What is a Puggle Dog? Here’s What You Need to Know

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PugglePuggle – just the very sound of the name makes you want to huggle one! The irresistible Puggle is a cross between a pug and a beagle. What is a huggle? A huggle is a cross between a hug and a cuddle!

What is a Puggle?

A puggle dog sitting on grass with white flowers

What is a puggle? Adorable!  Puggles are small good-looking dogs that have become popular pets over the past few decades due to the combined characteristics of the crossbreed that results between pugs and beagles.

Beagle Meets Pug

So how do you combine a pug and a beagle?  Puggles are usually bred either from a male pug with a female beagle to make a puggle, or puggle to puggle.  You won’t usually find breeders mating male beagles with female pugs due to the size difference. The female pug is too small to carry and deliver the resulting sized pups.

Are Echidna Puggles Actually Dogs?

Nope, a short-beaked echidna and long-beaked echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) is a spiny type of anteater found in Australia and New Guinea! Baby echidnas, little squeaky squirmy creatures, are called puggles too.

History of the Puggle Cross Breed

Puggles dogs are eighties babies.

The puggle puppy first started being deliberately bred and named as puggles by a breeder in Wisconsin, in the United States.  As a relatively new crossbreed, they are not yet formally recognized as a formal breed of dog by dog associations or kennel clubs. That will take a few more generations of pure breed puggle to puggle in the puppy gene pool before they may be recognized as purebred dogs. Because they have become a popular crossbreed, they are sometimes referred to as designer dogs.

Puggle Appearance and Puggle Temperament and Personality

Like all of us, puggle crossbreeds are individuals, so you will get a mix of dominant genes from both their parent’s family trees. Temperament and personality are a bit like the nature versus nurture debate – some depend on how they are raised, the rest on their DNA.

Appearance wise, a puggle will often have some of the wrinkly faced brow and mug of the pug but with innocent eyes, the floppy ears of the beagle, a smooth glossy short coat, and a sturdy and muscular compact square body and a bit of a kink in their tail.

Puggles personalities are companionable – they really do love hugs and cuddles. With the beagle’s sense of fun and energy, they also love a good run and to play around.

10 Facts You Need To Know About the Puggle Wuggle Dog

  1. They’re small but sturdy dogs.
  2. They have a short smooth coat that molts moderately.
  3. They’re usually friendly to everyone – humans and other animals and pets.
  4. If they take after their beagle side, they may be curious and like to explore.
  5. If they take after their pug side, they may snort, snuffle, snore and be flatulent!
  6. They can be stubborn, so remember to give plenty of positive reinforcement when training puggles.
  7. They love to eat, so can gain weight easily if they don’t get enough exercise.
  8. They love company – if left alone too much they may bark and howl.
  9. They need to live inside. They’re not suited to being outside kennel dogs.
  10. They’re easygoing and happy dogs.

Puggle Full Grown: Size and Weight Class

When fully grown, a puggle will measure 10-15 inches (25-38 centimeters) to the top of their shoulder.  An adult puggle will weigh between 10-30 pounds (5-14kg).

Are Puggle Dogs Healthy?

Generally speaking, puggles are healthy dogs. Puggles can have some of the known common health issues faced by all dogs breeds in general, illnesses typical for pug and beagles breeds, and conditions related to their cross breeding.

Potential issues to look out for common to small dogs are patellar luxation – a problem with kneecaps that can lead to arthritis later in life; and Legg-Calve-Perthes, a disease that can affect the back leg and hip joints. Puggles can also inherit hip dysplasia, or this can develop through diet or injury.

Fat Puggle—the Problem with Obesity

The pug-beagle mix results in a dog that loves to eat! Consequently, your seemingly small and portable puggle can become portly!  And, of course, obesity can lead to health issues and a shorter lifespan, so follow feeding guidelines and make sure they get regular walks and exercise.

Puggle Life Span

The lifespan of a puggle dog breed, on average, is around 10-15 years – the same as any typical small dog’s life.

Puggle puppies are Smart, Trainable, and Love to Socialize

A puggle puppy sitting on grass with yellow flowers

Puggle pups are intelligent dogs. Combined with positive reinforcement they’re easily trained. They love to mix and mingle with people and will love your company to bits.

There are Many Puggle Mixes for You to Love

The puggle hybrid breeds just keep on coming as they are crossbred with other small dogs to create a larger or smaller pocket puggle! Here’s three to look out for:

  • Yorkie and Puggle mix – a Yorkie and puggle mixed breed will likely get you a pup with a bit of curl in their coat as well as in their tail!
  • Puggle Maltese mix – A puggle and Maltese mix may result in one very playful little shaggy-pile!
  • Bull Puggle – Puggle Bulls combine a puggle and an English bulldog and make for a furrowed face hard to resist.

Are You Ready For A Puggle? Where Can You Find a Puggle for Sale

If you’re thinking a puggle is for you, there are a few places you can find them for sale or to adopt. When you’re looking for any new pet, always seek out for reputable breeders, sellers, and shelters so you know your new friend has been well cared for and ask questions about the dog’s individual nature and their history.

Puggle Price—They Can Be Expensive!

Buying a puggle puppy from a dog breeder can be anywhere in the range of $250-$1250.

Puggle Puppies for Sale—Buying from a Breeder

Do your research and find reputable puggle breeders so you know your pup has had the proper start in life. Check out the American Canine Hybrid Club or the American Kennel Club for breeders who have registered with them.

Puggle Puppies for Sale—What Places Should You Avoid!

Run like the wind from any breeder or seller who cannot provide health records and a history of the pup, and/or who seems to be running a puppy-factory type set-up and offering rush delivery.

Puggle Puppies for Adoption Can Be a Cheaper Alternative to Breeders

Adopting a puggle puppy or dog from rescue groups, or from a previous owner who no longer wants their pet, literally gives a dog a second chance at life. Because they’re a hybrid, you might find them at shelters that specialize in puggle rescue, pug rescue or beagle rescue.

Not Won Over Yet … Gifts for Puggle Lovers

You’ll find plenty of puggle merchandise and accessories for both your pooch and people who love Puggles.  Puggle love is taking over the world with car decals, mugs, T-shirts, pillowslips, keychains, plates, street signs, jewelry … the list goes on!

5 Tips on How to Care for Your Puggle Friend!

  1. Be a good groomer – brush your puggle, bathe them, clean their teeth, clip their nails.
  2. Be a patient puggle trainer – toilet train your puggle from an early age and teach them basic dog commands while they are a puppy.
  3. Keep them healthy – feed your puggle a healthy and proportioned diet with regular exercise they don’t become pudgy puggles.
  4. Monitor their health – get vet checks and regular vaccinations
  5. Love your puggle!  Spend plenty of time with your puggle; give them a cozy bed and plenty of affection.

The Puggle Puppy is the Kind of Pooch that Will Win Anyone Over

If you’re not already won over on a puggle crossbreed, look some more! The saying that dog is a human’s best friend sounds cliché, sure, but many puggle people – whether you call them pet parent’s, owners, or the person that lives with their pet – will tell you they think their puggle thinks they are the same species!

Common Questions on the Puggle

Are Puggles designer dogs?

Do they like isolation or company?

What is one of the main issues Puggles face?

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