fido can board a plane. If you don’t, you’ll have to leave them behind—or pay a pet fee.

Only a licensed mental health professional can issue an ESA letter. This legally binding document states that you have a disability listed in the DSM-5 and that you need an ESA to function in public.

Once you have it, you’ll find that you and your ESA have a lot more freedom. Not only does it let you travel by plane with them but it also lets you live with them in rented housing. All that at no added cost. Isn’t it awesome?

Remember: despite their legal protection under federal law, an ESA does not have the same rights as a service dogs do!

How CertaPet Helps People Get Their Emotional Support Animal Letter

Many people don’t have adequate access to mental health professionals or mental health practitioners where they live. CertaPet is here to help those people get the emotional support they need. We connect them to licensed mental health professionals practicing in their state so they can get an ESA letter.

Getting started is simple. You can take our straightforward yet thorough 5-minute pre-screening for free online. It will let us know whether you’re likely to become an ESA owner.

If you are, we will put you in touch with a mental health professional. They will be the ones conducting an examination and, if you qualify, issuing your ESA letter!

Call Ahead and Make Sure You’re Ready for Check In!

The Porter Airlines ESA policy says you need to contact them up to 48 hours before boarding time. You have to call ahead to confirm your ESAs reservation or booking.

If you’re calling from the United States, 1-888-619-8622 is the toll-free number you need to dial. They can help you on Mondays through Fridays from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can call them from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Note that all the times are in Eastern Time.

Make sure you do dial this number, though! If you don’t, your emotional support dog will most likely not board the flight.

dog in carrier ready to travel

Not Flying with Porter Airlines? Read Up on Other Air Carrier ESA Policies!

Remember how we said each airline has their own rules? If you’re flying with another carrier, you need to read up on their ESA policy. Some airlines insist that you prove your ESA is in good health, has had their rabies vaccination or show other health-related documentation depending on what cities or states you’re flying to.

We’ve put together an American Airlines ESA guide, Air Canada ESA policy guide, and many more. Simply enter the name of the airline you’re flying with on our search box and you’ll find its ESA policy explained!

Going on vacation with a furry friend is always a good idea. Especially if they provide emotional comfort to you. If you’re traveling with Porter, it’s crucial you read all these rules we mentioned in this article. Otherwise, your vacation could go wrong before it even starts.

Menta health care is important. If you are struggling with your mental health, enlist the service of a licensed mental health professional and get the mental health care you need. Getting an emotional support animal can truly increase your quality of life.

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