Porter Airlines Pet Policy: Air Travel with your Furry Friend

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Porter Airlines Pet Policy

Planning a holiday with your family? Want to include your furry, four-legged family members? Today, we are reviewing the Porter Airlines pet policy. These tips can help you plan the perfect vacation and flight along with all your loved ones.

Service animals? Small dogs? We’ve got your back! All you have to do is wait for the departure time with your coffee in one hand and your pet’s carrier in the other.

Porter Airlines Pet Policy: Cats and Dogs Only

According to the Porter Airlines pet policy, only small domestic animals such as cats and dogs can fly in-cabin. Also, Porter pet policy includes a pet size restriction. Only small animals weighing up to 9 kg or 20 lb (carrier weight included) traveling inside a soft-sided carrier.

The Porter Airlines pet policy doesn’t allowed any type of small animals in-cabin. If you own a salamander, ferret, guinea pig, parrot, or a cute baby goat you will have to consider other options. They may have to travel in cargo, for example.

Breed Restrictions: Which Cat and Dog Breeds Can Fly with Porter Airlines?

Whether in domestic or international flights, certain dogs and cat breeds aren’t allowed in-flight. The genetics of these breeds makes them prone to suffer cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

-Bull dogs, Pugs, Boxers, and Pit Bulls are some of the brachycephalic breeds that aren’t built to travel.

-Burmese, Himalayan, and Persian cats are some of the snub-nosed cat breeds that shouldn’t make use of air travel to get around.

Poodle dog looking over the bow of a rowing boat - holiday in Canada

Crossing Borders? Make Sure that your Pet Meets All Requirements

When taking international flights, the Porter Airlines pet policy has some suggestions. The first is that you research the rules of traveling with pets in the embassy of the country you want to visit. Remember: the regulations and requirements may vary from country to country. This makes it imperative that you have Fido’s documents up to date.

Pet Migration Requirements Include:

-A health certificate issued by a qualified veterinarian.

-Vaccination certificate.

-Other examinations carried out by the health authorities of the country of departure.

Emotional Support Animals and Service Dogs Allowed on Porter Airlines?

Of course! Porter Airlines pet policy follows the guidelines of the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). In-cabin restrictions don’t apply to service animals or emotional support animals (ESA).

Emotional Support Animals

Having an ESA can be of vital importance to some people. It can help relieve psychological symptoms and emotional disorders.

Some of these include anxiety, post-traumatic stress and depression, to name a few. The Porter Airlines pet policy allows people with disabilities to travel with their pets in-cabin. To do so, they only need to submit an ESA letter issued by a licensed mental health practitioner.

Service Animals

A service animal is trained to meet the medical, physiological or psychiatric needs of it’s owner. It can prevent psychiatric episodes, seizures, help them crossing the street, or alert them when they are in danger.

The tasks that service animals fulfill are essential for their owner’s life. That is why the Porter Airlines pet policy accepts these pups traveling within Canada without extra charges. When flying to the United States, Porter Airlines requests different documents. They must certify the pawsenger’s professional training, health certificates and good behavior.

Porter Airlines Pet Policy states that in-cabin travelling pets should be in a carrier

Cargo Hold vs In-Cabin

We have already covered the restrictions of the Porter Airlines pet policy for in-cabin pets. We have also reviewed the exceptions that apply to ESA pets and service animals. The next question is: Should my pet fly in cargo inside a carrier or can it go on the seat next to me? The answer to that will depend on the weight, training, and space availability.

Pet Carriers Size Restrictions for In-Cabin Pawsengers

The guidelines on the size of pet carriers in the Porter Airlines pet policy are:

– This Airline accepts soft-sided carriers only.

– The carrier’s  measurements must not exceed: height 23 cm; width 40 cm; Length 55 cm; (9 in x 16 in x 22 in).

– The pet’s weight (including its carrier) can’t exceed 9 kg (20 lb).

Number of Animals on a Flight?

Booking your pet’s flight in advance is highly recommended. The Porter Airlines pet policy only allows two in-cabin pets per flight. Also, each carrier can only transport one pet. Therefore, only one pet per passenger.

What Does it Cost to Travel with My Furry Friend?

To travel with your small animal in the airplane’s cabin you must pay a fee of 50-58 $ plus taxes.

Young man ready to travel with his tabby cat

Documentation: 2 Forms You Will Need Before Checking In

Proof that the pet’s vaccinations are up to date, and a health certificate issued by a qualified veterinarian. Those are the two essential documents to travel with your pet. Yet, each country can request other documents. This means you must do your research well before packing chew toys and bones in your bags.

ESA Letter

If your pet is part of a treatment plan to help you cope with psychological or emotional symptoms, getting an ESA letter is essential for you. With it you’ll be able to prove the vital role your pet plays in your emotional stability. Additionally, the letter will ensure that you can travel with your furry friend almost everywhere you go.

Looking to get an ESA letter? Look no further! Certapet has designed a quick screening process. Should you be eligible, you could have an ESA letter within days.

4 Things to Consider Before Traveling with Your Pet

1. According to the Porter Airlines pet policy, pets can only travel in the company of adult pet owners. Unaccompanied minors cannot travel along with their furry friends.

2. If you travel with your pet but have been assigned a seat in the emergency exit rows, you must ask the flight attendant to move you to another seat.

3. Porter Airlines pet policy asks you to check-in your pet at least 90 minutes before the flight.

4. Pet carriers count as cabin baggage so, this time, you’ll need to travel light.

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